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X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 30 seconds

Well, I laughed.


That was funny – you should also watch his 500 impressions in 2 minutes (it’s got the TMNT and Snake Eyes so it’s comic-related OK?)

Be well,

Luis Jaime

Great stuff, Greg!! Just the name of the production company alone made me laugh :-)

By the way, that was exactly what I wanted to do after I left the movie; damn, it sucked balls!

The part that made me laugh was him trying to tune the guitar.

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The Mad Monkey

May 9, 2009 at 11:55 pm

Well…looks like I had my cake and ate it too…

I laughed AND saved $8 (not including refreshments).


I liked the movie, but that doesn’t mean that that wasn’t hilarious.

MM The place I went to watch Star Trek yesterday( in Australia) cost me $16.50 for a ticket (about $12.30 US).

Good lord. I go see a movie MAYBE twice a year, tops (as opposed to watching 250 or so on DVD at the house), but AFAIK a matinee showing here can be had for $5.50 or $6. Not that I have any interest in this one — as I’ve groused before, I like comics & I like movies, but I can’t grasp some people’s mania for combining the two.

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