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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 92

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at a nice offbeat team-up between the Punisher and Archie Andrews!


The Punisher Meets Archie was published as a joint production between Marvel Comics and Archie Comics. Batton Lash wrote the book and the artwork was done as a split between John Buscema (handling the Punisher characters) and Stan Golberg (handling the Archie characters), with inks by Tom Palmer.

One moment I considered was when Archie and Punisher first come face to face, but instead, I figured I’d go with this neat scene towards the end of the comic, where the Punisher buys into the Riverdale vibe a bit…

Classic stuff from a very cool one-shot that really should be reprinted. Come on, Marvel and Archie, get together and get this done!!


ridiculous. I bet this comics is full of “moments” you could use. XD I agree that the moment here is when Frank throws the cake at the other guy.

I’ve got this in storage, but I really need to dig out my copy of this next time I visit my family. I’m still kind of disappointed that the Wolverine vs. Jughead one-shot promised by this issue never materialized.

This is probably the only Archie comic where someone dies, albeit off-panel.

It’s amazing how the different art styles actually work together!

This book was so full of many “little” moments that worked well. I liked when Frank and Microchip were walking through Riverdale, and Frank stopped dead in his tracks when he saw a dad with his wife and two kids. And Microchip thinks: “There it was: Frank Castle, the way it could have been.” Heavy “awwwwwwww” moment, which is hard to get from the Punisher.

Also, the book half-jokingly led into the Batman/Punisher team-up that came out later that month…which led into the Punisher/Batman follow-up…which I’m convinced led into the first issue of Zero Hour. How’s that for continuity?

cool moment loved the Punisher using something more then a gun for once. as for reprinting it in trade. that is kind of now immpossible since Dc now owns the Archie characters. and doubtfull they would okay letting their com use them for a reprint of a trade

No, DC only bought out the Archie Group’s hero characters. Archie and his pals were not part of the deal.

chad, even considering what McD said there, DC and Marvel have a bit of a history of crossovers (Superman Vs Spider-Man, Spider-Man vs Batman, Batman-Punisher, Punisher-Batman, JLA/ Avengers, Marvel and DC Versus, Batman Vs The Hulk to name a few). It wouldn’t be too far fetched to reprint this one, save that they don’t own the charachters in question.

I for one would LOVE to see a nice HC edition reprinting ALL the treasury edition and one-shot Marvel/DC Crossovers in one volume, as well as a standard HC of JLA./Avengers (c’mon gang, ya printed the giant slipcovered thingie AND a softcover trade, gimme a regular-format HC of this AND Crisis on Infinite Earths while you’re at it, please?)

Wait, so there really is a Bat Lash!?

And what a different story it woud have bene if Archie had taken a trip to the Marvel Max line…

This also spawned [pun intended] a possible meeting between Casper the Friendly Ghost & Ghost Rider.

Imaging, “Casper, the Friendly Ghost Rider”, complete with Wendy the Witch, and whoever else was in Ghost Rider.

I saw this comic down in Orldando (I live in Jersey) for ten bucks and passed on it having just loaded up on other junk in the store, which was really crap anyway that I had no business buying. Now, as a result of my stupidity on that day, an angry sucking void haunts my “Misc” longbox (and my heart, too) which only the sweet and sour confection of Archie plus Punisher can sate.

There was a normal sized COIE that came out a while ago. I think it was the 15 anniv. edition or something. It is silver colored.

I have this comic! I found the inks a bit too scratchy for the Archie style, but otherwise it was as close to perfect as it could get, with Buscema doing the Punisher parts, and the Archie house style before the anime reboot.

I bought this when it came out, and like almost everyone else who has been lucky enough to read it, was (and remain) delighted!

well of the most surprising titles you’ll read.

sure its fluff. but its good fluff.

I really wish I’d bought this when it came out. But I was short on money and I was desperate to have some of the other books from that time. How expensive is this nowadays? I don’t normally go over four dollars for back issues (I’m still poor). Can it be found cheaper if the condition is so-so?

randypan the goat boy

May 30, 2011 at 7:15 pm

Maybe its just me…but there are great things that go great together[ peanut butter and chocolate, JLA and Avengers, dirty and sex] and then there are somethings that dont mix well[ science and religion….and Punisher and Archie]. maybe i just missed the joke, such as it is, hey its the Punisher, and he is a remorseless killer and look its Archie who is a remorseless…uhhh I got nothin. If they can take these 2 and fit them together maybe we cab get that awesome Scooby Doo Preacher graphic novel….ZOINKS…IT’S THE SAINT OF KILLERS…”Anyone seen cassidy and velma?”And at the end of the book they take off the mask and reveal Arseface…and for the first time in scobby doo history Shaggy and scoob cant work up an apetite when they see ahhhfaaa. hey it kind of writes itself..

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