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The Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – E

We continue our tour through the alphabet, with a different cool comic book item each day, from A to Z!

Today we look at a cool cult classic comic!

E-Man was a nifty comic that Nicola Cuti and Joe Staton created for Charlton.

E-Man was an energy being who became a superhero on Earth and since he was made out of energy, he could make his body do pretty much anything, a la Plastic Man.

Jack Cole’s Plastic Man seemed to be a clear influence on the series, in that it was not an outright comedy, but it certainly had comedic elements, especially in the ways that Staton came up with creative things for E-Man to do.

E-Man was never a gigantic success, but you know it was a good comic when you see the vast amount of companies who put out E-Man comics.

Modern did reprints of a bunch of the Charlton comics…

First Comics hired Staton as an art director during the 80s, and as part of the deal, they brought back E-Man, although Cuti did not write as many of the issues. Marty Pasko wrote a number – he tended to go a bit more on the humor side of things. Staton also wrote some himself.

When I was growing up, I remember really enjoying E-Man #4 from First Comics.

Mike Barr wrote some pretty biting comedic bits in this issue, including a gag about the “Curse of Superman.”

E-Man had comebacks at Comico….

Alpha Productions….

and most recently, Digital Webbing….

When that many companies want to keep a character going, you know you’ve got something great!

Jack Cole would be proud by the work of Staton and the various writers of E-Man!


Interesting that E-Man seems to have remained creator-owned while DC snagged the other Charlton heroes. Do we know how Cuti & Staton managed to pull that off?

Neglected to mention in my previous comment:

I only became aware of E-Man with the First Comics relaunch and never saw the previous incarnation, but hooboy did I love that series.

Wait! Where’s Jack Ryan?

Where’s “E-Man himself would like to point out that when it comes to Energy, Q is for Quasar!”??

Exactly, Blackjak. That’s why he’s merely E-Man: he knows the Q is taken the way dressing up like a bat to fight crime is taken. The way dressing up like a spider is taken. yes, there’s only one hero in the world who puts on jewrly to make energy constructs!

Oh, wait, there’s a bunch. but there’s onyl ONE hero who puts on jewelry to make YELLOW energy constructs.

Oh, wait, Guy Gardner.

Well, even in his Canadian passport, Kentucky Waterfall, Missouri Compromise mullet days, Wendell never had hair as bad as Guy’s Moe Howard-meets Archei Andrews cut.

Yeah, Quasar is pretty awesome. Not quite the coolest member of the Imperial Guard, but still cooler than Fang.

Quasar is a straight bitch and the best thing that happened to him was dying and getting replaced by a lesbian alien.

Hmmm… I need to get the Comico and Alpha Productions issues.

“Quasar is a straight bitch and the best thing that happened to him was dying and getting replaced by a lesbian alien.”

Hey! That’s not right!

Phyla prefers to be called an alien lesbian!

Hey, which one of you is Johnny Storm and which one is Toro? I get my flamers mixed up.

It’s easy Jeff, Toro’s the one in the skimpy shorts, Johnny Storm is the more immature one…

Matthew Johnson

May 12, 2009 at 8:35 am

“Interesting that E-Man seems to have remained creator-owned while DC snagged the other Charlton heroes.”

And what a pity! We missed seeing E-Man be shot in the head, die of cancer, turn into a villain (several times), have his sidekick turn into a villain, be characterized as a racist, or any of the other exciting fates that met the Charlton heroes in the DC universe!

(I think that covers everyone except Nightshade… I can’t think of anything bad that’s happened to her except for some ugly costume designs, and none of those were really any worse than her original… so I guess the Charlton heroes effect is stronger than the women-in-refrigerators effect!)

A little googling seems to suggest that I jumped the gun a little with the “remained creator-owned.”

Toonopedia and Wikipedia say that E-Man was bought by First Comics when Staton came aboard, which would mean that E-Man was no longer owned by Charlton when DC bought the rest of the company’s heroes. As to whether the character’s creator-owned NOW, after all these company jumps, I have no idea.

Didn’t Joe Staton just comment in another thread? I’d think he’d be able to clear the matter up, if anyone could.

As for Nightshade, she’s been changed so much that she’s nothing like the character Charlton published anymore, so it scarcely matters.

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