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Comics Are Awesome: Part 24 of Finity

Goodbye, cruel world! You’re not going to have Comics Are Awesome to push around anymore! Well, okay, you might, maybe, at some point. But for now, enjoy this one, last, super-final, ultimate special extravaganza that will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Stay awesome, comics.


It’s amazing that a single cover could generate twenty years of work in comics for Grant Morrison :)

But I must have it! I would’ve been sold on the laser eyed orangutan alone, but the infinite cover recursion just puts me in a swoon. And the title! Now that you’re ending Comics Are Awesome (man, not cool), can you please do a longer piece on The Creature from Strange Adventures?

Aww, somebody beat me to the Morrison joke.

No more Comics Are Awesome? But they’re…. awesome!


Thanks for doing Comics are Awesome. It’s been very entertaining. It’s a reminder of how much fun it can be.

I hope it could appear occasionally, then we could get our awesomeness-fix.

This current cover is mind-boggling in awesomeness. The guy took time out from being chased by a monster to check out the newsstand!

Not enough creatures rampage beaches anymore.

Not enough creatures shoot laser beams from their eyeballs anymore, either.

Sigh. Comics these days…

Now now, Atomic Robo has a fine monster rampaging on the beach story as one of their B plots. It’s honestly one of the high points of Vol 2.


NOOOO!!! Please don’t end Comic are Awesome!!!! T_T

I like how the guys been chased all day but he stops to check out the new comics at a beachside news vendor.

Can you at least post the cover to part 2??

By “two-part,” they probably mean something like twelve pages within the book. Comics had multiple stories back then. “Novel-length” meant 22 pages!


I also want Comics Are Awesome to stick around! Do Special/Annual ones or something! (You know, like an annual …)

Because you know. Comics are Awesome.

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