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I’d Have the Milestone Heroes on Their Own Earth

This one I think is so obvious I really can’t comprehend why this is NOT what the current state of affairs is.

You have a Multiverse.

You just had this big crossover all about the joys of the Multiverse.

You have this group of heroes who exist in their own universe, whose existence almost definitely presupposes that there is no Justice League or Superman or whatever in it.

That seems like the perfect usage of the Multiverse, and that’s what I’d do with the Milestone heroes. Have them on their own Earth and have them crossover, JSA-style, with the JLA. And if people want to tell stories using the Milestone heroes, you’d have a whole separate Earth to tell stories with them.

And if you want to put Static on the Titans, then that’s totally fine – just how Black Canary ended up on the Justice League back in the day – have him crossover Earths.

Making Dakota a city on the regular DC Earth takes away a lot of the uniqueness of the Milestone Universe.


Yup. That was lame.
They could have said that with reality thinning out, worlds crossed over, etc…

And it looks like they are going to do the exact same thing with the Archie heroes too…

The question is does anyone see the inevitable ongoings staring milestone characters realistically lasting for more than a couple dozen issues? If not then giving them a seperate universe would just complicate matters afterwards for when they became less prominant characters. Sure it doesn’t fit perfectly but that’s to be expected in comics at the best of times, you kind of learn to suspend disbelief over those kind of things.

On the other hand would we ever see Dakota outside a few panels in current big-multiverse-crossover? I book starring a Milestone character within the DCU may only last a few dozen issues but a book starring a Milestone character on Earth-37 would never be made in the first place.


You’re not the first to suggest that Milestone return to its own universe. Blogger Rich Watson wrote a compelling column on why keeping Milestone separate from DCU would be better:


Watson’s fears were borne out by the recent JLA/Shadow Cabinet crossover, in which the Milestone characters’ personalities seemed kind of flat. That was disappointing since Robert Kirkman’s Marvel Team-Up demonstrated that an indy superhero (Invincible) could shine even when paired up with a major corporate icon (Spidey).

That said, Milestone’s characters will be more and more visible if JLA if this future Ed Benes cover (Icon’s JLA?) is any hint:


Why’s Milestone got to have its own universe? What are you recommending segregation? :)

But seriously, there IS a multiverse, but do we actually get to visit the multiverse as readers? If they’re going to keep doing weekly series, they should do “adventures in the multiverse” and explore all of the earths that have been created. If DC was smart, they’d do that.

i’m with kwaku…if milestone was its own earth in the multiverse we’d never see it..how often do we really visit any given other earth?…if dakota’s on the same earth as the rest of the DCU even if an individual character’s book like other commenters have suggested then they’re still likely to show up in guest spots…if it’s earth-milestone they’ll be forgotten about

and seriously (but not too seriously) man…separate but equal?


I´d do the same with Captain Marvel. Put him back on his own universe.

that would be the best way to do it otherwise DC will have to do another crisis to bring them and the archie characters into the universe. for it worked with the Charleston characters

I was thinking the same thing, Brian, although bringing them into the main DCU Earth is probably going to give them more exposure.

I think Grant Morrison mentioned this in the 52 Exit Interview, but the multiverse would be a great way in general to introduce new lines of comics or reintroduce some old ones, like Milestone and the “Fawcett” titles. That said, a lot of Milestone comics started suffering from low sales near the end (is that why Milestone’s comic division shut down? I don’t remember), so who knows…

I’m surprised nobody else has addressed the real problem with this suggestion:

DC already tried it, and it didn’t work. Why would setting a line of comics outside of the mainstream DCU be any more successful now than it was twenty years ago?

Why try where others have failed? Uh, because that’s what we humans do! it’s better to do something with a whole mess of characters than to just let them rot. There might not be a great audience for the multiverse, but there is an audience.

Random Stranger

March 16, 2009 at 6:31 am

I doubt we’re going to see Dakota any more often if they’re officially part of the DC Universe. In fact, I’d put the city fairly high on the list of towns to be wiped off the map to prove how serious the villain of a crossover is.

Having them in the DC Universe just raises more uncomfortable questions than giving them their own playground for anyone who wants to use them.

Vichus, I see what you’re saying, and I agree. But something IS being done with the characters: they’re being integrated into the DCU proper.

But I disagree that the Milestone characters should be kept sequestered in their own universe. I don’t understand the reasoning behind the thought that, “Hey, we tried this before, and it didn’t work. Let’s not change anything about it, and maybe it’ll sell this time.”

Having said that, there are a couple of characters that I think work better on their own than they do within the larger DCU. Particularly the Marvel Family. Captain Marvel et al have been shoehorned into the DCU ever since the original Crisis, and they never have seemed to click within the larger context of the DCU.

Also (and this is just me), I wouldn’t mind seeing DC experiment a little bit, and seperate ALL the major characters/families into their own continuities where they are the sole protectors of Earth. Wouldn’t you love to see Guy Gardner the only hero on Earth? I sure would.

Saying Dakota is in the DCU and always has been, la la la, makes so little sense I can’t believe DC editorial has decided they can get away with this. The decision makes no sense on any level beyond trying to make sure you can get Static onto the Teen Titans with as little backstory baggage (like dimension-hopping) as possible.

If these characters were a failure, then why have them pop up at all? The right writers can make even a d-list character appealing. Is there no proof of that?

DC’s track record with “multiverse” titles is spotty, at best. The regular titles that had any success not on DCs’ mainstream Earth were All Star Squadron and Infinity Inc. which were both written by the same purpose. Other than that, it was quick cancellation, backup features, and anthologies. Wildstorm seems to get relaunched annually.

I’d hazard to guess that putting Static on the Titans was DC’s driving force to acquire the Milestone characters in the first place. Having him crossover from another universe would lead to the uncomfortable situation where he’d be a minor who’s missing on his homeworld. Wouldn’t his family be looking for him. Wouldn’t he want to go home?

This one I think is so obvious I really can’t comprehend why this is NOT what the current state of affairs is.

You just answered your own question. This is Didio’s DC. If it was obvious and it made sense AND DC chose to do it, THEN I’d be confused. But if something is obvious and makes sense and DC doesn’t do it, where’s the confusion? That’s what one expects under Didio. Counterintuitive and downright stupid story initiatives.

Well Didio should just be fired over letting something like New Krypton getting out under his watch. What a stupid idea that got a lot of new readers interested in Superman.

Yes, he’s made some messes (Final Crisis is a mess to me, and it started with countdown) But you had the return of the weekly series, Identity Crisis, Sinestro Corp War, the new JSA, I mean, are you calling the guy a failure as a boss? I think it’s better than to succeed and have failures than to be a total failure.

Identity Crisis was awful.

That’s really neither here nor there, I just feel like it should always be said. ;)

I’ve never liked the “they were here alll along!” explanation for cross-continuity characters. (See X-Men/Teen Titans for example) but I’m willing to go with it if its done convincingly.
My problem with the Milestone characters is purely visual. They just don’t LOOK like DCU characters. Standing next to the clean, simple, iconic costumes of the JLA, their over-worked, under-stylised outfits looked dreadful.
Plus, even after reading that crossover, I still couldn’t tell you a damn thing about these characters except there’s a Superman one, a lesbian one (we know she’s a lesbian because she said as much every time she opened her mouth) and a kinda-cool-looking cloud guy.
If this meeting was meant to get me interested in these guys, well, its was a failure.

So, um, yeah. splinter them off into their own Earth or don’t. I’m unlikely to want to read about hem either way.

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