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I Finally Have An Excuse To Link To Sporcle!

Superteam Game Quiz

If only because the team that’s been correctly identified the least number of times (3.1%!) amuses me, even if I have a similar missplaced nostalgic affection for them as this guy. One more thing; is it just me, or should Maria Hill not be mentioned as one of the three most prominent characters in anything, at all, ever?


Thanks for the link, I’d not seen that before. I only managed to get 21/30, but once I saw the answers I was kicking myself. I just READ the incredibles! Legion of Doom was another to escape me. I won’t name the others as they’re too embarrassing.

Fun quiz though one has to quickly ignore the results page you linked to and the other link. I got all but 4 and during the last minute or so I remembered the least known team. The 80’s video game one was fun, too (missed 3).

If Maria Hill was in comics from 15 years ago, I’ve probably read some stories with her in them. But I have no idea who she is.

I took that quiz before you mentioned it and got a 28/30. I missed Hydra (understandable) and for some reason I thought the Decepticons were the Destructicons.

I got 29/30, missed the Luthor, Grodd, Grundy team because I’ve always been more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan.

In fairness to Maria Hill, outside of Fury and Dugan, she is basically the most prominent SHIELD related character of the last decade, so it’s fairly logical to include her in the poll.

The ATHF being included was a fun throwback to my college years.

And by “college years” I mean “chugging a 6 pack of Genessee cream ale and watching adult swim while my suitemate whines about how he’s trying to study.”

Had no clue the name of Hellboy’s team but got the rest pretty quick. JSA was the hardest I got, as Atom threw me off for a bit til i realized it was didn’t have to be Roy Palmer.

I also had trouble with Hellboy’s team, so I cheated and googled it. So, in all actuality, I got 29, which I’m not sure I should be proud of…

30/30, in less than three minutes, to boot.

I dunno if that’s something to be ashamed of or proud of…

I got everyone except the incredibles. Never seen the movie, and all I could think of was that elasti-gril was from the doom patrol.

27/30, missed Lex Luthor, Spartan and the aforementioned Gen13.

Got all of them except the mystery men. Can’t believe that slipped my mind.


I’m kicking myself for missing The Hellfire Club, The Incredibles and Mystery Men, but most of all, Justice Society of America and The Avengers!

I missed HYDRA and, like Justin, didn’t know the name of Hellboy’s team.

I got less than half right. Guess I’ve been a Marvel zombie for too long! :-)

I didn’t even get the Power Rangers, which actually I’m quite pleased about, as when I have watched it (under duress) it is clearly one of the worst programmes ever made.

Still, kudos to everybody who got 25+.

I went completely blank on “Legion of Doom”, but oddly “Injustice Society” also counts as a correct answer for that.

Otherwise, 23/30. Never read Gen13, never seen Aqua Teen Hunger Force, never seen or read Hellboy…

28/30 I missed the Mystery Men and COBRA (total brain fart!)

30/30, also embarassingly quick; although I tried both Secret Society of Super-Villains and Injustice League before Legion of Doom.

28/30. Missed Wildcats and Hellboy’s group. I also misread “Spartan” as “Zartan” and kept trying to spell his little COBRA subgroup correctly for half the quiz. It took me a while to remember what number went with Gen13.

And here I thought it was too easy.

For shame, fellow comics nerds!

30/30 with only a couple requiring me to stop and think before answering. I had the same problems with the Legion of Doom one.

29/30. Like Tyler I missed the Incredibles one, and could only think of DP as the answer. And for some reason it wouldn’t accept my answer of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but it did accept LXG. That’s just wrong.

30/30. God, I’ve wasted my life…

Got ‘em all with 4:21 to spare.

Spaced on Autobots and Mystery Men for a while there.

30/30 as well with about four minutes left, though I misidentified the team from Watchmen as their predecessors and it gave me the points anyway. Asterisk! Asterisk!

I discovered Sporcle last night (before I read this post). This quiz was the first one I did, got them all, in order, with exactly 5 minutes left.

My most embarrassing moment? I took the 1st gen Pokemon quiz. Out of 151 pokemon, I named 118 before time ran out. Among the ones I missed? Pikachu. I did get 9 out of ten of the least known.

That was easy-squeezy.

I actually was expected more obscure teams for some reason. I was primped for like the Forgotten Heroes. when I saw ice man on a list by first thought was the champions (it turned out to be the x-men naturally enough)

I got all of them with 3:29 left to go. Gen 13 took me the longest.

30/30, and it probably took me longer to figure out how to enter my answers then to take the damn quiz. BTW, as to Birmy’s point about the Crimebusters, I entered “Watchmen” and received credit for that. So I guess close counts.

Looking at the poll results, I’m shocked that less then 50% got the JLA from Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Might people be entering Super Friends? That’s the only thing I can think of.

I tried Injustice Gang, then Society. Didn’t even think of Legion of Doom! Even after having seen your link, forgot about Gen13 when doing the quiz and have never read it, so missed that. 24/30 overall, but got all of DC’s!

Didn’t get ATHF because, well, I’ve never watched ATHF.

Rest were all pretty simple, aside from flubbing on Hydra a couple of times because I was overthinking it.

(And, yeah, I also ID’d them as the Watchmen, thinking that they wouldn’t know the real name. Yay for me.)


I spaced on Mystery Men.

If forced to be completely honest, well, I’m not sure I would have gotten Legion of Doom if not for having read the first couple posts here and the quiz gave me the Crimebusters as a freebee when I typed “Minutemen”. Also my terrible spelling almost cost me the Incredibles (granted my first guess was Doom Patrol anyway) and the quiz’s terrible spelling almost cost me the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (how the heck does the whole name not work when “LXG” does?).

Looking at the poll results, I’m shocked that less then 50% got the JLA from Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Might people be entering Super Friends? That’s the only thing I can think of.

I mind-blocked on this myself, though I blame Kurt Busiek. I kept putting in Trinity Trinity Trinity WTF?!! Plus, I could’ve sworn I’d used JLA earlier. I feel like a clue reading Guy Gardner, Blue Beetle, Martian Manhunter, would’ve cued the correct answer from me.

As for less than 50% getting JLA, best I can tell from the comments its b/c everyone kept entering Justice League without the America part, like from the cartoon. The non comics readers didn’t know about America being part of the name.

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