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Holy Crap! The Tick Live Action Show’s On Youtube!

I only ever saw one episode of this show (with Puddy/Joe Swanson/Brock Sampson himself, Patrick Warburton in the big blue suit) before Fox cancelled it because it’s Fox. I had no idea they had nine episodes in the can. So, that’s pretty cool. I can watch the whole thing now!

Oh, wait, I bet you want a link. Fine! I spoil your lazy asses by doing that, and I really don’t think most of you deserve it, but I am nothing if not begrudingly giving.


It was also on Instant Netflix for a while there. Watched it all, I did. Not as awesome as the cartoon, but still pretty darn cool.

I always preferred the animated series myself. I suppose I could give the live-action series a go if it’s available online.

It’s been on Hulu for a Long Time Now.


Man, I’ve had the complete DVD for years now. Where you been?

Not knowing there was a DVD.

Armin Shimerman as The Terror! Best casting of all time!

Yeah, Brad, announcing the ready availability of something that’s been readily available for a few years now is not necessarily post-worthy.

Batmanuel always makes me chuckle too. For some reason, I remember the episode “Couples” pushing the series from “kinda good” to “a little better than good”.

Given that there was a DVD release that I got from Netflix, I can’t consider this too amazing a relevation.

How much spelunking do you do on the internet Brad? If you don’t subscribe to Netflix or explore Hulu, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t hear about it until full episodes were released on Youtube, which is a little more widely used, I believe. It’s not like the dvd release was heavily advertised on Fox, in the paper, or on ads on CSBG.

I love that the actor who played Batmanuel was in The Dark Knight, too, as the mayor.

And Patrick Warburton is an amazing Tick.

Did the fans of the live-action Tick catch Liz Vessey (sp?), “American Maid” back in super-hero, sci-fi costumes in her current series, CSI, on last week’s episode? The story dealt with a sci-fi convention and fans’ response to a producer promoting his “dark” remake of a classic star trek-like series.
Yes, I also bought the Tick DVD set years ago.

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