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The Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – G

We continue our tour through the alphabet, with a different cool comic book item each day, from A to Z!

Today we look at a fellow who digs glowing jewelry…

Guy Gardner, like Flash Thompson, is one of those characters who works best because he is not just what you see on the very surface.

On the surface, Guy Gardner is an insufferable jerk, but really, his jerkish ways are what make him so unique, because he’s just as heroic as any other Green Lantern out there, only he views heroism from a whole different angle than everyone else. The fact that he gets to the same place as, say, Hal Jordan, while taking a widely different path is an interesting facet of his personality.

Of course, Guy has had some pitfalls along the way.

Like when he was no longer a Green Lantern…

Or when he discovered he was half-alien and had morphing powers (Beau Smith really was just working with what they gave him to deal with, but boy…morphing powers?)

Then, even though we saw Guy have his HEART REMOVED and be okay, Jeph Loeb decided that a guy stabbing guy in the chest would be enough to kill him…

Luckily, he’s back as a member of the Green Lantern Corps now, sans half-alien powers.

One of the cooler aspects of Guy’s personality was his relationship with his Justice League teammate, Ice (Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis might have mostly played Guy for laughs, but they did some good personality work with this couple, as well).

(The above issue is one of my all-time favorite single issues)

Here is an example of the depth they gave Guy when it came to Ice…

Good stuff.

Peter Tomasi brought Guy and Ice back together, but since Guy is sort of indispose due to all the big Green Lantern to-doings right now, I believe they’re not together at the moment…

Tomasi also brought in one of the cool ideas Beau Smith had – Guy opening up a bar for superheroes. Now, Tomasi has Guy and Kyle Rayner owning a bar for Green Lanterns.

It’s good to see Guy be so prominent as a character once again – he basically co-stars in Green Lantern Corps with Kyle.


Adam Hughes is usually an excellent artist with excellent anatomy, but that picture above the Justice League cover shows a man dressed up as Ice!

I’m a big fan of Guy though

Awww… yeah, I love me that JLI issue too!
Along with the Cinema date one…

Those are some extravagant boots on the cover of Guy Gardner #3. I mean, men’s cowboy boots have a bit of a heel, but man…

“Guy Gardner did everything Hal Jordan did but backwards and in heels.”

First you burn F on Flash Thompson and now G is For Guy Gardner? Lemme guess, H is for Hellcat? Do you even LIKE comics? (Sorry if that sounded snarky but Guy Gardner? Remember when he was a pussy-cat after bumping his head? Or that stupid haircut/outfit/powers? Seems to me they never knew what to do with Guy except make him the anti-Hal Jordan.)

The “Warriors” idea was a really good one – the various Kyle-era GL writers used that to good effect numerous times.

I actually kinda liked Guy’s “Warrior” powers…

if it wasn’t for Hal Jordan from 1992 onward, guy Gardner would be the perfect example of a charatcer everyoen tried to find a place for, without reverting to the status quo. the Vuldarian Bushwhacker powers, the yellow Qwardian power ring, the —

Oh god. Oh, no. Qward.

Qward begins with in Q.

I have an awful feeling this is how Brian’s going to burn me on Q: by giving it to Qward, and their yellow power jewelry.

C’Mon, Quasar you underdog! Pull through! You snuck into the Secret Wars II omnibus, and you can make it here, too!

There was nothing about Guy’s Warrior period that made me want to read that book in the least. The stupid painted face. Hands turning into giant guns. Knee pads. Surprise, your mom boffed an alien! Yecch.

Maybe if he had turned his ass into a hand grenade…

I don’t know why you insist on pretending that Guy Gardener, Warrior ever happened. It’s a hoax, an imaginary story. Just like the moon landing, or Electric Superman.

Never. Happened. Let’s move on.

Hey, you know who was a cool character? Qwsp. I look forward to seeing him here in a couple weeks.

Also cool: Queen Bee and the Queen of Fables.

I’m serious, guys! Guy Gardner should replace Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern movie!

But who would play Guy?

Wow, I saw Guy Gardner’s name, and the first thing I thought of was “That’s right, baby girl. I’m the crazy one.” I realize it’s just one moment in a not-Green Lantern book, but I love that line, and that scene. Nice to see it as part of the parade!

Michael Rapaport IS Guy Gardner as far as I’m concerned. Everything I’ve ever seen him in he does a good job with me not being able to stand him, and he sounds like how Guy sounds it my head.

Guy Gardner is totally my favorite non-dog Green Lantern and everything. Sure, the Warrior period was a shambles, but they’ve gone and put things right again.

If only he didn’t have a bowl cut.

Did they ever explain in-story why he lost his Warrior powers in Rebirth?

All his Warrior powers were transferred to Ch’p.

Although I have no problem with Guy Gardner (we share a first name, in fact), I do believe the ‘Comic Book Alphabet of Cool’ letter G goes to Grendel, Hunter Rose in particular.
Just a thought.

Q for Quislet!


Random Stranger

May 13, 2009 at 2:54 pm

“Did they ever explain in-story why he lost his Warrior powers in Rebirth?”

Everyone quietly agreed that it never happened and they just went away.


