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I’d Have Apollo an Official Analogue of Superman

Remember when they had that Countdown: Arena mini-series where different variations of each character from different Earths of the Multiverse fought each other? In that series, Apollo (of the Authority) was a variation of…the Ray??!?!?

I’d make Apollo what he should be – an official analogue of Superman.


I was pretty shocked by this as well, although isn’t his use as a Superman in Final Crisis kind of acknowledgment of this being true?

I have fond memories of Arena. It wasn’t exactly golden story telling, but me and my room mate read our copies together at the same time every week and had a riot either laughing at the absurdity or just enjoying the fights.

Enh, I understood it. Apollo was always more reliant on solar energy than Superman, so the relation made sense. Plus, officially, Majestic is the Wildstorm Superman analogue.

The Ray? That’s pretty stupid. Sometimes I get the feeling that some of the people at DC don’t actually read their own comics. I wonder if the gay thing bothered them?

as much as Apollo should be another worlds version of superman DC would never okay the change.

I’d say in this regard Final Crisis putting Apollo in the army of interdimensional Supermen counts a lot more than anything that happened in Countdown.

In fact, I’d like to propose that nothing that happened in Countdown counts, because it’s possibly the single worst and most ill-advised book that DC put out that year. (If you kept up with DC’s horrible output that year: yes, that’s saying a lot.)

You know what I’d do? I’d have the powers-that-be re acknowledge the bowm-chikka-wow-wow between The Ray and Black Canary, and have that be a plot point with Green Arrow.

Plus, officially, Majestic is the Wildstorm Superman analogue.

Word. He got written by Alan Moore!

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