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I’d Have a Seven Soldier Join the Justice League

On top of Zatanna, I’d like to add one more of the Seven Soldiers join the Justice League. Probably Shining Knight or Shiloh Norman, but Frankenstein might be interesting, too.

Let’s not let these good characters go to waste!

So I’d add a Seven Soldier to the Justice League.


I would love to see Frankenstein join up just because that mini was spectacular. Sadly I don’t much expect Shilo Norman to get any mileage pretty much ever again (at least the recent version) which is a pretty big bummer.

I’d even enjoy Bulleteer. Honestly, a new 7S mini might be fun instead. There we’re some great characters and concepts used there, and the new take on Klarion was a lot of fun.

I’d love to see Klarion and Shining Knight join the Teen Titans while Frankenstein, or basically any other soldier besides Zatanna join the JLA, if only as an aknowledgment that Morrison’s revamp of the characters weren’t in vain.

Has anyone at DC continued fron SS #1 and explained what happened to Klarion and Frankenstein after that story? Is Klarion still the king of Sheeda, or was that just one more thing he tried and got bored with? Is Frankenstein still his slave?

I really liked Bulleteer, but I think bringing her back would be against what Morrison did in her mini. The whole on point of the series was that she’s not really a superhero and doesn’t want to be one. Her heroism was in everyday acts of empathy and caring, not in costumed fights. So it would be kinda wrong to write her back in to the superhero business.

Out of the six new Soldiers (I’m not counting Zatanna here) I think the one they really should bring back is the Manhattan Guardian. Out of the seven minis I think his worked best in establishing a new superhero. Morrison managed to make him into an well-rounded character and give him and environment to work in plus a cool set of supporting characters and villains independent from the main Sheeda storyline. As for the other Soldiers, I think Shining Knight is ultimately kind of a bland fantasy hero, Frankenstein was cool but too one-note, Bulleteer shouldn’t come back for the reasons stated above, though I guess Shilo Norman could work fine as a member of the JL. Besides MG I thought Klarion was the most interesting of the six new characters, but he seems kinda out of place in the DC superhero universe. They should give him his own Vertigo title or something.

The weird thing is there was absolutely no explanation how Klarion and Frankenstein moved on from their roles in SS #1. Klarion guest starred in Robin afterwards, with no mention of the Sheeda incident and Frankenstein is still working fro SHADE in Final Crisis, obviously no longer thrall to anyone.

Ah, I haven’t read Final Crisis, I didn’t know Frankenstein appears in it. It’s weird if FC doesn’t explain what happened to Frankenstein, even though it’s written by Morrison himself.

Frankenstein in JLA would be great!

“On top of Zatanna…….”

That would be a nice place to be, but I’d like to see a Seven Soldier or two join the League.

Didn’t Shilo Norman show up in Final Crisis too? I know I’ve seen him somewhere recently…

I wonder if there couldn’t be a place for Bulleteer with the Birds of Prey. Or in the JSA: I’m thinking she and Power Girl would get along pretty well, although I couldn’t say why.

I’d love a Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE ongoing, but I don’t think he’d fit in with the Justice League. I’d add Shilo Norman.

I’d much rather see Frankenstein in a solo “creepyhero” book written in the style and spirit of the Vertigo ancestors like Moore’s Swamp Thing. Very solidly in continuity, but definitely dwelling on the creepy, off-kilter edges of continuity where the likes of Superman shall rarely tread.

But, to be honest, I thought DC made a big mistake when they moved the likes of Swamp Thing and Sandman and Doom Patrol out of continuity. They really added something to the texture of DC in terms of being an actual setting moreso than a brand.

I’d add the bulleteer. she did join the JLA during 52. and has the most room to grow as a character while appealing to a broader fan spectrum,

We’re getting Congo Bill. That’s like having “that guy who was supposed to be a Seven Soldier character” right there.

given how the Jl has had members from other teams in their ranks. seven solider members should follow the tradition i would have Frankenstein as the first one

I think that his participation in Final Crisis alone makes me want to see Frankenstein in the Justice League. Maybe it was just him riding a giant dog…

There hasn’t been anyone writing the book I’d trust with a Seven Soldier though.

I’d like to see Bulleteer brought back as a supporting character in someone else’s series, in some kind of non-superhero role. As Tuomas said, being a superhero isn’t really what the character was about.
And yes, I would love to see Frankenstein in the Justice League. As long as his dialogue stays the same, and he can go aroung shooting things and hitting them with shovels.

I can’t believe how they let the Manhattan Guardian just fall to the wayside. That book was a perfect launch.

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