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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 112

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at another cool Hellboy moment, this time from the one-shot graphic novel, Hellboy: The Wolves of St. August.


Hellboy: The Wolves of St. August originally appeared in the pages of Dark Horse Presents #s 88-91, in black and white. They were later expanded (and colorized) into the graphic novel, Hellboy: The Wolves of St. August.

In it, Hellboy and Kate Corrigan travel to a Balkan village that has been wiped out by werewolves. Sadly, Hellboy’s friend, Father Kelly, was killed, as well.

Hellboy’s confrontation with the big bad was awesome, beginning with the reveal…

But after tussling for awhile, it even gets cooler, as Mike Mignola’s storytelling savvy really begins to shine (this was the first Hellboy story he wrote without John Byrne)…

“The” moment for me is the part where Hellboy basically says, “Screw this, you messed with a friend of mine, so you are screwed!”

Those few pages really get across Hellboy’s attitude wonderfully, and oh boy, the art is just stunning. Mignola is a master.


This was cool, but I hope you put up Box Full of Evil. That was when Hellboy really clicked for me.

I know it’s not very dramatic but “the village Griart remains uninhabited” is really the moment for me. Brings home the horror in an action scene very effectively.

I’d actually go with one or two quiter moments in this story, particularly one involving Kate. But I’ll avoid spoilers in the hopes of seeing them pop up later. This is easily in my top 3 favorite Hellboy stories.

I’ll also say that I love the visual (throughout the story) of the Crucifix, the vines and nature. It all pays off here at the end, but there are some lovely panels of that in the set up to the story as well.

the story shows why one should not mess with Hell boy mostly if his friends are concerned and the target

Hellboy is always cool, and fun.

I still laugh at the 1 or 2 pager Mignola kid with Hellboy as a kid, wanting his hot noodles and being offered something else…

Brian, I’m surprised you didn’t jump on “He was a friend of mine” as a Dylan reference.

“I still laugh at the 1 or 2 pager Mignola kid with Hellboy as a kid, wanting his hot noodles and being offered something else…”

Pancakes? As in the greatest piece of sequential art ever? With the great end line? “He is lost to us forever.” or some such. Yeah, Brian; post that too! (What’s fair use like on that? 3 panels?)

The art I love. The script takes some getting used to.

G David P, are you kidding? Mignola’s scripting is awesome and hilarious.

Hellboy rocks!

Oh, and “Pancakes” is indeed condensed awesomeness.

And I must also most heartily recommend (especially to any Hellboy fans who remain unaware of it) Mignola’s the Amazing Screw-On Head one-shot, which is an unbelievably, amazingly, coruscatingly entertaining work of genius!

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