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I’d Give Nancy Woods a Unique Personality

Nancy Woods is the girlfriend of Chuck in the Archie Comics. Chuck is an interesting character, but Nancy is as bland as bland can be. Not only is she bland, but every time a writer tries to give her some sort of unique personality, the next writer forgets about it.

So I’d give Nancy a unique personality and have all the other Archie writers know about it, so it appears in a few different stories and gets “accepted” the same way Chuck has been “accepted” as an artist/cartoonist.


I agree. It’s been nice to see her finally supporting Chuck’s comic book work in the “Life of Chuck Clayton” storyline – I can’t count how many stories have been done with her being jealous and complaining about it – but it would be really great if she had some kind of life of her own. Maybe she could be a “furry” fan or into classical music. Or have her get interested in Riverdale politics or intern for Mr. Lodge or something. Anything so that she’s more than just Chuck’s girlfriend. Of course the problem is that Betty and Veronica have done and do everything so it’s hard to find something for a supporting player like Nancy to do.

if those who have managed to try and improve Nancy only to have the next writer undo it . Nancy is one character destined to be bland her purpose in the Archie universe

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