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A Month of Self-Published Comics: Izzy Challenge #5

This month I am posting a review of a different self-published comic book each day for the rest of the month! Here is an archive of the books reviewed so far!

Today I’m featuring 50 States Jam: Izzy Tours America, which appeared in Izzy Challenge #5 by J.B. Winter.

I feel a bit weird reviewing 50 States Jam: Izzy Tours America, because it’s such an accomplishment of effort that whether it is a good comic or not seems a bit petty to determine once you figure out all the effort put into this comic, which costs a BUCK!

In the comic, writer/artist J.B. Winter takes his Izzy character (a cartoon mouse) on a cross-country tour of the United States of America, and his travels are told via a “postcard” of sorts from each state.

Well, what Winter did was he drew Izzy in 50 different poses, then sent the drawings to 49 cartoonists from 49 other states (Winter drew his own state, Missouri) who filled in the background of Izzy’s adventure in their respective state.

How freakin’ pain-staking and amazing is THAT?

The end result included the following cartoonists:

Alabama – Kirk Creel
Alaska – Lee Post
Arizona – Keith O’Brien
Arkansas – Kenneth Siemens
California – Jeff Plotkin
Colorado – T. Motley
Connecticut – Isaac Cates
Delaware – Margaret Crosby
Florida – Mark Morehouse
Georgia – Jon Chad
Hawaii – Jon Murakami
Idaho – Steve Willhite
Illinois – Joshua W. Cotter
Indiana – Tom Cherry
Iowa – Brian Payne
Kansas – Dale Martin
Kentucky – Steven Doty
Louisiana – Jason Reeves
Maine – Michelle Souliere
Maryland – Michael Munshaw
Massachusetts – Larry Johnson
Michigan – Matt Feazell
Minnesota – Danno
Mississippi – Darren Schwindaman
Missouri – JB Winter
Montana – Jason Jam
Nebraska – Scott Stewart
Nevada – Aberrant Press
New Hampshire – Colin Tedford
New Jersey – Mike Storniolo
New Mexico – Danny Green
New York – DC McNamara
North Carolina – Mark McMurray
North Dakota – Jason Siebels
Ohio – Max Ink
Oklahoma – KC Green
Oregon – Justin Kelly
Pennsylvania – Steve Peters
Rhode Island – Jack Turnbull
South Carolina – J. Chris Campbell
South Dakota – Sarah Morean
Tennessee – Kevin Williams
Texas – Barry Rodges
Utah – Nick Perkins
Vermont – Mogan Pielli
Virginia – Brien Wayne Powell
Washington – Mark Campos
West Virginia – Raven Perez
Wisconsin – Tea Krulos
Wyoming – Gloria Pike

Amazing, isn’t it?

So yeah, the end result is a slight story (a cute one, but still slight), but good golly Miss Molly, that’s a sure lot of work put into this comic!

And it could be yours for a BUCK!

Check out a sample page (courtesy of the estimable Shawn Hoke)…

If you’d love to read this epic story, head over to Winter’s online shop here and nab yourself a copy!

If you would like to participate in the month with your self-published comic, there might still be time (depending on how fast you mail out comics). Just check out the Review Copies section to see where to mail a review copy of your comic.


This looks incredible (“Do it, bro”), and I’m bookmarking the purchase page to buy it once I whittle down my stack of clearance-sale trades. I may be off base here, Brian, but it seems like you were impressed though unthrilled with the final product. If that’s the case, is there any particular reason?

Just what I mentioned above – there is really no continuous narrative to the comic.

So while I admire the idea behind the comic and all the hard work that went into it, as a strict comic book story, while fun, it wasn’t exactly much of a story (but more than well worth the dollar you’re paying for it).

Awesome! I immediately wondered who did Missouri, and was thrilled to see that Winter is from COMO and is co-founder of the Mid-Missouri Comics Collective!

Here’s another excellent concept from Winter: The Edible Comic

I witnessed the edible comic. It was well done, and very filling. The story was very floury but not overly cheesy. I didn’t grill him for details, but I believe he’s had that idea in the oven for a while. I only wish it was still around in digest form.

Back on topic, Izzy #5 is literally a national treasure. More so than the movie of the same name.

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