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A Shame to See Iron Fist Go…

Still, 27 issues for such a relatively minor character is still quite an achievement!

70th Anniversary Variant Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC
Danny Rand is the Immortal Iron Fist. He has thwarted Hydra assassins…foiled a vicious plot to destroy his mystical city of K’un-Lun…fought in an interdimensional kung fu tournament…escaped the unstoppable beast that killed all other Iron Fists before him…and survived a trip into Hell itself. But will he make it through the fall of the House of Rand? Don’t miss this landmark FINAL ISSUE of the critically acclaimed, fan-beloved IMMORTAL IRON FIST.

EDITED TO ADD: Commenter Johns says that the solicit copy was just recently edited, removing the FINAL ISSUE part, so maybe Marvel changed their mind?


How were sales before Duane S. came on? That guy was the reason I left the book, although I can’t speak for anyone else.

On the plus side, the first half by Brubaker, Fraction, Aja, and many other talented artists cemented Iron Fist’s status as a complex and entertaining character with a vibrant supporting cast, something I’ve never thought I’d say about Iron Fist. Can’t speak for Duane S.’s half, though.

It is a bit of a shame, but not too surprising. The book hasn’t been very good since the departure of Frubaker (or is it Brubaction?).

See, I thought the book would dip considerably after Fraction and Brubaker left, but Swiercynski managed to keep the book at the same quality level. I was a little perturbed that he dipped into the well a little too soon, bringing back the Immortal Weapons as sort of a superhero team was a misstep in my opinion, but the book was still one of the better ones that Marvel was putting out.

Everyone who says they stopped reading after Fraction and Brubaker left need to check out the back isues. Good shit.

This is the first I’m hearing of the book being cancelled. That sucks. This book has been better than some issues of Daredevil, and is consistently better than ongoing books like The Initiative, New Warriors, and War Machine.

I feel really bad for leaving after Fraction and Brubaker’s issues now.
I stopped collecting it, but I was glad it was there!
: (

I don’t think the achievement is lasting 27 issues–I think the achievement is telling good stories! Comics’ sales and publishing histories are a sort of indicator of the quality of the material. It might serve as good shorthand for saying, ‘that comic had a good run,’ but it shifts the focus from ‘that comic was good!’ to ‘that comic was a publishing success!’

i don’t know, this was all supposed to be constructive, somehow. At least my comment made it through five sentences :) !

Yeah, this totally blows. (I thought the post was going to be about the brackets!) Swiercynski was doing great work on this book, close to Brubaction levels and probably a little better than some of the solo Fraction issues in the mid-teens. If I recall correctly, its numbers were never great (mid-to-high 20,000s?) but I’m sure it’s getting canceled due to the “dropped it like a hot potato after Ed & Matt left” set. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; just saying, that’s probably the difference between niche book with modest sales and axed.

I too was a little worried that the weapons were back so quickly, but I think Duane S has played it in a way that totally makes sense. They aren’t a superteam – they banded together to do a job that needed all of them in order to do (they can’t even get to the 8th city unless together), and I love the tricks he’s pulled since they got there. Maybe it was a bit soon, but if the book was on the blocks, probably best to tell this story while you can.

Maybe it’s time for a new Power Man/Iron Fist co-starring the Daughters of the Dragon!

Unfortunate. I don’t blame Swierczynski, he tried his best but the ship had been sinking since the first team starting hitting delays.

Aw, this sucks.

On the one hand, my desire to cut back on monthly books has been met easily of late, without me having to make any tough decisions.

On the other hand, its because books I love (like this one) keep getting canceled.

So “yay” for me not having to make tough decisions and still save money. “Boo” on losing such a fun book. Push come to shove, there’s definitely other stuff I’d drop if it meant this would still be around…

Poor Duane. That one shot he did is one of my favorite books, period.

That’s a shame. I do think it dipped after Brubaction (which should probably be its own genre, given the name), just because it became less an homage/send-up of manga/kung-fu tropes as it just sort of fell into them.

