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I’d Find Some Regular Role for Amanda Waller

Is there seriously not a single book where Amanda Waller couldn’t pop up in on a regular basis?

Justice League liaison?

I dunno, there just has to be some role out there for one of the best new characters of the 1980s.

I’d find some regular role in the DC Universe for Amanda Waller.


The only woman I know who could look Superman in the eye, say something nasty and not even flinching.

Now that Batman’s gone for now, I’d like to see her mixing it up with the Gods.

Maybe she should be Batman…….

Yeah, in a new Suicide Squad series by Ostrander.

i would go for a new ongoing Suicide Squad for she is perfect there. and also love the liason for the Jl. for after all she stared down and backed Batman into a corner. she deserves more of a preseence in the DCU

… or a new Checkmate with Rucka…

Ostrander’s Suicide Squad was perfect. Great premise, great characters, and a great way to use the dark side of the DCU. Waller needs to reactivate it.

I agree, she needs more exposure. WIthout regular use, she’s the type of character who ends up as the stereotypical corrupt government official whose only purpose is to make life difficult for the hero. She’s a lot more than that. Wonder Woman might be a good fit. Diana works for a government agency. There’s plenty of ways Waller and Diana could play off of each other. Both are strong women who fight hard for what they believe is right. Their methods and beliefs are somewhat different, however. There’s also the possible conflict of Waller as a single parent who worked her way from poverty to a position of power vs. Diana’s “blessed by the gods” princess.

Yeah, she is a really developed character that could add to a book as an agency leader or even a villain (for on the run/rebel main character)

She’s DC’s Nick Fury, the same way Darkseid is its Dr. Doom. I’d buy her attached to anythgin governemtn related. Hell, let’s see her whenever anyone goes to STAR Labs.

As much as a Suicide Squad book would be cool, it would need Deadshot, and, as much as I objectively have no problem with him Wolverining it up by headlining more than one book, it would be difficult from a story perspective to have him serve on both the Secret Six and the Suicide Squad.

I think a new Suicide Squad would be a terrific idea, but I’d go with an entirely new team. Let Deadshot stay with the Six. I’d like to see a DIFFERENT bunch of villains get fleshed out, just like Boomer and Deadshot got. A book with the same characters will never recapture the feel of the original run anyway, so it would be better to go with a brand-new crew of criminals. Recruit a handful of B-list villains like Prankster, Hougan, Lady Shiva and Angle Man, add a couple of B-list heroes-looking-for-redemption (to fill the Bronze Tiger’s role) and start fresh. With Waller as their mastermind, of course.

Lessee… she just finished a run in CHECKMATE, she had a SUICIDE SQUAD mini less than a year ago, and she’s in the upcoming FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: ESCAPE mini.

How much more do you want?

A regular role.

For me, just a new Ostrander SUICIDE SQUAD would suffice.

@Hammerheart: That’s a great idea that I would read in a hearbeat. But I sadly can’t see such a book surviving, especially at the same time as Secret Six. Yes, a discerning fan of both knows the key differences between the premises, but to most readers it would be a choice between DC semi-reformed villains book A and DC semi-reformed villains book B, making sales suffer on both. Also, there seems to be a large contingent of older who believes that Deadshot is the soul of the Squad and that no Suicide Squad book can work without him.

Dalarsco – I still think there would be a difference. The way I see it, only Secret Six really has anything to do with redemption. Suicide Squad is basically The Dirty Dozen with superpowers, hardened criminals being sent through black ops missions on the promise that survivors may earn freedom. And Secret Six is a gang of career criminals who take freelance criminal jobs and have personal bonds between themselves, and in that sense it owes more to Ocean’s Eleven and other “heist” movies than to Dirty Dozen. The Six can afford to share a sense of camaraderie; but the only thing the Squad members have in common is that everyone is expendable for Waller.

And of course, even though both teams are composed mostly of DC villains, Suicide Squad frequently has B-list heroes going on missions too… because for Amanda Waller, cannon fodder is cannon fodder, and a potential recruit’s usefulness is more important than their ethics.

I vote for Wonder Woman too. Amanda would be great in there. Lots of differences between her and Diana to play upon.

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