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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 125

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we continue our look at what is most likely the greatest Daredevil story ever told, Born Again, by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. It will last longer than a week, as there are a lot of cool moments, and they just keep coming with greater frequency as the series continues its slow build towards the ending.


First, we see how Kingpin is dealing with what’s going on with both his current place in life as well as a situation that develops with Nuke deciding to make a break for it and spill his story to the world…

The government obviously tries to silence Nuke and Cap, but that’s where Daredevil comes in…

Wow, what a stunning last page by Miller and Mazzucchelli, definitely “the” moment here.


“No. No hospital.”

Nuke’s death scene is quite moving. And once again, I love how very politely Cap takes out the troops who keep calling him “Sir.”

By this point, I truly wanted the Kingpin to go down real hard, real fast. What an epic story.

Tom Fitzpatrick

May 6, 2009 at 3:05 am

Unfortunately, the Kingpin really doesn’t go down hard until the four parter leading to Daredevil # 300.

While the image of Nuke on Urich’s desk is undoubtably the moment (and the moment of the entire story too in my opinion) I love the image of cap standing on the Bugle sign.

Tom Fitzpatrick

May 6, 2009 at 5:17 am

I also loved the scene where the Kingpin recruited Nuke by appealing to his patriotism, and holding the flag.
I forget which issue in Born Again that scene was in.

That was also a classic.

God what a story!

This is my favorite so far. I especially like the scene with Daredevil trying to drive in the rain. Were the issues Tom Fitzpatrick mentioned leading up to 300 any good?

I have the original issues when it was first published and never imagined the magnitude of the series. Truly an excellent choice Brian. One other thing that I would like to mention that occured in a prior sequence when the helicopter that brought Nuke in Hell’s Kitchen was shot down by DD…was this the first time DD actually KILLED someone? I found the sequence shocking and surprising….even though the bottom of the panel says “Forgive Me”, normally writers find a way out for killing – even in self defense would NEVER happen…witness the famous Superman conclusion in the final Alan Moore stories. After he dealt with Mr. Mxyztplyk (sp?), he called it quits. What do people think about this? I think this is a potential topic of discussion – under what circumstances can or has a superhero killed a villian? Superman actually did this to three at the same time in a story done by John Byrne – using the Holocaust as an inspiration…these 3 killed 6 TRILLION beings…a gripping story.

definitly not to mention seeing the panic in the Kingpins face when he learns nuke may be headed to spill the beans and expose him for what he did to daredevil and daredevil giving a new name to crazy cab driving.

Callum: The issues leading up to #300 are definitely worth a look. From the time Nocenti brought Daredevil back from Hell (issue #283 or so) through #300, the book was very good. D. G. Chichester took over around issue #290 and wrote some great issues with Lee Weeks. After issue #300, Chichester went a bit nutty and the book suffered, but until then, it was great.

My ongoing complaint about Born Again is how it took a hammer to the “lawyer” aspect of Matt’s character, leaving nothing but the vigilante side. Matt’s one of the few superheroes with a day job that can be written just as interestingly as the the night job, as well as tying into the main plot, and taking that out really hurts the character. It doesn’t really effect THIS story that much, but DD was certainly missing something until, as noted, the build to 300 and the signs that Matt was about to get his law license back.

But that lingering knowledge of what’s coming is why I tend to prefer DD: Yellow more than this for favourite DD story. That’s got a great balance between courtroom Matt and DD action.

Harry: that IS an interesting topic for discussion. I’d like to recommend that said discussion be limited to NON-self-defense scenarios. In the Superman story you cited, the 3 villains were depowered and no longer a threat to Superman or anyone else.

The cab sequence is awesome. Great, throw away comedy in the midst of an action sequence is good comics.

I always found the cab-driving in the rain a bit hard to swallow (why does the windshield let radar through? it actually would have been cool to see DD kicking out the glass first).

But I always ignored that detail ’cause the story’s just too dang good.

I did enjoy “Last Rites” ending in DD 300, although I consider a very separate entity from Born Again, which I will agree is the best DD story of all.

As to Harry’s observation, I always loved how understated the “aftermath” was to Daredevil’s killing the pilot. I thought it spoke to his heroism that he made the hard choice, at the sacrifice of some personal peace, to save lives. It all happens so fast, just as one would expect it to.

To my knowledge that was DD’s first “kill”, although Miller seemed to retcon for his “Man withourt Fear” miniseries in which DD seems to bump people off left and right. Which is why that story never really worked for me, and may have foreshadowed a bit of the “crazy” Miller that we see a lot of today.

Adam, Supes was order to kill those 3 for a psedo “crimes against humanity” crime…they had to be depowered first. Supes was just the executioner – not the Judge…still an intersting topic…please correct otherwise.

These moments had me excited to read the story… up until the point where Capt America steps in, then it seems like it becomes a completely different story.

Lex Luthor after the Crisis reboot was totally a character swipe of the Kingpin from the Miller era. Cold calculating ruthless criminal mastermind hiding behind a legit business front and he seems himself above getting his hands soiled with the dirty work. I always knew it but just overlooked it.

Thanks Greg! I’m going to go pick up all the issues from around 283 to 300. The ones before it, with Daredevil in Hell, despite having Romita, Jr. pencils, sound pretty stupid. Doesn’t sound like it works, kinda like if they had the Punisher shooting up Asgard.

Is it just me, or is it a bit much the that the Government would ‘silence’ Captain America? I mean, I can see them offing Steve when he’s out of costume, but shooting him up when he’s wearing the flag…

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