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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 110

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we continue a three-part look at three notable cool moments from the Wonder Woman graphic novel by Greg Rucka and JG Jones titled Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia


Since we last saw our pair, the lady who invoked the sacred protection ritual of Hiketeia has revealed to Wonder Woman that yes, she DID kill the people Batman is hunting her down for, but they were evil men who ruined and murdered her sister.

She argues that that is what Wonder Woman would have done. That that is the law!

Wonder Woman tells her that it WAS the law…three thousand years ago. She then tells the woman that she will deal with her tomorrow.

While Wonder Woman sleeps, though, the woman runs away, leading to Batman and Wonder Woman renewing their philosophical debate…

“The” moment I think is when Batman prostrates himself, figuring it is the only way he can get justice.

Lots of good moments for Batman and Wonder Woman here, though.


This is the moment I immediately thought of when you started posting this story. Freaking awesome.

Kinky. (No, seriously, this is poorly disguised fetish art, and not even in the fun Moulton Marston way.)

Hey!! Ever thought of studying through a comic book. Yeah, hard to believe but it’s true. Now your favourite comic books can teach you your entire syllabus and that too with the same fun and enjoyment.

I’ve often been on the cusp of buying this but it’s seemed a little pricey for it’s page count.

I do love Rucka though.


How is this different from any other comic?

Is it just me or is Bruce sticking his out at Dianah when he says “I just don’t care.”

Yeah, this moment only illustrates further why I dislike this comic.

The cover of this story should get its own moment; it captures the drama of the moment much better than the panel inside the book. (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/1563899140/sr=1-1/qid=1240320821/ref=dp_image_0?ie=UTF8&n=283155&s=books&qid=1240320821&sr=1-1)

And how iconic is THAT picture? You can tell it’s Wonder Woman, even though all we see is her FOOT!

that is the second moment that makes the story interesting mostly wonder woman’s shock when batman uses the ritual to beat her since using it means she has no choice.

why is wonder woman calling batman bruce in public?

Because Brad Metzler thought it’d be cool for superheroes to address each other using their secret identities all of the time…

Yeah, I was wondering that too. Saying “Bruce” to appeal to him as friends was good dialouge, but not when there’s a woman RIGHT THERE who can now tell everyone “I heard Wonder Women call Batman “bruce”.”

Haven’t read this before, but it seems pretty cool. The moment for me in this sequence would either be “I just don’t care,” or “Don’t. Get. Up.”

And as much as I hate the trend Metzler started with every DC hero calling each other by their first names (seriously, it’s stupid), the lettering does make it appear that WW says “Bruce” quieter than the rest of the conversation. So she’s trying to get through to him on a more personal level, but still aware that there are other ears nearby. At least that’s how I read it.

Kinky. (No, seriously, this is poorly disguised fetish art, and not even in the fun Moulton Marston way.)

Although, it is appropriate for the characters involved. This is well done overall. I don’t have nearly the problems some folks do with the depiction of Batman. It is also a great take on Wonder Woman.

She did say “Bruce” quieter, but she still shouldn’t have said it publicly. A very bad decision on Meltzer’s part that Rucka has decided to compound. At least she calls Superman “Kal.”

But what I really don’t get is how she was able to turn Bruce down while remaining bound to the girl?

Batman abasing himself to Wonder Woman was definately the moment!

Eh. This just isn’t the set up that Batman works best in for me.

I also noticed WW calling him Bruce, which just felt wrong, and takes me out of the story. Obviously I am just behind the times. Yeah, why bother having coode names if your fellow heroes are so willing to blow your cover.

So WW has to protect this woman, even if said woman walks away and puts herself in jeopardy? Maybe better drama would be for Wonder Woman to find out on her own what awful things this woman has done, instead od having Batman show up. Yes it’s easier to show conflict by using Batman than to have an internal conflict withing Diana, but other than providing some cool / fetishistic fight scenes, I’m not sure it’s the best story telling technique.

I haven’t read this story, and am not anxious to, based on what I’ve seen.

“It is also a great take on Wonder Woman.”

Devoid of humor, irony, or charm. That’s not a great take on Wonder Woman, that’s the only take on Wonder Woman.

Which is pretty fucking stupid, considering she runs around in a star-spangled bathing suit.

Why does she think Batman is abusing the ritual? Why doesn’t she think the girl is?

Again, I find it a little weird that Batman uses arguments like “That (i.e. justice) is not for you to decide” when, you know, he’s a vigilante. Pot kettle black. This isn’t a criticism on the character, though – just the writing on this instance.

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