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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 71

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at a great moment between Deadshot and Rick Flag in Suicide Squad.


The set-up is this – the former liaison to the Suicide Squad is blackmailing Amanda Waller by conspiring with a politician running for Senate. If she does not do whatever she can to get the politician, Joe Cray, elected, the liaison (Derek Tolliver) and Cray will blow the whistle on the secret nature of the Squad.

Waller was using her under the table method of negotiating by finding out information about Tolliver that would have neutralized his threat. However, Colonel Rick Flag, field leader of the Squad, overheard an argument between Waller and Cray, and felt that he needed to neutralize the pair. Flag was not exactly in the right state of mind at this exact point in time, and you could tell he was seeing this as a sort of blaze of glory finale to his life.

Waller then determines she has to send the Squad after Flag. She says specifically the following…

So that brings us to Washington D.C., where Flag has already murdered Tolliver and has Cray cornered by the Lincoln Memorial…

What an awesome scene. After being gunned down by the cops, Waller visits Deadshot in the hospital, and this moment is so awesome I easily could have been its own separate moment, but I figure there’s so many cool Squad moments that I’ll just put this in here with today’s moment (which I would consider to be Deadshot popping up on Lincoln’s lap, but perhaps him shooting Cray would be “the” moment, as well).

Deadshot is so cool.

Now once again, if you wouldn’t mind, there are so many great Squad scenes, I’m sure I’ll be using a few of them in the future, so if you could, could you just comment on this scene (or the Squad in general) rather than mention other scenes, so we don’t spoil the surprise for the folks who haven’t had the pleasure of reading the Squad! Thanks!


What? Someone has not read the Squad? Must find them and shove issues into their hands.

For anyone who hasn’t read the first Deadshot miniseries which came out just before this issue, it features Deadshot interacting with his messed up family. The talk about Ma and the “Old Man” referred back to that series. That miniseries sets up and explains Deadshot as well as any character I’ve read.

I think this moment was one of my favorite for Deadshot who is my favorite comic character (though I think the best part was his line to Waller). Which is why I approached the recent resurgence of the character somewhat skeptically. The miniseries was ok, but Gail Simone’s has done a really nice job with him in Villains United and Secret Six. It doesn’t feel exactly the same, but it has a nice flavor.

I hadn’t yet realized how weak Rick Flagg’s character was before. He wants it both ways, being a forceful authority figure and at the same time working around the system to feel a righteous hero.

Pityful. And from what I remember, he pretty much fell again in this ego trap when he died.

Tom Fitzpatrick

March 13, 2009 at 4:47 am

I remember reading this series way back then. Deadshot was one of my favorite characters.

Yeah, this is an extension of the breakdown Deadshot has in his own mini series, one he didn’t really recover from until he kills “himself” when that assassin steals his suit. The last few arcs of Squad after he gets back from Arkham are really pretty cool. After Deadshot loses the suit and is forced to metaphorically kill himself, he actually seems to be getting better, the death wish is going and his murderous tendencies are on the wane. Then Ducard sends him the suit with the bullet hole in the forehead and he’s right back to square one.

Like others have said, Deadshot’s mutterings come right out of his family mess. Deadshot’s mom was a complete psycho and asked Floyd’s older brother to kill their father. In trying to stop it Floyd inadvertantly killed the brother he idolised so much (one of the only times he’s missed). The idea is that Batman and Flag always acted as surrogate brothers in his mind, explaining why the world’s greatest marksman always misses the Dark Knight. At the time of this issue his mother had just returned and been responsible for the pretty horrific death of Deadshot’s son, which finally sent him over the edge.

Ok, only 3 comments so far. So I’ll make the required request for DC to reprint the Ostrander Suicide Squad, one of my favorites series. Let’s allow those who missed it to buy an Showcase Presents Omnibus, or even better a series of TPBs or HCs.

I forget has there been a poll for most deserving of a TPB/HC reprint run? DC is finally re-issuing Hitman. Why not Suicide Squad.

What does Deadshot mean by, “I’ll blow your brains out AGAIN?”

Deadshot IS so cool. I laughed at that last line for two minutes.

Stephane Savoie

March 13, 2009 at 6:28 am

I keep trying, but John Ostrander just leaves me cold. I’m not even sure what it is… the wooden dialog, I think.

I would have to say “the” moment is the scene between Deadshot and Waller, myself. Waller was always shown as such an imposing figure, that for Deadshot to so openly defy her, but justify it using her “exact words” was just too awesome.

“Shoulda said so. I don’t read minds.” One of my most favorite comic moments ever.

