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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 82

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at the “return” part of Dark Knight Returns!


There will be plenty of other Dark Knight Returns moments before the year is over, but for today, let’s start at the beginning and show how writer/artist Frank Miller decided to depict the actual return of Batman.

To set the scene up, Batman has basically decided to get back into being, you know, Batman.

A bunch of crimes have been thwarted, each time accompanied by a lightning flash but nothing else really.

Now we get the reveal (click on the pages to enlarge)…

Miller is unbelievably cinematic.


Better than Watchmen.

Not better than Watchmen, but still great. One of my favorites. Lots of good moments to choose from.

Outstanding goosebumbp moment.

TDKR is the UN-Watchmen. If Watchmen’s central premise is that superheroes would have a destructive, tyrannical effect on the real world, TDKR’s is that society can’t function without someone watching over it.

I’m surprise that with all the hype on last summer’s “The Dark Knight” and this year’s Watchmen, no one’s made this comparison (that I’m aware of).

Suggestion: Grant M. – JLA #3 – Batman with a match – “What’s that smell?”

Great moment in a highly overrated series.

Not even in the same league as Watchmen.

The image does give me goosebumps even if I don’t think the whole series is great.

better than Watchmen

Watchmen is about deconstructing the superhero, while DKR is about….something else.

plus Miller’s art rocked the house!

It’s nottt better than Watchmen! But it is badass.

Can’t be compared with Watchmen. They’re two very separate ideas.

They both rock in different ways too!


Forget Watchmen. TDKR is better than anything Miller has done in the last ten years at least…ESPECIALLY “The Dark Knight Strikes Again!”

Not really comparable to Watchmen. Great in it’s own right.

But not as great as Year One.

Better …. MUCH better than DK2

Revisiting DKR in light of Miller’s more recent work, a lot of what I originally believed to be clever and nuanced social commentary seems much more likely to be hackneyed exploitation. The first issue though? One of the best Batman comics ever put to page, and this is probably THE moment of the entire series (with perhaps the exception of “I see a reflection”).

one of my favorite moments from what is my favorite batman story love miller work on that part of it

Absolutely a great comic book moment. As for the better or not than Watchmen comments. That’s really missing the point Both DKR and Watchmen came along and with Sandman led to a watershed moment in the history of Comics and the growth of the Graphic Novel in the marketplace and public awareness. Both Miller, Moore and Gaiman captured lightning in a bottle with their respective works. Maybe they were in the right time and place but its thanks to them we are able to enjoy comics today accross so many different mediums whether print, web or cinematic. Lets not cheapen it with a this ones better than that one post. That just makes us all look silly and parochial. Brian’s bringing so many great comic moments, some of which are new to me, and others which trigger fond memories and isn’t that the point of celebrating this one of a kind medium. OK Rant over.

Yeah you can’t really compare them like this. (but TDKR is better!)

TDKR is the UN-Watchmen. If Watchmen’s central premise is that superheroes would have a destructive, tyrannical effect on the real world, TDKR’s is that society can’t function without someone watching over it.

That’s one possible interpretation of TDKR I guess, but really it chucks the question out there and leaves you to make up your own mind. I know when my dad read TDKR he took it to be a book about why Superheroes won’t work.

A great moment.

I prefer the scene in DKR where Bats floors Superman with an almighty punch, but then of course that is coloured by my respective feelings about those two characters…

comparing DKR with Watchmen is like comparing Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. far too different tor a meaningful comparison.

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