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Let’s Take a Look at the Final Bracket!

Here is the final bracket for the DC/Marvel Comic Book Character Tournament, complete with the vote totals for each round!

I hope you enjoyed the tournament!


It was fun, thanks for setting this up.

Beta Ray Steve

April 7, 2009 at 6:35 am

I see Batman never got under 600 votes…impressive.
Also, is there a typo in the Superman/Nova contest?

Also, is there a typo in the Superman/Nova contest?

Nope, a disproportionate amount of people voted for that one particular contest (that was our first link from CBR’s front page).

My God was that fun.

Any chance of doing it again next year with the brackets re-seeded based on total votes received and/or divided into Marvel and DC regions?

I really haven’t given it much thought either way, Dean. Maybe something other than Characters? Maybe I could use the DC/Marvel Top 100 Runs?


The Top 100 runs would be fun, although I’d need to start reading now to feel informed by next March.

How about the top “indie” characters? Could you scare up 100? You’d only need 64 to do March Madness again.

Not that I thought this tourney was lacking in diversity, but it would be fun to see where The Maxx/Spawn/Hellboy/Cerebus ranked.

How about the top “indie” characters?

See ….

I think it might be interesting to have regions based on era of becoming a headliner. So, the Golden Age bracket would have Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Captain America. The Silver Age bracket would have the Flash (Barry Allen), Ben Grimm, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Spider-Man. If you think about it, the Bronze Age bracket and the modern age bracket would wind up packed with Indie and Vertigo characters.

This was great fun, interesting and an all around good time. Thanks

“How about the top “indie” characters? Could you scare up 100? ”

Do it like the Frozen Four and put up 16. :)

Hello I just came across this 2 day. Looking at the tournament looks like it was amazing. To come down to bat man vs Spider man :) thats such a fantastic fight. please mail me when your are gonna do this again :)

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