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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 89

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at a cool scene from a fill-in two-parter that the Quantum and Woody team of Christopher Priest and MD Bright did for Wonder Woman.


The gist of the two-parter (in Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #137-138) is that Hippolyta, who had taken over the reins as Wonder Woman while Diana had temporarily become the Goddess of Truth, had been brainwashed into thinking she was an average American wife and mother. Diana obviously has to break said spell.

Priest does a marvelous job playing up the humor of the situation while still making the scene dramatic (and Bright delivers big time on the action within the drama)…

Great scene.

I suppose the “moment” is PROBABLY where Diana punches her through the house, but it might also be when Hippolyta punches through the car. I am unsure.


Good to see Mr. Priest understands what makes Wonder Woman different from some generic Marvel character who settles problems with a pointless fight.

Well, a little slap of the hand to get her out of it would never have worked on Old Lyta.

It’s not like Diana has some sort of tool that makes people see the truth. Certainly not something lightweight and less likely to cause property damage, like a lasso.

The panel with the father and son crying is hilarious.

Tom Fitzpatrick

March 31, 2009 at 3:12 am

Sooooooo, WW’s got mommie issues.

Who’d thunk?


That’s quite possibly the worst way to cure amnesia I’ve ever seen.

“Good to see Mr. Priest understands what makes Wonder Woman different from some generic Marvel character who settles problems with a pointless fight”.

Funny, I was just thinking, ‘tsk, typical DC Comics nonsense…’

Not really the best choice, sorry. But admitedly, finding a Wonder Woman cool comic moment is almost impossible…

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Now this is what i’ve been waiting for. I love this year long cool moments thing you have going on, but I’ve been waiting for you to get to some lesser known overlooked comics. I’ve sat through a week of Watchmen.. of X-men. a lot of Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Jack Kirby and Frank Miller stuff waiting for gems like this. I challenge you to find and show the cool moments from The Ray. (and JLTF. Should be easy for a Priest fan) From Web of Spiderman or Power Pack. How about Negation or really reach and find a Darkhold cool moment. Things that most of your audience wouldn’t know word for word already.

Priest has a unique sense of humor. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn’t.

The car being torn open is “the” moment. Serious stuff is about to go down.

“The ‘Quantum and Woody’ team”? I think you meant to say “the ‘Power Man and Iron Fist’ team”.

I thought you moved to the suburbs to get away from superheroes trashing your car.

I’m not all that familiar with Bright’s work, but does his drawings usually look like he’s channeling John Byrne?

Tom from West Chester

March 31, 2009 at 7:29 am

Diana’s face in the panel where she raises her fist to punch her mother looks like it was drawn by Larry Stroman. Who was the inker on this?

Thok : Had I been drinking my soda when I read your comment, I believe I would have snorted it out my nose. GREAT line.

Because Wonder Woman thinks cars grow on trees.

So Diana, the emissary of peace, thinks a punch in the mouth is the best way to deal with amnesia? Did she forget about the lasso? Purple Healling Ray (was it back in continuity by then?) J’onn J’onzz? Zatanna?

cool moment love it when wonder woman has to almost cause major damage and proably run up some shrink bils for the poor bystanders not to mention Hypolita looks royaly mad at having a car dropped on her.

Another bonus from the storyline: Flash turned into a pig by Circe. I mean, in the JLU ep “This Little Piggy,” Diana is just a pig with braclets. Here, we have Flash as a pig in full costume. It’s kinda cute in a sick way.

I also remember that Hippolyta thought she was a housweife from my home borough of Staten Island. I don’t think superhero property damage would be the biggest problem where I live.

I think there have been a couple of cool moments from the current WW run. “I’m courting you in the manner of my people” and “Babies. Lots and lots of babies” both come to mind.

i think that the moment is when Diana takes the family car and decides that, not only is this the best way to prove that Polly is really her mom, as i’m sure that she was thinking that Bruce has enough money to provide the family with a cool new car [Jaguar anyone?], but that Bruce would also pay for LITERALLY YEARS of family and individual therapy that the father & son will now need.

i should send them my card….. $_$

Pffft, the responses to this moment are why nobody likes Wonder Woman. We’re so conditioned to her being a boring, meaningless, trademark-holder that when she steps out of line and does something fun and cool, there’s a gag reflex for the reader.

Maybe it occurred to her that she could use her lasso, but she just wanted an excuse to punch someone through a house, knowing it wouldn’t hurt them. Ever think of that? Maybe under the truth-and-justice voice-of-reason oh-God-I’m-a-fetish-object-without-the-fetish exterior, she just wants to fly around and punch people with super powers through walls. I mean, wouldn’t you?

Sure, property damage and mayhem and all that, but nothing Bruce Wayne’s money can’t fix. The kid’s probably emotionally damaged, but he’ll probably go back to normal once whatever spell’s in play is broken. So really we’re in a no-harm-no-foul situation, and honestly, I say go for it, Diana!

Christopher Priest, he gets it.

Daniel O' Dreams

March 31, 2009 at 5:30 pm

If I remember this storry correctly (and I hardly remember it at all, sorry Priest) there WAS a reason she needed to break the spell quickly. Also I’m not sure the “husband and son” are real they might have been magical constructs. Again this story hasn’t been retained in the old memory banks and I don’t have the issues with me.

I’m curious about one thing… Is this how she would operate as the Goddess of Truth? Because that would be an AWESOME comic!

“The Truth behind Multi-Level marketing. With Bulldozers. Coming up next on…. DIANA!”

Cheeris – “Funny, I was just thinking, ‘tsk, typical DC Comics nonsense…’”

Well, I haven’t been reading many DC Comics lately (& from what I hear, I ain’t missing much) although there was a point where the distinction between Marvel & DC was more along those lines.

When Namor & the Human torch met they fought, when Flash, Green Lantern, Dr. Fate, Sandman, Hourman, Spectre, etc., met they had dinner & exchanged stories.

I think it was around the mid to late-60s when DC started imitating Marvel’s two heroes meet & slug it out approach.

On this moment in particular though I was struck by the difference between the Diana as portrayed here & some of the Golden Age stories, written by her creator, that I’ve read.

The original Diana would try to solve a problem peacefully & only resort to fighting when there was no choice.

Admittedly I was judging this based only on the few pages presented here & I recalled afterward that Priest’s website had said this story (I think) was written to fill 96 pages & had to be cut down for two issues. So it’s possible an essential explanation was on another page or ended up getting cut.

I recalled afterward that Priest’s website had said this story (I think) was written to fill 96 pages & had to be cut down for two issues.

Not this story, a different Wonder Woman story of his.

Ah, okay, thanks!

So bad, it’s awesome.

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