That being said, it was still a solid read, and it’ll be sad to see the shelves one comic a month worse off.

Kung-Fu Billionaire

March 23, 2009 at 11:21 am

THIS F*&%KIN SUCKS!!!!!! This title should never be cancelled. F#$K YOU MARVEL!

Again! Iron Fist was one of my favorites as a kid, maybe there will be Hero for Hire back ups in Daredevil! My chi is at an all time low. later!

@ Kung fu millionare.

oh, boo-hoo. irredemable ant-man only got 12 issues, you should feel lucky.

oh, boo-hoo. irredemable ant-man only got 12 issues, you should feel lucky.

What about Nextwave??

I’m glad they are getting rid of this title. It means more Wolverine titles!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!

Seriously, I love Iron Fist, and thought this title was great. It’s a real shame to see it go. If the title suffered that much with Swierczynski, they should have given another creator a shot at bringing it back to the status Brubaker/Fraction set.

The solicit information changed on the Newsarama site…just went back there and they edited the copy for the issue.

The solicit information changed on the Newsarama site…just went back there and they edited the copy for the issue.

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

@Kieth: That’s a false dichotomy. Marvel doesn’t sell a certain number of books and has to cancel one to make room for another. They sell as many books as will be profitable. Wolverine always will be, Iron Fist sadly wasn’t, if this wasn’t a false alarm.

Assuming the book is cancelled, I kind of wonder why they didn’t just end it when Brubaker/Fraction left. It was never a great seller, and I can’t imagine anyone thought the sales would go up with a different writer, unless it was Bendis or Millar or someone.

@Dalarsco: I’m aware of that, I was making a joke. Wolverine is all over the place and this is an excuse to launch a new title with him in it.

Iron Fist is on my list. I look forward to it every month. Aja/Bru/Faction run was so well done. The new team has held their own as well and still put out good stories. Danny Rand and company (no pun intended) are rounded characters that involve the reader. The mythos itself that the first team developed deserves to keep this title going, there is so much to build o and work with. I know I want more Orson Randall Pulp tales.

I said this over at ‘Rama, and I’ll say it here:

What are the chances Danny Rand is starring in his own title again by the end of the year?

Marvel’s not doing this with the frequency that they had been the past few years, but they’ll still end a series in order to re-start it with a new #1 and the accompanying sales boost.

I don’t know the sales numbers, but I know that there are other titles that aren’t selling as well but are nowhere near cancellation, so I see no reason they won’t just re-start the title in a couple of months.

I’m also sure Johnston will share his opinion on this in another hour or so.

Not so immortal, then. (Ohhhhhhh!)

From Ed Brubaker on Twitter:

IRON FIST is NOT canceled. Just so everyone knows. It was a typo.

This is the second time this has happened recently (Captain Britain a while back). I wonder what’s going on.

If it’s not canceled I’m glad for the people still reading it. If it is canceled I feel for them because it felt like it already was canceled for me when I had to drop it because of budget reasons… too many other good books out there. One of the hardest books for me to drop.

im guessing that the people writing the blurbs get told its the final issue of a storyline and just jump the gun a bit, since the people who write those blurbs dont have anything to do with the editorial or creative side of it, i believe, they just write blurbs

@Kieth: I knew you weren’t serious, but I still don’t see how this is an “excuse for a new Wolverine title”. It was clearly sarcastic. I was explaining why the complaint of “why does Wolverine get three ongoings plus one-shots and minis and my beloved character is getting canceled” isn’t valid.

Nooooo! That’s one of my favorite ongoing books.

LIG yesterday said there are big Iron Fist news coming…

Official solicit doesn’t mention the series is ending.

[…] Iron Fist’s cancellation began in March when a version of Marvel’s June solicitations circulated referring to Issue 27 as the “landmark final issue.” The text was quickly […]

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