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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 102

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at a cool scene from an early storyline in Garth Ennis and John McCrea’s Hitman.


The storyline “10,000 Bullets” took place over issues #4-7 of Hitman, and was notable in the way that it really turned the title on its ear only four issues into the book!

The basic gist of the plot is that Johnny Navarone, perhaps the world’s greatest hitman, is hired to take out the hero of the book, Tommy Monaghan (the titular hitman in the comic).

Ennis makes sure to demonstrate just how badly Tommy is mismatched here. Navarone is a specialty killer – he only kills other hitmen, and he’s just phenomenal.

Navarone cuts a swath through Tommy’s life, until finally, the showdown that the whole arc has been building to takes place in Hitman #7, and it doesn’t go down the way you expect…

What an offbeat way to end a showdown by Ennis, who seems to love going for the zig when everyone expects the zag.

McCrea depicted it as awesome as ever!


Underwhelmed …Nothing I’ve ever seen by Ennis moves me to delve into anything he’s done.

Please tell me there will be more Hitman moments. I vote one from Night at the Aquarium.

Anytime I’ve read Hitman, it’s been okay. And I’ve been somewhat interested in trying more. But John McCrea’s art just keeps me from exploring the book further, sorry. It’s just horrible to me.

one of the gratest comic books ever…i remember the first time i read this comic book it was in spanish..i went to mexico to visit sum cusins and one of them had the hole 4-7 series..it was awsome even in spanish..so when i got back home i went out and got them all and kept collecting hitman till the end…my fav comic book issue of all time was issue 6 …great writing great story great passion…still gives me chills..highly recomend it…

I didn’t like John McCrea’s art at first either, but it swiftly grew on me when reading ‘Hitman’. Now I would probably put this series at the top of my favourite ever ongoings, and, while it still occasionally jars, I wouldn’t want it drawn by anyone other than McCrea.

I’m still amazed that Ennis pulled off a Pitch-perfect Final Night crossover. Every crossover should have a slice-of-life issue or two to it.

I miss HItman. I can’t remember a single bad issue. This was a particularly good one, but there are a LOT of excellent moments.

holly buckets forgot that Garth did have tommy in the end shoot johny and finish him off instead of leaving him crippled for life. but that moment proves what a genius and a head of his time Garth is. and the series needs to be rereleased again

I’m confused as to who the narrator is in these scenes since it doesn’t seem to be either Johnny or Tommy.

It’s Tommy, Callum.

Hitman’s been a series I’ve wanted to read, but the trades were incomplete and tracking down all the issues seemed expensive. I’m so glad DC is apparently going to release the whole series in new trades.

Oh right on, thanks! Can I just say what a brilliant idea this series of posts has been.. even if it probably is a pain posting something every single day of 2009. I love getting the exposure to some of these stories that I’ve previously been unaware of. Kudos!

..I had just assumed ‘Moe’ was short for Monaghan.

Nah, Moe is the name of the gangster who hired Navarone.

I’m glad you’re digging the moments!

Awesome. The scene in that arc with Pat had me bawling like a baby.

I honestly think you can get 365 great moments out of the entire run of Hitman. It simply is my favorite series ever set in a “mainstream” comic universe.

I can’t say I’ve found collecting Hitman back issues to be all that expensive, I’ve bought at least a third of the series from the 50 cent bins at cons over the past 2 years.


ive always wanted to read this series and this makes me want to go get it… cant believe he got away with this stuff back then in a mainstream DCU book!

John McCrea’s art was the perfect blend of “cartoony” and “realistic” for a comic about a hitman in the DC universe. He could draw brutally realistic scenes, as in The Old Dog and Father’s Day, then draw whacked-out craziness like Section 8 and Hitman 1,000,000.

And given that Ennis wrote both kind of stories for Hitman, I can’t think of a better choice.

Preacher was great fun, but Hitman is Ennis’ masterpiece. My favorite comic series ever.

While it delved too often into the buddy/killer dynamic, this was still an awesome and FRESH series. Puking on Batman’s shoes, catching Green Lantern with no money in a bar, zombie seals, the Mawzir, Baytor, Men’s Room Louie – the list goes on.

You are going to include the series finale at some point, right? RIGHT?!

Woo-Hoo! Hitman!

Now bring on some Six-Pack and The DogWelder!

And don’t forget Jean De Baton and Bueno Excellente … The Hitman/Lobo Special is a treasured collector’s item in my household. Here’s nominating a moment from THAT.

One vote for Hitman 1,000,000, and the unkillable cat.

Correction: I don’t think it’s right to say that he “only kills other hitmen”, though, admittedly, it’s a pretty big spoiler to explain why. It also adds a lot to this scene to know that spoiler information (beyond that, he also has already mortally wounded Tommy once, which led to Tommy losing his relationship).

Are you going to include the follow-up moment with Navarone’s son?

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