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The Mystery of Huntress Year One’s Amazon Ranking

Some folks were wondering why Huntress: Year One shot up the charts on Amazon to becoming the #1 book on Amazon.

I know I received a review copy from Ivory Madison that came through Amazon, so my best bet is that Ms. Madison bought a few hundred copies all at once to send to people for review copies. That should be enough to make any book temporarily #1 on Amazon’s list.


Putting a gun to a webmasters head will do that.

The Beat got one as well, so that’s the operant theory.

Ehn. It wasn’t even that good. Rucka’s Cry For Blood was much better.

I loved it, I’m glad other people read it.

[…] was part of the review copy blitz on this book back in April, and it’s taken me this long to get around to reading it. […]

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