This is one of those brilliant Floyd Lawton pieces…

He’s the main reason I love Secret Six so much…

[[What does Deadshot mean by, “I’ll blow your brains out AGAIN?”]]

Bryan Hackett explains the backstory above. Right now Deadshot is confusing Flagg with his brother Ed, both acting as though Ed’s alive and still aware that he killed Ed. He just recreated the scene that he messed up a long time ago, this time killing his father (in the form of Cray) and saving his brother (in the form of Flagg). Of course, he also knows, kind of, that he can never really save Ed, and…

Well, Deadshot’s kind of broken.

one of my faves of the squads run. showing that Dead shot will do anything to full fillorders and the bit where he tells Amanda he can not read minds he was just doing what she asked was priceless

Reminder: never tell Deadshot to do anything. “I had to kill 17 kids, but I returned that DVD to Blockbuster. Say, you want me to go pick up a pizza? Lemme just reload.”

Suicide Squad is just amazing and Deadshot and Captain Bomerang were the stars of the show.

I actually just pretend that Secret Six is a Suicide Squad spin-off since Deadshot is in it too

I’m reading through the Suicide Squad for the first time right now, and just finished the Deadshot mini. I had read this issue before I got the mini, and it makes a lot more sense now. Great series so far. It’s too bad DC has never gotten their act together to reprint it. A year ago I would have bought any reprint of it. Since then I managed to put together a complete run, so they won’t be getting my money if they do it now.

I’m a huge fan of the Squad. And Deadshot. And Ostrander. This is some of the best of all three. Since you spent so much time on this issue, I doubt you’ll use any of the other great moments in this issue so I thought I’d bring up a favorite of mine.

Before the Wall delivers the “by whatever means necessary” line, the entire Squad is assembled and some of the more noble among them are balking at the idea of hunting down Flag. Waller says she can’t force any of the heroes to go but reminds them that they are the most likely to bring Flag back alive. The scene pans to a picture of Deadshot and Captain Boomerang grinning up a storm.

Then when they deploy to find Flag and orders are given and Deadshot walks off alone to go “hunting.”

So great.

@Fineltour: It’s uncollected. I would read it if I could.

Hmmm… when I first read those scenes (not that long ago; I got the entire series off eBay a few years back) I thought Deadshot killing Cray to stop Flag doing it himself was pretty ridiculous.

Reading it again, I don’t think I appreciated at the the time(‘appreciated?!?’) what an fascinating nutjob Deadshot was. The same scene seems pretty cool now though…

“Deadshot is so cool.”

Understatement of the century, Brian. I never thought I’d ever root for a psycho gun-for-hire until I read this series. Easily my favorite book on the stands until it was axed and James Robinson’s Starman arrived on the scene.

Floyd became an A-lister thanks to John Ostrander and Kim Yale. What a great body of work to leave the readers.

“Suicide Squad is just amazing and Deadshot and Captain Bomerang were the stars of the show.”

Agreed 100%.

“I actually just pretend that Secret Six is a Suicide Squad spin-off since Deadshot is in it too.”

Same here, Dude. Floyd isn’t the cool, enigmatic sort we used to enjoy in the Squad, but it’s still great to see him on a monthly team book.

Secret Six is sort of a Suicide Squad spin-off when you think about it. Both are teams of semi-reformed villains featuring Deadshot. Who is indeed awesome.

Not much i can add, but to agree with others–the moment for me–is either Deadshot on Lincoln’s lap–or his “reasoning” that he kept Flag from killin Cray–by “whatever means neccessary”

It all fits together.

The Squad was a great team, and the original series will always be a classic in my books.

Rohan Williams

March 14, 2009 at 8:57 pm

So this really isn’t available in trade? I mean, I understand why a Showcase wasn’t practical, but no trades at all? Is there a rights issue or something?

The first time you had a Suicide Squad moment in your list, I hoped you would include this one someday. Deadshot shooting Senator Cray was the coolest moment in the entire series.

At first I thought Deadshot was committing suicide-by-cop to avoid jail, but since he lived through the gunfight, and presumably is going to jail anyway when he heals, why bother shooting at the cops?

Maybe Deadshot was hoping the cops would do a better job of killing him?

So Flag’s not a big fan of wearing shirts? This is a pretty cool scene. But not because of that. I might go back and start tracking down some of those older issues.

Deashot is hard core.

[…] issues are worth seeking out, and–if you’re not sold–many other bloggers have written extensively on the series as well (some spoilers in the previous […]

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