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A Month of Self-Published Comics: American Space Ninja (in Space)

This month I am posting a review of a different self-published comic book each day for the rest of the month!

Today I’m featuring Andrew Boyd and Ryan Yount’s American Space Ninja (in Space).

Andrew Boyd and Ryan Yount are the creators behind the awesomely funny Scurvy Dogs.

They are both really busy in their day jobs, so they haven’t had a lot of time to do much, comic-wise, but they DID get back together to do a mini-comic a little while ago, and it is a great comic called American Space Ninja (in Space).

The concept behind the book is classic – a chubby kid from Wisconsin gets involved in an student exchange program, with him being sent to Japan and a Japanese kid being sent to Wisconsin. The kid has a terrible time in Japan studying the ways of the ninja, because he’s too fat and out of shape and awkward to do well with the studies. He can’t wait until he returns – sadly, his parents are tragically murdered (by bikers, natch) so he is allowed to stay in Japan.

Now, years later, he is a janitor in outer space.

And that’s where you get the hook for the book, and it’s one of the world’s great hooks.

Here’s two pages of the book that establishes the premise…

What a great line at the end.

Anyhow, the book is short and mostly just set-up, but it’s extremely well done. And you can’t help but love “Grizzly Suit Adams.”

I’d love to see more of the character. Come on, Boyd and Yount, who needs free time – do more comics!!!

Highly Recommended.


I like these pages, but what’s up with the inking? It’s very off-putting, but it does draw your attention to certain parts of the panels (much like the distorted anatomy and perspective). At first glance, it looks unfinished, but the inking and the distortions combine for an interesting effect.

The art reminds me of the old Clone High cartoon.

This is the biggest pile of crap I’ve seen in a long time. Unfinished, childishly uninspired, and spewing with an obvious lack of commitment to the craft and art in general. This epitomizes the reason why people brush off comics without a second thought. Boyd and Yount, go watch a baseball game or something.. anything… Please just stop adding to the retardation of the comics gene pool.

Wow, that was totally worth coming by a month late to do. Way to dump on someone’s labor of love, there. I think the preview pages are interesting, though; they look like their own thing, and not like all the bland photorealistic stuff out there these days.

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