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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 72

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at the first appearance in Quantum and Woody of…the Goat!


Let’s see if this page from Quantum and Woody #3 can give you a good enough re-cap of the story…

Okay, now on to the first appearance of the goat….

They track and arms manufacturer all the way to his secret headquarters and secure a top secret government code-breaker than he had stolen, but as it turns out, he had nothing to do with the murder case they were investigating…

Woody dressed the goat in costume as a gag about the absurdity of wearing costumes, but instead, the goat became perhaps the most popular aspect of the title, even getting its own “Inaction Figure” toy and eventually its own one-shot. I wrote about the goat during the Valiant Alphabet of Cool, so check out here for more info on the goat.


Eric really does read too many comic books.

That was awesome. This series needs collecting.

I wouldn’t call Vincent THE most popular aspect . . . it was more of a team effort all around. I do have both versions of the Inaction Figure, though.

Dalarsco . . . the series was collected in four TPBs, though I’m willing to bet they would be a bitch to find these days.

For me it’s between this and Joe Kelly’s Deadpool for Funniest Superhero Series Ever.

I wouldn’t call Vincent THE most popular aspect . . . it was more of a team effort all around.

Here’s Priest on the subject…

I thought a goat mascot was pretty dumb, but Fabian’s instincts were dead on: HAEDUS (for Heavily Armored Espionage Deadly Uber-Sheep) became so closely identified with Quantum & Woody, that it was often the only thing the fans talked about.

In 1996 Diamond Distributors worked out a co-op program that allowed me to travel across the country, promoting Quantum & Woody and my other projects. Everywhere I went: goats. Goat toys, goat drawings, goat T-Shirts, actual goats dressed in masks and capes. It was pretty wild.

Wow a great depiction of Malaysia there. A tropical country that apparenty has bald craggy mountains.
It probably would have been cleverer just to set it in Tibet.

i though the goat was hilerious to quantum and woody espically the part where woody threatened to blow its brains out if the monks did not talk.. and the series needs to be collected

I always wonder if the unexplained goat from How I Met Your Mother was in some way inspired by this.

So that’s where the Goat Inaction Figure came from!

I can’t believe a comic drawn by Mark Bright came out and I didn’t pick it up.

Yeah, Dennis, not the most accurate description of Malaysia AT ALL lol

Still, it looks like a funny series, and I wish there were more titles like it. Too many super-hero comics are trying to hard to be ART and taken seriously, or they are trying to be ART and their humor is based on sex and violence jokes. This is refreshing, and it’s too bad there aren’t many series with the same tone out now.

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