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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 73

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at a great feat by the Thing in the pages of Lee/Kirby’s Fantastic Four.


If any particular issue could demonstrate just how magical the Jack Kirby/Stan Lee run on Fantastic Four run was, I think Fantastic Four #95 is a good choice.


It’s not a particularly important issue, and it was well after Kirby had soured on the book (he would leave the book within a few months) and he clearly had ceased to try new things so much as re-visit old ideas (basically a matter of “why give Lee new ideas when I don’t get anything out of it and he doesn’t listen to what I come up with anyways”).

And yet, they still delivered moments like this, which made the book as good as any other superhero comic out there.

The set-up is basically that a bad guy has knocked down part of an apartment building, causing the rest of the building to begin to collapse…enter the Thing (and the awesomeness of Jack Kirby)…

The moment, of course, is that shot of the Thing holding the entire building up.



I love that moment. That comic was one of the first few silver age Kirby/Lee FF’s that I ever got, and I loved seeing Ben do that.

That’s a cool moment; one I’d never seen before, but man does that Thing look ehh. Good thing you explained that Kirby wasn’t putting much work into the book by this time because it really does show.

Wow, Kirby sure could build ‘em. You wouldn’t think brickwork could stand up to all that, but just look.

Cool! Benji’s got those magic Superman powers that let you hold up things like buildings and ocean liners without them snapping in two or fallling apart!

But yes this was a cool moment. He da man. Er, Thing.

Other good sequences are when he heaves a clock tower or blows down the gates to Castle Doom, both in FF #87.

It’s too bad that Ben has gone done the power scale so much over years. We haven’t seen him do any very memorable feats like that on a consistent basis in a long time. Usually he’s been used as the yardstick to show how powerful some other foe is when he gets sent flying by his opponent.

that was one of the cool moments of the end of jacks run not to mention the look on the things face when he figures he will not be able to hold the building forever

That’s just the … Thing.
Ben isn’t the most powerful citizen of the Marvel Universe, but he is surely the toughest.
Mazel Tov!

There’s just something about Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew that you’ve got to love. Despite his bouts of melancholy and self pity, he’s truly one of the most pure heroes in comics. He sacrifices himself for others. He’s got that mental toughness that won’t quit. He’s all heart. He doesn’t act like a jerk to everyone just for the sake of being a jerk. He doesn’t preach. He just goes out there and helps.

Good God were Lee-Kirby awesome.

well, not to be a nitpicking buttcruncher, but… from where the thing was holding the building, the sheer weight and momentum would have caused it to continue collapsing over him.

Ah, that was nuthin’….Hercules actually pulled long Island back into place, in an issue of Marvel Team Up! (Ok, he pulled it the WRONG way, but he did it!)

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