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I’d Have Punisher MAX Rotate Writers

I don’t know if that is or is not what Marvel is going to turn out to do, but boy, so far, both Gregg Hurwitz and Duane Swierczynski have done such a good job that I’d hate to see to pick JUST one writer on the series, and this is all without Victor Gischler even taking a turn yet!

So I’d just rotate them, while perhaps tossing in some other good writers, as well. And heck, if I’m going to go with this system, I guess I’d try to see if the book could become a bi-weekly, as well.


I agree! I only started reading Punisher with Hurwitz and I absolutely loved it. I always go back and refresh the story before I read the newest issue. Switching it to bi-weekly would really help that.

Isn’t that what they’ve said they were doing since day one? (post Ennis of course)

There’s hints of Jason Aaron possibly taking over a Punisher title. Could be the MAX one, or could be the regular 616 one.

I doubt Aaron would be taking over Remender’s 616 book. It’s only just started, and I think Rick has some long-term plans for the book.

You should hear news about a regular Punisher MAX writer sometime soon, according to my sources. And I think it’s one you’ll be happy to hear about, Brian.

Yeah, all signs point to Aaron taking over MAX.

Which…would get me to read Punisher MAX.

I was predicting Aaron as the regular writer on MAX from the moment he signed his Marvel exclusive contract, and his Christmas special was excellent. Although honestly, at this point I kind of hope that Charlie Huston would get a chance at writing an arc before Aaron takes over.

I’m looking forward to Gischler’s run though. The opening scene of the Gun Monkeys, where a hitman gets his target by filling a jelly donut with blasting caps and waiting for him to bite into it is one of the most creative killings I’ve ever read in a crime novel.

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