May 13, 2009 at 4:52 pm

Just when I thought I couldn’t dislike Loeb any more than I already did, I find out he tried killed Guy.

Sorry if that sounded snarky but Guy Gardner?

Yeah, he’s a good, somehwat popular character, who really defied expectations by becoming a fan favourite.

Remember when he was a pussy-cat after bumping his head?

Yup, DC just republished that saga in a big thick hardback.
It’s funny stuff, and shows a creative team willing to change a character fro an extended time to explore the character, and of course, get some laughs.

Or that stupid haircut/outfit/powers?

If you mean classic Garderner, you’re jut plain wrong!

If you mean Warrior Gardener… well, fair cal.
(Never read an issue)

Seems to me they never knew what to do with Guy except make him the anti-Hal Jordan.

Except in JLI where he really shone as a character, or currently in GLC where he’s been the driving force of the book.
Hack writers, who take him as far as ‘bad boy GL’ never know what to do with him.
Good writers do just fine with him.

The only other G possible would be G’Nort, the second best GL of all time, just after Guy Gardner, of course. And Warrior was really bad. Kind of a reject version of Image Comics. I think DC tried to show Guy as a sort of brainless all-action guy. Thankfully, they got rid of that crap and returned him to what was special in the first place about him: his personality.


May 13, 2009 at 4:55 pm

Everyone quietly agreed that it never happened and they just went away.

The powers were gone by the time he rn the bar next door to Super Buddies HQ… maybe he lost them after Loeb killed him or something.

I think he lost his powers on a pretty decent Howard Chaykin mini series.

” But who would play Guy? ”

Were Chris Farley still around and about 100 pounds less, he’d have been an excellent Guy Gardner. I can see Will Ferrel doing the role as well; comic actors who specialize in jerk-ass character.

While not the same medium, Guy’s animated appearances on Batman: The Brave and the Bold have James Arnold Taylor doing an excellent job giving us what Guy would sound like ( think Taylor’s voice for Tidus with the amiable optimism removed and replaced with pure abrasiveness )

Yeah, Brave and the Bold guy is damn-near note perfect. Makes me happy.

H better not be for Hellcat!

For Q, I vote Quicksilver.

Brave and Bold Guy is good, just to bad they gave the “one punch” line to G’nort!

Tom Fitzpatrick

May 13, 2009 at 6:08 pm

I thought Ice was killed off in the Justice League (pre-Morrison; post-Giffen eras)?

Ice was revived (I think) in the same mini he lost his Warrior crap.

Ethan Shuster

May 13, 2009 at 6:59 pm

I think Ice actually returned in Birds of Prey, though she showed up in that “Super Buddies” mini as sort of a ghost and disappeared… Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yeah, Ice came back in “Birds of Prey.”

I always think of Justice League America 45–the second Date with Density & Guy Gardner on Ice–with the robot Beetle has Kilowog whip up.

It’s hilarious, and the issue has 2 of my all time favorite full page pictures ever–I can’t find them online though.


May 13, 2009 at 9:14 pm

I think Ice actually returned in Birds of Prey, though she showed up in that “Super Buddies” mini as sort of a ghost and disappeared… Correct me if I’m wrong.

They got stuck in hell (or a dimension very much like it), and found Ice, and were given an Oprheus style deal where she would follow them out of hell, as long as they never looked back.
Close to the exit, Fire couldn’t help herself and turned around, and thus Ice was traped.

However, they stayed away from saying ‘It is the real Ice’, and in the next issue, they were stuck in a different dimension of evil Super Buddies (who worked out of a strip club), and so there was the possibility it wasn’t the ‘real’ Ice.

I think one of the most important aspects to Guy Gardner is he’s the runner up. Heck, technically twice. He was Hal’s original backup, though equally qualified, but Hal was closer, then he got injured, and John Stewart got called up instead. He’s the born loser and fate conspires against him having the Green Lantern ring but Guy Gardner never gives up. Which is why I’m a Guy Gardner fan and not a Hal Jordan fan. Though Hal turning Parallax gave him some actual dramatic sympathy, though Geoff has Hal just “being the best” without proving it over in the main GL book. Even Kyle, who for years was written in the same way “greatest GL evar!!!1″ at least has had a tough time with relationships at least. Also he got Parallaxed. Only John Stewart has a decent non-Parallax character moment with the destruction of Xanshi and his duty on the Mosaic world. Thats why I put Guy, John, Kyle, then Hal in that order for favourite GL’s.

Cast Guy Gardner?

I think an awesome Guy could be molded out of Seann William Scott.

Funny, a little over the top, and can be abrasive and an idiot, but can also be a little endearing.

John Cena was born to play Guy Gardner.

“Thats why I put Guy, John, Kyle, then Hal in that order for favourite GL’s.”

Why no love for Alan?

Denis Leary would be an awesome Guy Gardner.

Guy’s easily my favourite GL. Brash, heroic, jerkish, yet sensitive.

I second Dennis Leary for Guy…but only if they’re willing to take the “R” rating! Both Leary and Guy need the room to be the pricks they are!

Now, who do we have to convince to make the movie about Guy instead of Hal?

Dennis Leary needs to play Lloyd Llewellyn

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