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I’d Have Let Hawkman and Hawkgirl Die

The whole point of Grant Morrison having the Hawks die in Final Crisis #7 was that they would resurrect, and then the next writers to use the characters could have them in whatever incarnation of the Hawks that they’d like to use (a blank slate, if you would).

So I’d have gone along with that idea.


man final crisis was a nightmare….editors should be fired

I disagree with this one. The only argument for letting the Hawks die is “Grant Morrison says new versions would be better”, which sounds a bit hollow even if Grant Morrison felt somebody had a clear idea on how to write a new version of the character, and is worse since it seems Grant Morrison was doing it just to clear the slate with no vision of what should happen to the character.

Is there any reason to suppose that new versions of the Hawks would be more interesting to write than the already existing ones?

I’d have let them die and not come back.

Has it been confirmed that the Hawks are alive? I saw Hawkman in a recent Justice League comic but when does that take place re: Final Crisis? (So far, about the only thing Final Crisis has retconned is… ITSELF, since no series outside of its own tie-ins has even acknowledged that anything happened.)

Personally, I hate it when they kill off characters. Since they ALWAYS come back, all you’re doing is putting them in comics limbo for a while anyway. It would be much better to have somebody reinvent the character. I’ve seen even the lamest, most obscure characters (like for example, Brother Power The Geek) actually be used in interesting ways, when handled by a *good* writer. There are no poor characters, only poor stories.

Oh, and about the Hawk’s reincarnation thing: wouldn’t that mean they would have to be BABIES now? Or do they possess ADULTS instead? Isn’t that body-snatching? (I used to wonder that about Immortal Man as well…)

They show up as time travelers from the future?

I disagree. I can give or take Hawkman (although with all the trouble DC went through getting him back in the first place, seems a waste to mess with it), but I’d argue that the current Hawkgirl, Kendra Saunders, is one of the richest, most uniquely developed characters DC has — she had a child as a teenager, her parents were killed, she had her body possessed by a reincarnated ancestor after attempting suicide at age 17, was trained by her grandfather to become Hawkgirl, became a respected superheroine that joined the Justice League (probably around her 21st birthday), and eventually regained complete control of her body. She’s such a fantastic character that it’s a shame few writers really dig into what makes her tick and run with it (it stopped about the time she left the JSA and her bust when up several sizes).

I suppose you could easy graft this backstory onto a new Hawkgirl along with whatever pieces you want to use from prior versions, but it’d be a loss of a great character all the same. I’m glad DC decided to reverse this one.

Have a good day.
John Cage

Neil Robertson

March 15, 2009 at 8:59 pm

It’s been a while since I read it, but it’s my recollection that, in the final issue of HAWKGIRL, the curse that forced Carter Hall, Shayera, and their Egyptian arch-enemy to reincarnate eternally was finally broken. Hawkman and Hawkgirl were free once and for all to either have or not have a relationship, unburdened by the eternal cycle – and whenever they died from that point on, that would be their final and true death.

So Grant Morrison really killed them off. Permanently.

i would leave them dead for good retire them since their bit of reincarnation has made them so convoluted that any writer would get a headache trying to start fresh with them. plus that bit of Kendra being possessed by her ancestor which turned out to be Shayira was creepy . dc should leave them dead but they will proably come back as black laterns

Omar Karindu, back from an Internet Thogal ritual

March 15, 2009 at 10:04 pm

Er, also…wouldn’t they come back as infants and not be usable, “blank slate” or no? They had to do a fair bit of convoluted explaining for Kendra as it was.

Psh, why not let the Hawks die, since they could come back so easily anyways, I mean it’s basically the same thing as recuperating in a hospital for them (which according to Didio is what’s actually happening).

I mean Geoff Johns will be the next person to use them, since they figure into Blackest Night right? Would’ve been a chance for him to clear off what Starlin did to Hawkman, since he introduced the reincarnation deal anyways.

I thought that the point of the end of Hawkgirl was that Shierra became free from the cycle of rebirth and that Kendra’s soul took her place in it.

Given the amount of work that it took for the Hawks to get “fixed” in the first place, there’s really no reason to mess with them for another ten years.

Killing the Hawks was a pointless stunt. I think their “deaths” in FC #7 should be simply ignored.

Okay, so now we know that they are alive as of the extremely confusing and disjointed issue (and not in a good way like Final Crisis) #31 of JLA. The first page had the wrong art on it. The opening first several pages referred to a huge important declaration that Hal Jordan made post-Final Crisis… but is not mentioned anywhere in any book at all whatsoever. According to a footnote, the declaration will all be explained in a mini-series this June. (What?) From what I can tell, the gist of it is that Hal Jordan is stealing (?) the Justice League name and forming his own group, completely shafting everyone in the JLA. But it’s not really explained at all. Anywhere. In any book. Until June. (I don’t think this is McDuffie’s fault, I think that the editor’s shafted him on this one.)

Regardless, there is a throwaway line in the book that Hawkman and Hawkgirl are recovering at a hospital. Which, all things considered, sounds absolutely ridiculous. I didn’t know that the Mayo Clinic had a wing for exploded hawk people. I’m not really bashing the writing… It’s just that they were killed.

… but if they weren’t killed, wouldn’t they be in really bad shape, and require super-scientist-doctor-types to put them back together or patch them up? I mean, why even address whether or not they are alive in JLA #31? Why? Especially in a throwaway line?

Personally, I wish they were dead. They died heroically, and they are set up to be reincarnated. But if they were still alive, that would be OK. The problem is that there needs to be more than a line in a book somewhere about them to talk about there fate. There needs to be an entire issue, or at least part of an issue somewhere in the DCU that addresses them. Ugh.

Well, now they are dead in Blackest Night … until Brightest Day (Everyone lives again! Even Lian Harper!)

LoL remember this was one of the f’ups that McDuffie was honestly angry about and it got him canned…Brian, I’d watch out for angry DC execs hunting you with torches!

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