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The Book is Finally Out!

Was Superman a Spy? and Other Comic Book Legends Revealed comes out today!

Again, here is the cover by Mickey Duzyj, who rocks (click to enlarge)…

Should be fun.

I hope all of you who pick up the book dig it! All those who’ve read it, feel free to share your thoughts, good or bad, in the comments!


Today? I saw it in Borders on Sunday.

So, do you have your signing tour planned yet?

Got my notice yesterday from amazon that it shipped! Can’t wait to read it!!!

Looking forward to it.

If I can track down a copy in time, will you sign it this weekend?


Why, naturally, of course! :)

I love that cover, too. Hopefully the book is a big success… I plan to snag a copy.

I also got my notice from amazon yesterday. Congrats. Can’t wait to read it.

Saw it at a small local bookstore in Halifax, N.S. last Friday.

So, why was the “urban” part dropped from the “comic book legends” posts again?

I like the sound of the shorter title. It’s catchier.

Congratulations. Very exciting for you and comic fans everywhere.

I received my two copies last thursday. Wanna make fun of Canada now ? My colleague at work already finished reading it aand, we kinda have a question. There is an urban legend with the Hulk that involves these two guys in the shower of a YMCA and it caused a ruckus because one of them says “pith”. We’re completely lost on this one! So. Can anybody clarify this “pith” thing ?

Nice! Congrats!

I ordered through Diamond. I hope it’s in today!

Mine came from Amazon today. When I opened the box the upper left-hand corner of the front cover was bent down as far as it could be without tearing the binding. I have decided to blame you… CRONIN!

Luckily through the use of my hands I was able to unbend the cover, but there remains a crease. A CREASE!

Bon, ben bravo. Le livre est sorti, il est pas mal king pis toute, mais pendant que tout le monde parle du FCBD, je me demande encore c’est quoi le problème avec pith, astie. J’ai été sur wikimachin.com mais y a rien pour m’éclairer là-dedans. On donne des définitions très bécébégé du genre : “Pith is a light substance that is found in vascular plants. It consists of soft, spongy parenchyma cells, and is located in the center of the stem.” Ça va pas vraiment plus loin.

Ben merci, ça m’aide beaucoup à faire du sens de la scène de la douche, ça! Anyway, étant donné que les anglais me répondent pas, y a tu quelqu’un qui arrive dans sa tête icitte qui peut répondre à ça :

Pogne le livre de Brian, va à la page 126, pis dis-moi pourquoi “Oh, Pith” a non seulement rapport aux homosexuels, mais pourquoi ça a fait du trouble.

Marci ben, là.

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