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To: Mark Waid, Re: The End Of This Week’s Amazing Spider-Man


I’ve really enjoyed your work on ASM. I plan on picking up the next part of this story, and anything else you do on the title. That said, I totally did not need to see that last panel. Although it certainly gets over the idea that you’re evil for anyone who missed the Irredeemable marketing, so good for you.


P.S.- That was still less disturbing/soul killing than Norman Osborn’s oh face, so you deserve credit for that. Somehow, I’m more okay with what you wrote than that.


Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

April 22, 2009 at 10:19 pm

I really hope, despite how ridiculously sitcom-style that last panel was, that this doesn’t turn into Peter Parker not being able to handle the facts of life and instead becoming a total jerk about what happened in said panel.

Well, J. Jonah Sr. has been written as the greatest guy ever so far, so I imagine he’ll get over it eventually.

I am looking forward to Jonah’s step brother if they get married.

Or, what I should have said: I am looking forward to Peter realising that he’d be Jonah Jr.’s stepbrother if May and JJJ Sr. get married.

I am irked, because I wanted to point out the other day that I was pretty darn sure that the wedding in ASM #600 was going to be Aunt May and JJ, but now that’s obvious! D’oh!

I like that that is your biggest problem with that scene. But hey, there’s still a slight possibility it will be Carly and Harry! Or, if I suddenly get to write the book for inexplicable reasons, Puma and Silver Sable.

That was….
that was traumatic.

When I saw that last panel, the only thing I could think of was Deadpool #0 (98).

It’s not like we haven’t seen the scene before.

I’m going to guess it was May and Beardster doin’ it.

Am I incorrect?

Not knowing what this panel is is actually making it worse in my mind. I hope.

“I’m going to guess it was May and Beardster doin’ it.”


OK, Now I’m NOT checking it out. Old people can have sex if they want, not my business. But I still do not want to see it happen. Not what I read comics for.

It was JJJ Sr, standing behind May, who was on her hands and knees on the bed. A blanket was obviously covering all the naughty bits.

*barfs like a rookie cop at a murder scene*

“It was JJJ Sr, standing behind May, who was on her hands and knees on the bed. A blanket was obviously covering all the naughty bits.”

I’m assuming you are kidding, but I have to ask, was it really that graphic? I’ve seen worse in comics, but not without Ennis’ name on it.

It was a complete sitcom scene. Nothing graphic, just shocking and mostly meant for laughs.

My doctor said my eyes should stop bleeding Sunday, at the earliest.

And seriously…May and JJJ making out on the couch couldn’t have gotten the point across?

I should add: making out on the couch FULLY CLOTHED, couldn’t have gotten the point across?

And Omar: Of COURSE Peter’s gonna be a jerk. There’s no other way for that scene to play out! Him being cool with it in the beginning of ASM #593 would be…pardon the expression…anticlimactic.

Don’t worry, it’s a mild standard-soap-style “just after” shot, they’re sitting up, covers pulled up to their necks, he’s not on top of her or anything.
I can’t believe some people actually bought that doggy-style gag, no matter what the state of the current regime at Marvel…

Other than that, why was a Dali-esque Wolverine the alternate cover for this?

Other than that, why was a Dali-esque Wolverine the alternate cover for this?

Marvel is doing a Wolverine Art Appreciation Month, where the variant covers are all Wolverine covers done in different famous art styles, such as Dali.

[…] Spider-Man #592- Despite the horror of the geriatric booty call on the last page, which I have already mentioned, this was a fun issue. Mark Waid’s work on ASM so far has been one of the highlights of the […]

I knew it had to be some wanky Wolverine-overdose nonsense, but at least they usually at least give the book’s star a token appearance on the thing. On the positive side, I only even noticed because the moderate cleverness of the thing actually caught my eye.
I probably missed knowing about this due to the fact that whenever I see news items about upcoming variant cover gimmick my eyes glaze over and my brain refuses to absorb the information.

Oz the Malefic

April 23, 2009 at 7:21 pm

I know I’ve already commented, but the more I think about this, the more it bugs me.

I have no problem with the pic itself, it’s just that it’s really such a overused idea.

Probably the least creative thing I have seen in ASM for a while.

Waid is better than that.

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