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Comics Are Awesome #23

Boy howdy, they sure liked to strap suspicious-looking gorillas into chairs back in the Silver Age.


I love the smug look on that gorilla’s face! He’s smiling because he knows humans have no chance against their super-weapons.

Has DC done any Essential collections of these crazy years of Strange Adventures?

I fail to see how this qualifies as a “Strange” adventure. Seems pretty ordinary to me.

Gitmo was so much sunnier back in the Silver Age.

Actually, yeah, DC released a Showcase volume spanning #53 to 74 of this series. No, I don’t know why they started there. But it should have plenty of space gorilla action!

Damn filthy apes! later!

>Boy howdy, they sure liked to strap suspicious-looking gorillas into chairs back in the Silver Age.

What would Wertham say?

#53 is the first code-approved issue and it’s been mentioned that they started there because that’s the first issue they had the full art they needed for reprinting. There’s even one story in #53 that is continued from a story in the previous issue.
I hope they can find what they need to collect the Captain Comet stories that run in several of the earlier issues. DC has lots of earlier work that could make great Showcase volumes including Infantino art on Detective Chimp, Gil Kane art on Rex the Wonder Dog and various western titles, old issues of Tomahawk and great art from Joe Kubert and Russ Heath on the first 24 issues of The Brave and the Bold.

That gorilla looks high, not smug. And why are lie detector operators always old men? And isn’t procedure that only one (probably old) man delivers the test? And that guy on the left – why doesn’t he just beat the answers he wants out of that stoned gorilla? (Come on – they’ve obviously drugged him. Why, he could snap those bonds in a second with his fantastic gorilla strength! To say nothing of the fantastic gorilla weapons that we knew nothing about, UNTIL YOU TOLD US, YOU STUPID GORILLA!)

This is why humans always win in these stories.

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