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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 135

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we conclude a mini theme week (“mini” as in it will take less than a week) that I meant to do the other week when his film came out – cool comic book moments involving Wolverine stabbing people!


It’s funny – the other day I had a moment that was here mostly for the art. Then yesterday, I had a moment that was here mostly for the writing. Well, once again, here’s a moment mostly here for the art.

Wolverine doesn’t seem to have a lot of good stabbing moments that combine good story with good art.

In any event, Wolverine #90 was a special issue designed entirely to spotlight the striking artwork of Adam Kubert.

The book had multiple fold-out pages to allow Kubert to draw gigantic pages with lots of panels (and large panels, too).

The result is quite remarkable looking, even if the plot by Larry Hama is not exactly all that great (Wolverine comes home to the X-Mansion where Sabretooth is being held captive, however, he figures out that Sabretooth has been slowly adjusting his body to the force field that keeps him prisoner – and Wolverine is ready to take him down when he finally gets free)…

Click on any of the pages to enlarge them!

And this all leads to “the” moment, when Wolverine, who has done the whole “threaten to pop the third claw” bit a number of times in the past actually DOES pop the third claw!

Great art by Kubert.


Schlikt? Is that German for Snikt?

Jonathan Ehrich

May 16, 2009 at 3:58 pm

I can’t believe I never noticed before that they changed the sound effect when he lost the adamantium. That’s hilarious.

Is this the last one? I think there’s one other important one, which I won’t spoil, but it’s more significant for what happens a few pages later rather than the actual Wolverine-stabbing-someone moment.

Hint: It was an in continuity one shot.

Are you talking about the AoA one-shot, Rob?

Are you talking about the AoA one-shot, Rob?


It’s a moment very similar to Wolverine mercy killing Mariko, if that helps.

I still love Kubert’s art here (the expanded pages really let him play with format), but I could do without most of the dialogue.

Well, now that we’re done with wolverine claw popping moments, I’ll say my favorite. It’s when Wolverine cuts off the absorbing man’s concrete arm in Secret Wars. Wolverine cuts it off and keeps going with all the casualness of someone saying,” excuse me.” after bumping them. He doesn’t even continue fighting him but moves on to the next foe.

I love Crusher’s expression as he’s holding his cut off arm thinking, “Oh, crap!” It’s the first scene where I realized that those claws cut very well, indeed.

I was half-expecting the scene from near the end of AXM #6(Whedon’s run) where Logan threatened Ord by shoving his fist in Ord’s mouth. “You bite, I’ll heal. I pop, you won’t. Land.” More of a “Logan threatens to stab someone” instead of a “Logan stabs someone” scene, but still cool.

Of course, it was preceeded by an even cooler moment, a two-page Fastball Special.

The Wolverine moment I was alluding to was from _Spider-man versus Wolverine_ where Charlie asks Logan to kill her rather than endure the torture the enemy agents would do to her if she was caught.

Wolverine capitulates and pops his claws in her but can’t quite bring himself to finish it.

Spider-man gets the impression that Logan has gone off the deep end and proceeds to pummel him into unconsciousness. In the midst of a battle where Wolverine wont stay down and keeps on smiling the not-dead-yet Charlie taps the already on-edge Spider-man on the shoulder. Peter whirls around and clocks her with a punch intended for Wolverine.

Bam. She’s dead. Peter now has to reconcile both her death and that of Ned Leeds who was killed in the same story by (well, that’s a whole *other* story).

The moment to me occurs when Spider-man makes that punch. The panel seems to float in time between the action scenes all around it. If I remember correctly the panel also has no border which heightens the timelessness of the moment. The moment happens again when Peter is on the plane ride home and an air hostess asks him if he wants a drink and Bam, the panel appears again although slightly different. The panel appears yet again, slightly different as Peter is thinking about ways to explain to Jonah and Betty that Ned is dead. Peter’s mind keeps replaying the scene over and over yet the details are changing.

It’s the second time the panel appears that really defines Peter Parker as a character for me. The hundreds, if not thousands of people Peter has saved all disappear when he thinks about the few deaths he feels directly responsible for. A character whose superhuman sense of guilt makes him live by his defeats rather than his victories.

This is still a Wolverine moment because Logan later uncharacteristically pays Peter a visit in one of the monthly books (Web, I think it was) to talk about what happened. Definitely a defining moment for Wolverine who usually clashes with other males rather than give them pep talks.

(As as aside, the moment where the air hostess offers Peter a drink is significant because Peter doesn’t allow himself to drink lest he lose control and do something like he did to Charlie. All the more ironic because he was sober when it happened. If there was point that Peter should have started drinking, it was then!)

Yeah, I’m surprised that scene wasn’t on this list.

I was also thinking of the Absorbing Man moment in Secret Wars!

But for me the glaring omission was the final battle with Shingen in the original Wolverine mini. A great fight brought to life by Frank Miller.

There were some more great Claremont/Byrne slashings, but the one that was posted was certainly sufficient for that category.

Great post, Anonymous. I have never read the Spidey/Wolvie special, but you summed it up very well. I liked stories where Wolverine would actually show his feelings (he does have ‘em) rather than brawl for 22 pages over some pointless argument just to strut his stuff.

I also miss the more introspective Spidey you described here, the one whose sense of guilt always seemed to loom larger than his responsibility.

That’s odd my name didn’t get attached to the post.

Lt. Clutch:

It’s amazing that a story like SMvW with such significant events (that still resonate to this day) wasn’t part of a monthly book or even an “event crossover”. A lot of people seem to have missed it at the time, especially if you were buying off the newsstand. It’s been reprinted a few times but if/when the essentials reach those Spidey 200’s issued I’d like to see this one shot reprinted in it’s proper context.

Wolverine never seems to like giving advice unless he’s near Spider-Man. Wonder why that is?

Yowzer that’s bad art!

I remember LOVING this book! It had a great WRAP cover, and there was a lot of hype leading up to this that didn’t disappoint. I still have the promo posters that looked like tickets to a fight – and then there were handouts (like the post cards they do now) that were ACTUAL TICKETS! I loved it!

The wost part was that after this issue it went into AoA and we had to wait 5 months for the aftermath of this fight!

Also, it’s good to remember that I think Sabertooth was locked up right after ripping Psyocke a new one (I think) so that’s a bit of extra motivation that fueled this fight.

I was also hoping to see Spider Man vs Wolverine in this mini-theme. And also the time when the Hulk’s healing factor was ramped up so high he healed around Wolverine’s claws in the middle of a fight…

That’s right, pmpknface, I have those ticket promos too! I’d completely forgotten about them! I’ll have to check out that Spider-man vs Wolverine. I always liked the 4th issue of his AoA title where he finds out he still has his claws on his stumped hand and impales Pierce. I think that was Kubert too (I remember ithas a pretty badass cover).

Now that this mini week is over I will also say my favorite Wolverine killing moment. Uncanny X-Men 234. the final part of the Brood Are Back” story. Aside from having one of the greatest covers I have ever seen, the moment where Wolverine finally gets Harry Palmer under the stage and, even though he reverts to his human personality, gives his speech before killing him showed just what lengths Wolverine will go to to get the job done. Great art as well as great writing on this issue. Some of the best X-Men work I have read. In my opinion better than any of the kills that have been listed here.

Hama’s run on Wolverine is a really good one. Of course this doesn’t have much of a plot, Brian, it’s basically a throw down between the 2 characters. But Hama does do some decent character work for Wolverine before the fight, and the art still looks good.

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