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I’d Make Songbird an Avenger

She’s on the run from Norman Obsorn, the Avengers are on the run from Norman Osborn, she’s a cool character who has a lot of inside info on Osborn, she has cool powers and the current New Avengers are a bit shy, power-wise (with the current exception of Ms. Marvel).

It totally works!!

And I won’t even mention the whole “Avengers Forever said she’d be an Avenger in the future” thing, I promise!


This I agree with. She got built up very well in Thunderbolts, has a real grudge with Osborn and whoever else and this is a great opportunity for Marvel to elevate one of their female characters to the next level of marketability, which they seem to want to do a lot and it doesn’t often go so well (see: Ms. Marvel).

Man, I HATE Songbird. Can someone explain to me how her powers are any less lame than the new “New Warriors”, again? I stopped reading Avengers forever when I read that crap that she’s a “future avenger”. Weren’t 5 of the others all “current time” avengers, and 3 of them were Hank Pym?!?! Puh-leez… I think we should all strike Avengers Forever from continuity, and kill off Songbird in a way that will resonate at least one iota more than Bill Foster’s murder.

I like Songbird. She’s about the only good thing to have come out of classic Thunderbolts. I hope they don’t let her fall by the wayside too.

I agree entirely with this. I love Songbird if only to have another strong female presence in the Avengers. I’m also a sucker for almost Green Lanterns, so judge as you will. And on Avengers Forever 2 members were ‘current’ (Wasp and Giant Man) 2 were Pym (Giant Man and crazy Yellowjacket).

I would do this also.

i would have made her be the first of the new avengers not to mention all the info on Norman would come in usefull for the hero’s not to mention all the fireworks she could cause with her team mates. being a thunderbolt

I’d do this. Having said that, I don’t think Bendis would write her very well. She’d probably do well on Slott’s team, though.

I’d love to see Songbird on the Avengers. This is a perfect opportunity for the character to join up, especially if you consider: A) She has a grudge against Osborn and information on his agenda, B) She has close ties to Hawkeye from his time with the Thunderbolts (including a period where the two of them reformed the Thunderbolts when the rest of the team was lost on Counter-Earth), and C) She has close ties to the classic Avengers, having served as Captain America’s “man on the inside” during the Avengers/Thunderbolts mini-series a few years back. Plus she’s a great character who’s gone on a great journey these last ten years since she started reforming. It’s the logical progression for the character. Too bad folks like Felnoius Monk don’t care for her — she’s a terrific character, and a real hidden gem at Marvel.

Have a good day.
John Cage

I agree with this “I’d”, maybe she’ll end up with the Mighty Avengers since they’re going to be outside of Osborn’s jurisdiction? Doubt it though since Diggle probably has Thunderbolts related plans for her.

It seems like a logical progression. Another option would be to have her form her own team of reformed villains to keep the spirit of her Thunderbolts going.

I think she should bring the original and back together. Atlas has his powers back, MACH (insert number here) can just build a new suit. Is Zemo back in this time? Radioactive MAn can come back, and they can take on the new Thunderbolts for the right to bear the name.

Great idea.

After reading this I’d, I’m sitting around trying to figure out why Marvel hasn’t done it already. It makes perfect sense and it’s not blindingly obvious the way some of their other Dark Reign decisions have been.

Fuck you felonious monk. Songbird is awesome

I mean felnoius

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