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I’d Bring the Original Human Torch Back

Isn’t it weird that he’s not around? I’m figuring Brubaker actually will eventually get around to bringing him back (I hope), but really, the guy’s an android! If there ever was a guy who shouldn’t be able to just die, this would be the guy!

Just have someone find the remnants of his body after he exploded in New Invaders and fix him!

So I’d bring the original Human Torch back – it’s Marvel’s 70th Anniversary this year, let’s have him back for it!


Makes sense with the anniversary. He’s Marvel’s first character and as an android there is no good reason for him to stay dead. I don’t even know how he died!

I’d love for this one to happen, he’s one of my favorite characters…

bernard the poet

March 16, 2009 at 4:07 am

Please no. Lets not bring anyone else back from the dead.

If Marvel want to do something for their anniversary, then give Ka-Zar an ongoing series – He precedes the Human Torch by three or four years.

And that goes double for the Vision.

Olly McPherson

March 16, 2009 at 5:05 am

Uh, are you guys reading Captain America?

Yeah, I thought I had heard somewhere that the Human Torch WAS coming back, somewhere.

Citizen Scribbler

March 16, 2009 at 6:21 am

And you can see the original Human Torch in the pages of Avengers/Invaders these days…

-Citizen Scribbler

Weird. I was actually thinking about this yesterday. A modern style title with Torch and Sub-Mariner and some other Golden Age marvel character would be fun.

current story in cap has cap tracking down the torches missing body, as part of a trap set for him. as for bringing him back for good since he is an android surely someone in the MU could rebuild him for after all with the 70th anniversary Marvel should have their oldest character back in the fold.

I had the same reaction as Olly. It looks like this is about to happen in Bru’s Captain America. So, yeah, pick that up the next few months (or every month, really, as it’s an excellent comic).

I’d like Cornell to bring him back…
Captain Britain and MI13 feels more like a home for Jim Hammond, what with Spitfire and Union Jack…

And Windsor could use a Human Torch right now…

Human Torch’s “android” status wasn’t typical. He wasn’t so much a machine as an artificial human.

Not reading Avengers/Invaders then?

Brian, do you really want Jim Hammond back or do you like the idea of bringing him back since his death is easy to fix?

@Bernard: There are two flaws with that idea. First, Ka-Zar was around longer but did not debut in Marvel Comics #1, which is what the anniversary is celebrating. Second, Ka-Zar doesn’t have the following to support an ongoing. A mini would be cool, but an ongoing isn’t happening.

Nitz the Bloody

March 16, 2009 at 12:02 pm

Technically, wouldn’t he be better called the ” Torch Human “? As an android, Jim Hammond is a Torch with Human traits, as opposed to a Human with Torch traits like Johnny Storm.

bernard the poet

March 16, 2009 at 1:01 pm

@Dalarsco: Ka-Zar did appear in Marvel Comics #1

You’re probably right about there not being enough support for a Ka-Zar ongoing – the excellent Bruce Jones/Brent Anderson series from the ‘Eighties seems to have been forgotten.

It seems to me like marvel is leading up to an invaders reunion of sorts. Wit the original Captain America not really dead just lost in time in the 1940’s. Bucky being back,Sub Mariner and Spitfire as well.The original Human Torch alias Jim Hammond was buried as a war hero after Bucky recovered his body from Batroc and the man with no face. Marvel even brought back the character Master Man in the pages of captain America.
So I think that’s what the leading towards .It would be cool The original human torch was the first big selling title for marvel back in the late 30’sbefore they were marvel comics.
So yeah bring the guy back.
I think an Invaders movie would be a good ideal as well.

Citizen Scribbler

January 28, 2010 at 8:52 am

Midland- where have you been? The reunion already happened last year and it was called Avengers/Invaders. It wasn’t half bad either. Go check it out!

-Citizen Scribbler

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