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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 108

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we continue my spur of the moment middle-of-the-week theme week where I look at cool moments in comics where the cool moment is for a character who does not normally appear in the book in question. This time around, we take a look at a pointy-eared fellow’s visit to the Suicide Squad’s home court.


Suicide Squad #10, by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell, showed a “prisoner” sneak his way into the prison that the Squad was using as their home base (and where they would use as their front to acquire the locked up super-criminals that they needed for their missions) to find out what was going on with this mysterious group of super-villains working together.

It ends with an awesome moment showing just how damn scary Batman can be, when he can even freak out Amanda Waller, head of the Squad…

“The” moment is definitely where they realize (and are shocked by) who it is that has infiltrated their operation.

In the future, I will feature the ending of this issue in this space, so please wait until then to discuss the ending (for those who haven’t seen it)! Gracias!


For those who weren’t aware, the cover for this issue was modified into the cool “Admit it! You rigged the vote!” response to Batman winning the best DC character poll a while back.

Nice to see that Batman took time out for a Tic Tac in page 8, panel 8 while he was doing all this skulking about…no reason to have bad breath while you’re breaking and entering and copying files!

And let me get this straight- he takes the lens out of his glasses, heats it with a match, and gets a photograph-quality image of Matches Malone sleeping in a prison cot (who took that pic, anyway?), which then will attach of its own volition to the security camera and provide a decent-enough quality image to fool people watching on a monitor. Huh?

This whole issue is a great moment. I know you’ll bring up the end, but there’s also the encounter with Dutchess, and Waller referencing Floyd’s “I don’t do Windows”. This series was so great.

I am loving this impromptu midweek feature – keep it going!

‘Guest star’ moments that are as good as this, particularly with very established characters like Batman, Superman or Cap, often seem to me to give a better summation of their essential character than their own books. I always find myself thinking, “Wow, Batman is awesome, I should get some more Batman comics” and am invariably disappointed if I do. I think it’s also one of the things I liked about Dark knight Returns, and even Dark Knight Strikes Again – the portrayals of the other DC heroes made them seem more interesting to me than they had been in years.

@Johnny Bacardi – I don’t read a lot of Batman, but he is kind of well known for having amazing gadgets. It’s not really any more unbelievable than that he would dress up as a giant bat to fight crime is it? I thought that whole “Mission Impossible”/James Bond style sequence is one of the best things in this extract.

I loved that last panel with Batman about to pounce on the Squad. My first issue of this series was #43, halfway through the “Phoenix Gambit” storyline. I loved Batman’s role in it and have been a Deadshot fan ever since.

That trick to use a photo to “fool” the security monitor was used on the old Mission Impossible TV show back when Steven Hill was their boss. :-) There’s a channel on cable that’s been running the series lately.

The charater interaction in this issue was cool, and this moment in the last panel was definately cool, but Batman’s overall operation was poorly planned. Downright sloppy, which is proved out by the end of the story.

I was so sure I knew what this post was going to be about. Cool moment for a non-SS character in Suicide Squad? “Pointy eared”? It could only be describing…

…Black Adam’s visit to a bedridden Amanda Waller in the “War of the Gods” crossover.

Ah, Suicide Squad. You have a cool comic book moment in EVERY issue.

one of my favorite moments from suicide squad for it proves that batman is so scary he can even make someone as powerful and strong like Amanda almost give herself a chocolate baby in her pants from fear. the look when she sees batman lose is priceless

Yeah, so what IS that popping the pill thing anyway? It make notta the sense to me. You could almost say that it’s the lockpick for the door but a) it’s drawn as a pill and b) his glasses seem to work fine for a lockpick earlier. And this must be an example of what some people have referred to as inconsistent artwork for the length of the series. I am not a fan of McDonnell’s art.

McDonnell’s art is so astoundingly gorgeous that I can only gape in awe. This was before “gritty art” meant bulging veins and dripping blood. This and “Deadshot” and “The Phantom” are masterpieces of the art form.

My best guess with the “pill” is that it is a false tooth where Batman hid his lock pick.

And he was dealing with a more sophisticated lock than was on the cell, which is why he needed something other than the glasses for is.

McDonnell’s art is polarizing. You either loved it or hated it. I hated it at the end of Justice League of America but loved it in Suicide Squad. I actually would love to have a page/drawing by him now. I went back and I actually love the JLofA art now.

I think that “pill” panel is somehow supposed to be Batman peeling off his fake moustache? Somehow?

False tooth. Definitely a false tooth.

So he doesn’t need a utility belt? He’s had so many teeth knocked out over the years he can keep his tools in false teeth? Every cloud has a silver lining.

I don’t agree that something drawn (or inked! perhaps McDonnell isn’t at fault) perfectly oval is a tooth or a lock pick. You might say it was some sort of plastic explosive if the lock blew up in the next panel. Either way, as a reader you shouldn’t have to guess at what’s going on. Though most of us seem to agree Bruce took something from his mouth and unlocked a door with it and I guess that’s really all we need to know anyway. Too bad we can’t get a look at the original script.

“We in trouble now”?

I guess under stress she turns into a Mammy.

There’s some clever stuff going on here–the no-gutter 12 panel grid, teasing the full Batman shot until the splash-payoff, the final splash page itself; but the first page is terribly cluttered and the reaction shots from Waller are decidedly underwhelming, which is a pretty big deal since they’re half the point. Better idea than execution, I think.

I read this issue (& series) back in the early nineties I think it was, but the thing in this extract that really strikes me as funny is 1. He fit all their files on one floppy disc which I guess with PC’s at the time might have been believable, and 2. Where’d he hide the floppy anyway?

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