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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 95

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

I was going to do a week of moments from this run, but I just noticed today that that would take me past #100, and it seems kinda silly to not use #100 for something other than the middle of a theme week. So instead, I’ll do five moments in a row from the run.

That mystery run?

Mark Waid and Ron Garney’s Captain America run!


Waid and Garney’s Captain America run, interestingly enough, didn’t feature Captain America in the first issue at all! At the time of his first issue, Captain America was missing and presumed dead. The problem was that a bunch of terrorists had taken hostages and their only demand? You guessed it, Captain America.

A snide government official worked with the Avengers on figuring out how to stop the bad guys, and meanwhile, he got lessons from the various Avengers in how cool Captain America was (the official was fairly dismissive towards Cap, figuring “what’s the big deal?”). I particularly love the job Ron Garney does on this panel, with the Avengers all mad at him…

He is lame enough that he even thinks he can send a FAKE Cap in – the bad guys are not impressed.

All hope seems lost, until the Avengers (inspired by Cap’s memory, of course) take the fight to the bad guys, and are doing well – until a mistake lands Quicksilver in deep trouble. However, out of nowhere….

Everyone turns…

Pretty darn cool.

Even the little “after-moment” bit is neat…

Great first issue by Waid and Garney!


Nice moment, but oh ’90s art, why won’t you let me forget you?

Who’s the purple chick?


This might have been the best comic ever to feature her.

She was a godawful character.


This might have been the best comic ever to feature her.

She was a godawful character”

She wasn’t that bad. She was a typical 90′s character, edgy and mysterious and other buzz words.

16 year old shi’ar girl who had a crush on hercules(Back when hercules was mortal, clean shaven, and not a total cliche), who pretend to be a battle harden warrior. She was exiled for some reason….and was the shi’ar watchdog for the aftermath of Operation Galactic storm(Still one of the best avengeres events ever).

It was a shame for her to disapear only to reyurn and get killed in Annihliation. Should’ve used other Shi’ar fodder like Cerise or Adam-x.

But I digress, good moment. Waid’s Cap was always a good set of memories for me.

Does anyone else see Tek Jansen in the moment panel?

Even a lame-ass character like Deathcry knows that Cap is the best there is. That’s cool.

I thought McElroy was Cap…


Wow, didn’t know Dredd used a Dimension Jumper to save the Avengers…

I have that comic… but it was terrible.

You found a cool moment, I’ll admit, but overall it was bad.

My friend Rob quotes this comic all the time, specifically Hercules saying how they measure strength by so-and-so and wisdom by so-and-so, but courage…his people all measure courage by Captian America.

one of the moments that made captain America what it is and mark waid showed he knows how to treat icons like cap loved the avengers getting mad to want to teach that gov handler a few things about respect. for its not nice to tick off the avengers when they have gods like herc or giants like giant man

Good lord, talk about the Paper Bag Avengers. As in, “can’t fight their way out of…” When Giant Man’s your marquee player, it’s time to re-evaluate the lineup.

Too bad Garney’s art never really was the same after this. He was great at balancing being “energetic” and knowing when to keep things under control.

Why is Cap’s shield missing a red stripe? Did Garney draw it wrong, or is the government guy holding a cheap knockoff?

Rohan Williams

April 6, 2009 at 7:36 am

This was one of the only issues of Waid and Garney’s initial run that I didn’t really love. Maybe because I came to it late, so I saw it as a prototype of something that Waid did a lot better with his first FF issue.

Good lord, talk about the Paper Bag Avengers.

Wait … that assortment of clowns was supposed to be the the Avengers? That has to rank in the top five lamest line-ups for a supposed “marquee” super-team.

I thought McElroy was Cap as well.

Ah yes, Deathcry. Good old 90s character names. Though in a way, we have characters like “Deathcry” to thank for the fact that Ms. Marvel is no longer named “Warbird,” as the legion of such blood/death/scream/hawk/etc. names made the silliness impossible to overlook. :-)

Second picture: the villain got hit so hard that he spit out his enchanted harmonica, robbing him of his powers.

Even a lame-ass character like Deathcry knows that Cap is the best there is. That’s cool.

What this panel really needs is Hulk bellowing, “Cap is raddest one there is!”

Aaaand I need to go read some more Marvel Adventures: Avengers now.

I presume the shield was a knockoff in the possession of the fake Cap they sent in. Cap’s shield wouldn’t chip like that.

I think this why I’ve always liked Cap (Steve) better in the Avengers or teamed with others. His greatest ability is how he leads and inspires. I’m not saying he can’t kick but on his own, it’s just that this is what sets him apart from other butt kickers.

By the way McElroy was lucky Hawkeye wasn’t on the team at the time.

Ron Garney sure did get a lot better, didn’t he?

Patrick Hamilton

April 6, 2009 at 10:21 am

As I recall, the shield missing a stripe was part of what tipped the terrorists off that the man they sent in was a fake Cap.

So, wait a second, the Terrorists knew what Cap’s shield should look like, better than the Government who sent in the fake Cap?

“She wasn’t that bad. She was a typical 90’s character, edgy and mysterious and other buzz words.”

That is actually pretty terrible.

No, Tek Jansen isn’t that well-drawn. :-P

I liked Ron Garney’s art on “Ghost Rider.” However, I checked out a current comic he drew and it wasn’t as good. So he got better, then worse.

Oh, I’m looking forward to this! Lots of great moments (one bit early in their second run, in particular, is one of the best crafted things I’ve ever seen in a Marvel comic) available. I should dig these out and reread them all! While Heroes Reborn saved us from Teen Tony, it came at the cost of interrupting the brilliant Waid/Garney head of steam on Cap.

Perhaps if McElroy’s name were mentioned in the introduction, Brian, new readers wouldn’t be confused? “McElroy, a snide government official…” say. After all, readers of the whole issue would have this information (the agent’s name) before they reached the excerpted pages, right?

No biggie, just a suggestion.

Ugh, who was inking that issue? I normally love Garney’s art–even that stupid Pain of the Gods thing–but that looks terrible.

But I have a fair amount of that run, and yeah, it’s great. Can’t wait to see what else you pick.

Hee hee, I love it when Brian is critical — he’s usually so upbeat and positive that it makes me perversely happy when he uses words like “godawful”!

Man, I gotta admit, I totally didn’t get why Clark Kent was in a Marvel comic throwing Cap’s shield for a second there.


April 8, 2009 at 5:13 pm

Back when hercules was mortal, clean shaven, and not a total cliche

Are you saying he’s a cliché at the moment?

This is the best he’s ever been!

His book could be called ‘The Incredible Awesome’, and people would still think they were underselling it!

“Hercules saying how they measure strength by so-and-so and wisdom by so-and-so, but courage…his people all measure courage by Captian America.”

Oh lord.

Is it me, or does Garney’s art look very Adam Kubert-ish here?

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