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The Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – D

We continue our tour through the alphabet, with a different cool comic book item each day, from A to Z!

Today we look at one of the Top Fifteen Comic Book Villains of All-Time!

Okay, right off the bat, a super-smart scientist (so smart that he has discovered a way to freakin’ TRAVEL IN TIME!) that also is an excellent magician and has a long-time grudge against a major superhero is, right there and then, a cool idea for a character.

So right then and there, Doctor Doom would be cool.

However, he goes way beyond that, mostly in the way that his mind works – Doom is a total jerk, no doubt, but he is a jerk who thinks that he is absolutely right, so that whatever he does, he thinks he is doing for the “right” reasons. Other villains obviously think that, too, but the difference is that with Doom ruling the world, most of the world would probably think that things are actually much better than they were before Doom, they just wouldn’t get that Doom was achieving all of this “goodness” through evil. Look at Latveria, most of the citizens prefer Doom’s rule than before he was in charge, even though Doom basically kills anyone who irritates him.

In addition, Doom is interesting because he has no powers of his own – everything he has gotten in this world he has gotten through a SEEMINGLY supernatural drive for power. The guy took down the BEYONDER, for crying out loud!!

So yeah, Doctor Doom is awesome – he even pulls off the skirt!


It’s worth noting that Doom isn’t solely motivated by power (he’s conquered the world on at least one occasion only to let it go because he also effectively removed free will from humanity.) More specifically, he’s motivated to prove that he’s the most worthy of having power and to receive that acknowledgement from others.

Also, RICHARDS!!!!!!!

I gotta say everything that would make Doom cool is negated in my eyes because his arch-enemy is the king of dull.

My favorite doom story is Emperor Doom. Basically Doom takes over the world through mind control (via Purple Man) and he makes it a utopia. But he is buried under mountains of paperwork and must spend his days in meetings with bureaucrats arguing over borders.
Of course, the heroes regroup, and are about to foil his plans. The climax is when Doom has a choice between stopping the heroes or going back to his boring life as a king, and he chooses to let the heroes defeat him again! It’s more fun for him to fight superheroes over and over rather than be a bureaucrat!!
Anyways, ppl should check out Emperor Doom, it has all those hilariously hokey 80’s moments and an interesting tale of “be careful what you wish for”

I love Doom.

actully dooms mind should be considered his power. along with what ever powers he gets from his armour . plus doom has studied the mystic arts . and could give doctor strange a run for his money. but doom is still one cool villian for after all he even had a little fight with galactus over having the power cosmic

I always thought that Doom would be a good foil for Iron Man (the technologist/engineering side of him) and Dr Strange (the mystical aspect).

Of course, there was that great Iron Man/Dr Strange story when both went back in time to Camelot. But I cannot recall any encounters with Dr Strange. Surely the most obvious story would be for Doom to become Strange’s disciple so he can master the mystic arts and rescue his mother’s soul from Mephisto. I’m surprised that’s never been done or is it a non-starter as Doom would be too proud to ask for help?

I’m probably in the minority on this, but I’ve never liked the mystical element in Dr. Doom’s powers/background. I know it was introduced early, I think in the solo Dr. Doom story in Marvel Superheroes, but it was pretty much ignored until somewhat recently. At least through the 1980s and into the 1990s, his storylines emphasized his technology, his megalomania, and his status as monarch. It’s only been in the last decade or so that his magical abilities have been highlighted.

Portraying him as a master of technology (robots, time travel, a machine to steal the Silver Surfer’s powers, etc.) confirms his status as Mr. Fantastic’s nemesis — they’re balanced. It also feeds into and validates his megalomania — he has a legitimate claim on being as brilliant technologically as he thinks he is. Similarly, his status as absolute ruler demonstrates the validity of his self-image — he really does exercise ultimate power over the lives of his inferiors. But no matter how much he studies mystic arts, he’s always going to be lower down the magical pecking order, beneath all manner of more powerful mystical creatures (Dormammu, Mephisto, etc.) and even human magicians, like Dr. Strange. It would almost have to make him humble, which is out of character for Doom.

Check out the graphic novel Triumph and Torment.
Dr. Strange has to grant a service to Doom and the two of them go up against Mephisto for his mother’s soul.
It is a great Dr Doom story.

Yeah, I’m a sucker for Noble Doom. I like the idea that “he has a point.”

Yeah, he’d do a great job ruling the world and it’d be fair and people wouldn’t want for things and all that.

It just comes at too high a cost.

But if he’d be a terrible ruler, then he’s a whole lot less interesting to me. I like it when the Latverians are shown as pretty well off but totally terrified.


May 10, 2009 at 10:47 pm

Say what you will about Doom’s rule, he got the trains to run on time!

Not just on time, on METRIC time!

DanCJ likes characters who talk about themselves in the third person

I still maintain Claremont’s Doom was the best since Simonson, and not just because Larocca drew him brilliantly.

You weaklings will cover before the unparralled strength of DOOM if Q is not for Quasar! I have stood eye tyo eye with Galactus! With the Silver Surfer! With the darkest powers of the eldtirch worlds! I have ruled them all and I will–

Okay, who said that? Who said Squirrel Girl? Kristoff, was that you? Man, I’m serious, it’s not cool, do NOT bring that up. it was a bad day, I had some food posioning, I shouldn’t have ever fought Iron Man…and just for the record I’ve defeated Iron Man lots of times. Tons. I was wearing a suit that protected me against repulsor rays. Stupid little squirrels … it just doens’t count. It didn’t happen. I mean, it was a friggin’ inventory story! You know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking Doombot. Malfunctioning Doombot.

Where was I? Oh, yes: Q is for QUAAASAR!

Ryan: That was great. :D

As for me, I can never sympathize with most versions of Doom because he’s always motivated by sheer selfishness, not true nobility. EXCEPTION: the Doom 2009 was great- at least, while John Francis Moore was writing it. Doom without his normal assets, in a nightmare of a future world, had all the right motivations- to protect his people, and to restore order to the world, something only someone like him could do. Plus he had a very interesting supporting cast, including a female aide who did NOT suck up to him. Great character interplay there. :) Too bad they later went back to the power-mad Doom in the later part of the series.

It’s not a skirt, it’s a tunic! Oh okay, it’s a skirt. And a cape too. On top of the plate armor. I’m suddenly thinking Doom is very, very sensitive about his butt.

Not pictured: the Man-Purse of Doom.

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