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I’d Have Given Final Crisis More Issues

I think Final Crisis would have worked a lot better from a marketing perspective if DC had just made the Superman Beyond issues (at the very least) official issues of Final Crisis. I know the worry is that there is a different artist, but when the artist is of the high quality of Doug Mahnke, I don’t think the readers would have had much of a problem, particularly since J.G. Jones needed other artists to help out ANYways (something that I’m sure DC knew was a real possibility).

I think I would have given Morrison more issues to tell his story PERIOD, but at the very least, I’d have put Superman Beyond as an “official” issue of Final Crisis (#4 and 5, I guess).


Agreed! Even if the two Batman issues could be “decompressed” for another part of mini series issue, that would work too. Even make the issues longer and added it throughout the main series.

Twelve issues, Heaven’s Ladder-sized. That’s the only way all of Morrison’s craziness could’ve been properly contained.

Wow, Heaven’s Ladder-sized issues would have rocked!

The problem with including Superman Beyond directly is that it doesn’t follow the same “Channel Surfing” style. Having a more traditional narrative just tossed in the middle of the story (without being a different title or what not) would be a lot more jarring than an art change.

But it’d be in the natural gap between #3 and 4, Matt.

So that’s why it’s allowed to be in a different narrative style (this is why Submit is also in that gap).

Neil Blumengarten

March 15, 2009 at 11:50 am

More issues is fine, but the main thing I’d have fixed about Final Crisis was the schedule, so that there would not have been such a break between chapters.

more issues would have made the story either better with more time for morrison not to mention the original crisis was twelve issues. though don’t think fans would want the thing to be any longer

I was going to say 12 issues, like the first proper Crisis…
… but Jason’s idea??

12 Mega-sized Heaven’s Ladder style issues?!?!?!



Thanks. I’ve been saying that for a while. But regular-sized issues would’ve worked, as well because I felt that action was taking place away from the story itself, and I don’t mean any of the tie-in books. And I felt that the action was so immense, over a deluxe format could have held it. I know it would’ve been impractical and costly, but I can dream about it.

Well, if you count Superman Beyond, Submit, and the two Batman issues, it was 12 issues. And yeah, Heaven’s Ladder sized issues all drawn by Jones and Manke would’ve been awesome.

I think it’s obvious SB3D should have been in the main series . . . but the series would probably still be unfinished if that was the case.

I thought it was fine the way it was… I just would have made it have more real impact on the DCU afterwards and maybe forced more direct conversations between Grant, Greg and Geoff to make everything gel more.

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