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Hey, Now Cronin Can Put Songbird In The Avengers!

By buying a copy of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, which she will be appearing in. Gaming blog Kotaku points out this point from the game’s blog, where the developers talk about translating her from the page to the game.

They talk about how they used Marko Djurdjevic’s Thunderbolts covers as inspiration for her look and other comic book reference material they used in the process of creating her character model and how her powers would look in motion. Sure, I’m pandering to the powerful video game player/Songbird fan consortium, but this is still pretty interesting if you’ve played these games as much as I have and want to know how the process of making comic characters playable in a video game, especially one as obscure as Songbird is; she’s not even in the Avengers!


Given the way costumes worked in the first game, this means you’ll almost certainly be able to play Screaming Mimi in a video game, which is just downright strange if you ask me.

Next up: Cardiac.

Yes she is– in the future!

in avengers forever series she was an avenger for the series..it was also stated that she would go on to not only lead the team but be one of the greats…the story was a battle between kang and imortist(sp??) both time travelers.

This game’s supposedly based on Civil War (sadly tossing out the “you really pissed off Galactus, and now he’s coming to destroy Earth” cliffhanger from the end of the prior game), so it’s not TOO weird, although characters are usually chosen based on mainstream popularity and not their visibility in comics (at least, that explains Blade and Elektra in the last game).

Hopefully Hulk’s in there from the start this time, even if it wouldn’t necessarily make sense based on Civil War.

The Galactus cliffhanger really didn’t do much for me. You already fought Galactus in the first game, and you beat him. Yeah, you had the Silver Surfer’s help and it was one of the more memorable fights, but I think the Civil War storyline has more potential to do something new and different.

And the first game had a few less-then mainstream choices like Moon Knight.

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