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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 98

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Here’s the fourth of five cool moments from Mark Waid and Ron Garney’s Captain America run!


Okay, after the events of the Red Skull/Cosmic Cube story, Captain America is in a bit of a pickle. You see, at one point, he had to attack a United States Army base along side Red Skull and Sharon Carter because the bad guys were hiding in it.

Well, after Cap saves the day, the government still knows he attacked an army base. That, in and of itself, would not be enough for the government to turn on Cap, but while he was in the Skull’s custody, the evil robot Machinesmith accessed Cap’s memories and used some of his secret government knowledge to do some bad stuff.

So now Cap has been branded a traitor, and he is stripped of his costume and shield and exiled from the United States. He then has to clear his name while also stopping Machinesmith’s evil plot, which involves getting close to President Bill Clinton to get access to the “football,” the case that contains the launch codes to the U.S.’s nuclear weapons.

Now, in Captain America #453, after striking a deal with Doctor Doom, Cap shows up wearing a costume provided by Doom, and well, check out the rest…

I’d say that “the” moment would be Clinton and Cap saluting each other through the flames. But the hand shake that ends the issue is pretty darn good, too!

Man, this run was awesome.

I wish I had spaced it out better so I could do seven days on it. Ah well! I still have to figure out what to feature for Day #100!


And then cut to the White House lawn, as Cap frantically scrubs his shield clean five minutes after President Clinton handled it.

Okay, I don’t mean it, but I know some of you were thinking it.

In what way was that cool?

Wow, your 100th edition falls on my birthday. Make it look cool, Brian!

These Cap issues went under my radar at a time when I wasn’t reading comics. I’m now gonna track the whole run down for sure. Loved the ending to this one! …I sure do miss Steve Rogers.

make the 100th ‘a day of really, really stupid comic book moments’ ? haha : )

Anyone else reminded of that Onion bit: “Clinton Goes Back In Time, Teams Up With Golden Age Clinton”?

I have been critical of these ‘moments’ this week because I think that the run was actually pretty bad.

Not today. Those were nice pages.

that moment made the run a good run. for even though he went through hades captain america proved he will always be on the side of his country . loved the part of saying caps shield is like babe ruth’s bat

The art on this one is heads above the previous issues, in my opinion. Great moment for one of my favorite characters.

I have really enjoyed this week and remembering some great moments from what was a great run–albeit too brief. Waid and Garney’s work and momentum were interrupted by Heroes Reborn–Liefield Cap, Robot Bucky, yeah, those were some good comics–and I feel they never were quite able to recapture the magic they found in their initial run.

However, these initial issues came at a time when I was regularly laughed at when I revealed to customers at the LCS I worked at that Cap was my favorite Marvel hero. Waid and Garney showed everyone that Cap, when done right, is one of the premiere heroes of the Marvel Universe.

For counterpoint, you should show what happened when Cap was in Nixon’s oval office.

In what way was that cool?

Waid is very good at boiling the character down to the basics and doing straight ahead adventure stories. This is Captain America as the Perfect American Soldier. That is the essential foundation of the character, which you can either like or not.

Sadly, Ron Garney’s work here is a real detriment. It isn’t that he is bad. It is just that Waid is almost the Bizarro Grant Morrison. Morrison works best with artists whose storytelling is very straight forward, because the scripts are convoluted that you can’t waste any energy on the art. With Waid, the scripts are so direct that you need some mood from the art. Waid’s best stuff was done with the epic Alex Ross and the comic Mike Wieringo. With guys like Garney and Barry Kitson, he can be a bit … bland.

That was cool in how it made me cringe with complete and utter embarassment.

No offense, but these Cap moments have been getting progressively worse.

I did like how Clinton said that wearing the shield was like handling Babe Ruth’s bat. Sort of gives the reader some perspective on how artifacts like Cap’s shield might be regarded in Marvel’s universe.

I dunno, Matt. As president-Cap meetings go, it’s hard to beat what happened with Reagan.

No offense, but these Cap moments have been getting progressively BETTER.

Seeing these pages reminds me Obama wasn’t the first president to show up a lot in Marvel comics…

The people commenting on the art are probably responding to the change in inkers. There were a LOT of different inkers on Garney’s run on Cap. Mike Sellers, Scott Koblish, Scott Hanna (I think)… and that’s just off the top of my head. I’m forgetting who it was they finally settled on.

And if anyone has a problem with Captain America having an adventure with Bill Clinton, just read it as Cap & a generic U.S. President & you’ll probably like it better. It should be easy – Clinton’s never called by name, just “Mr. President” and “Sir.”

I lie that Clinton’s apology was basically, “Sorry for not believing in you Cap. I’ll try to be more trusting and less vigilant in the future.”

Yes, you do lie.

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