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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 122

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we continue our look at what is most likely the greatest Daredevil story ever told, Born Again, by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. It might last longer than a week, as there are a lot of cool moments, and they just keep coming with greater frequency as the series continues its slow build towards the ending.


As we left Daredevil #232, Matt and Karen were reunited and Karen was last seen sleeping in the flop she and Matt were sharing. She was sleeping with the fake Daredevil costume worn by the killer in Daredevil #231.

Meanwhile, we meet Nuke, a government super soldier who takes various pills for various effects. The red pill increases his adrenaline, the white pills bring him down from the red pills and the blue pills make him calm in between missions.

Kingpin has arranged, through government connections, to hire Nuke to attack Hell’s Kitchen, in an attempt to draw Daredevil out of hiding (as this scene begins, Matt has just seen Ben Urich and others recovering from the events of last issue, and Matt notes that while he is sorry for not being able to help Ben, but he is not yet ready to go public – well, things change quickly)…

That last page is one of the most iconic Daredevil drawings ever.


I love how Miller writes the crazy people, specifically the guy from yesterday’s “Moment” repeating “5b 5b 5b” while smashing the guy with a club. I love Nuke’s insane dialogue too, getting riled up over “our boys” and constantly taking those pills. These are some of the little details that make this one of my favorite Miller works ever.

Using so many moments in a row from such a wellknown classic, a story I suspect most people here have already read, seems rather pointless. Mix it up more, please.

After you made the same comment yesterday, Gromyko, you should be sure to make that comment again tomorrow. Keep the streak alive!

one thing about the story is frank wastes no time in making daredevil have a trial by fire by bringing out the nuts cases of the Mu. like nuke. and the scene with the flames and daredevil standing there symbol that daredevil has been reborn and is not going to stand for the kingpin garbage.

I’ve never read Born Again, and I’m enjoying the streak very much.

So there.

Holy shit, a positive comment from Apodaca?! Say it ain’t so.

The Internet will never be the same again. :-P

Love the double meaning of Nuke’s last line there.

I’ve always thought the last parts of Born Again fit rather uneasily with the rest of the story. It seems like Frank Miller had a great deal to say about the perversion of the American way and the sickening prevalence of violence in society–perfect grist for a Captain America story–but stapled it somewhat awkwardly onto the end of a dark, moody Daredevil story.


Yeah well, you know…
Only wanted an answer.
Unarguably a great list.
Read most of the installments.
Entertaining stuff.

A minor criticism, that was all.

Cronin, keep ‘em coming.
Undue antagonism was not intended.
Nice work.
That’s all.


May 3, 2009 at 4:59 pm

I’ve never read this either so it’s really interesting. Makes me want to pick it up. Does anybody know if it’s in trade paperback or something?

That last shot of DD should have gone on the cover corner box right afterwards. God, how I miss those! They made Marvel comics stand apart from the DC “bullet” so nicely. Ah, for the good old days…

Nuke was one messed up character, but really have to feel for him at the end of this storyline.

I like the commentary on how the Kingpin was screwing up. It’s clear by this point, he’s dropped any pretense of this being about business. It’s become entirely personal and his anger is making him more and more impatient. A couple of issues before, he was so close to victory. Matt was losing his mind and questioning even his closest friends. Now he’s become a hero again.

I Love Gerbils

May 4, 2009 at 6:38 am

I agree with PaulG. The last few parts of ‘Born Again’ sit at odds with the rest of the story. It goes from being a very ‘street-level’ tale about Matt’s life falling apart, into an explosive war movie featuring half The Avengers in the blink of an eye.
Reading it as a kid, I couldn’t quite figure out why the ending left me somewhat dissatisfied. As an adult, I can see that it’s the complete incongruity of Cap and Iron Man (and, I think, even Thor) showing up at the end of a story which, up until that point, seemed to be trying to capture a very gritty ‘urban’ feel.
Maybe I’m pushing it a bit here, but, to me, it’s kind of like having Captain Kirk showing up at the end of an episode of ‘The Wire’. It’s just WRONG.

I never read this entire arc either so I AM enjoying this run of Born Again moments.

I post positive comments for good stuff. I guess you missed when I said I was excited for Wednesday Comics, for example?

It’s not my fault there’s more junk than good material out there.

I doubt if everyone has read this, so I don’t see it as pointless.

I agree, the Nuke story does seem an odd fit with the rest of “Born Again”. But damn if that isn’t an awesome pic of Daredevil.

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