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Captain Britain and MI:13 Cancelled

Paul Cornell announced on his blog today that there will be no solicitation for issue 16 of Captain Britain and MI:13, because issue 15 is the last one. He says a lot in his post, but he also addresses the current arc being the last and how the series will end:

Lastly, and this is really important, while we didn’t know this would be the last arc until comparatively recently, I had it in mind that it was possible it would be from the time I started plotting it. Indeed, the end of this arc marks the end of what I had planned for the book when I started. One of the images right at the finish is what I always felt I was heading towards, and I’m very pleased I got there. So: you will get a real, thorough, proper, ending, not just of ‘Vampire State’, but of the whole run. It hasn’t been rushed to fit the space, it hasn’t been compromised, it won’t just suddenly cut off: it’s what I intended. I think the Annual and the two remaining issues finish off one of my best stories in any media, and that story is actually the entirety of Captain Britain and MI-13. You’ll see what I mean a bit more next issue. This is a comic with a proper ending.

A real shame as this has been a great comic and “Vampire State” a truly fantastic story.



Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.


Chris Simpson

May 19, 2009 at 8:16 am

Whilst I wasn’t thrilled with the first story arc I was pleased I stuck with the title as “Vampire State” was very good indeed.

So yeah….damn.

this really sucks. Big fan of this book, i own the entire run.

Bummer. I sure hope Marvel can find more projects for Cornell (and that he wants to keep writing comics!)

Darren Wilson

May 19, 2009 at 8:26 am

Gutted. Absolutely gutted. Bye bye Marvel, this is the series that brought me back.

Oh, nooooo….!!

Marvel did it again….!! >:(

At least this comic will end much better than most comics from Marvel did……..

Man that’s depressing. I really was enjoiying that book! It does mean a lot that it will end completely, as it were, with no cut-off items or editorial last stories. At least it gets a concrete ending, that is the silver lining.

Hopefully Mr Cornell gets another book to show his skill on.

Take it and run,

Marvel allows good books like this to get cancelled, while Bendis’ Fake Avengers continues publication.

Logic at Marvel? Ha! Make mine DC, the only REAL comic company for the fans!

Sad news, but I think the rumor a few months ago had everyone expecting this. I’ve enjoyed the series and it’s good to hear that the creative team was able to wrap things up for fans.

This sucks.

On the other hand, kudos to Cornell for his approach. Every creator who gets a pitch approved at the Big Two not starring Spidey, X-Folk, Bats or Supes should plan this way – view it as a 15 to 20 issue story you get to tell. Chances are that’s all they or we are going to get in today’s market.

While this is very disappointing, I do love a story that has an ending, so that’s nice to hear.

This, Young Liars, Manhunter, Blue Beetle, IRon Fist, it’s like publishers are trying to send me a message…

Olly McPherson

May 19, 2009 at 9:06 am

What a bummer–one of my favorites, gone.

Well that blows. Not surprised, but oh well. Moving on.

If comics should be good, then why do all the best comics end up canceled?

Between this and Young Liars, I’m really bummed. I just hope that Marvel, or some other publisher, still plans to give Cornell as much work as he wants, because he’s one of the best new voices out there, and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen from him so far immensely.

And all you guys flaming Marvel, they didn’t do this because they hate you, or puppy dogs, or the entire UK. Its all about the sales figures, period. Now, its an open question as to whether Marvel has some culpability as to WHY it didn’t sell. My take is that it probably has something to do with everything being geared toward a big event or line-wide story, and titles that are ancillary to that getting lost in the shuffle, but that issue is endemic to both Marvel and DC. In other words, I’m not angry at Marvel for canceling the book, but I am upset that more people didn’t pick it up while they had the chance, because it has consistently been one of the best books on the shelves.

I left the book when my LCS gipped me on it for two months and I was told it was to be cancelled by issue 8 or 10 anyway. I was glad it lasted longer than that.

Why do all Brit comic books have have to have Vampires? But Cornell probably does the Hell out of them. TPB’s! Here I come!

Mortimer Toynbee

May 19, 2009 at 9:15 am

Not really Marble’s fault. Not enough people bought the book to justify continuation is all.

If Marvel supported GOOD books, it would have sold. But they don’t so it didn’t. Instead they are up Bendis’ a$$.

Books that appeal to longtime fans – sorry, no sale!

Books that appeal to the mindless drones/Bendis fans/pedophiles – let’s market you and artificially make you top sellers!!!

What a joke this is. I want to go to the Bendis forums and tell Marvel its time they start listening to the REAL fans!!!!

Yeah this is bad news but like was said earlier is all about sales. We as readers love to rip either Marvel or DC for cancelling books and whatever but the fault lays mostly with the collective ‘us’. These books aren’t selling so they are being cancelled- no brainer.

This is a pity. Not a surprise by any stretch of the imagination, but still a pity.

It’s nice to see DC isn’t the only company canceling great books before their time…


It’s a shame that Hudlin writes over 40 issues of Black Banther, even gets a relaunch, Claremont gets to write over 100 issues since his return (I’m talking post 2000, of course) with his books being canned over and over again, and Cornell can’t even last 20 issues. SHAME ON YOU, MARVEL! And shame on everyone that hasn’t even bothered to read it.

I liked this title, and it sucks that it’s being canceled. I’m also not a fan of Bendis, and think it’s a shame that his titles sell so much better than titles like this. But to think that it’s some sort of grand conspiracy on Marvel’s part to artificially inflate sales for Bendis over another title seems a bit ridiculous to me. The fact is way more people want to buy Bendis’ stuff than titles like this. Doesn’t mean Bendis’ titles are better, they just sell more. American Idol is consistently the highest rated show on tv. That doesn’t make it a good show, just a popular one. Marvel is a business. Always has been. At least this title is getting a proper ending.

@jazzbo, that’s just crazy talk. Clearly Marvel planned this as a personal insult to all the REAL fans. It is impossible for a REAL fan to like Bendis’s work. His work is not GOOD. Marvel should be ASHAMED!

This book got a pretty good start and a good support via Secret Invasion – the sales were its to lose. It didn’t hold onto readers – not really Marvel’s fault. I know this sounds harsh, and I certainly am NOT criticizing Cornell or Leonard Kirk (the most underrated artist in comics) for this; I’m just saying.

“What a joke this is. I want to go to the Bendis forums and tell Marvel its time they start listening to the REAL fans!!!!”

Maybe if these “REAL fans” bought the books, they wouldn’t get cancelled.

But what do I know, I’m a Bendis fan who loved the book and is gutted that it is cancelled.

@Nick T- that is impossible. A Bendis fan could NOT love a book that REAL fans love! SHAME!

Once you start capitalizing words and getting authoritative like that, you always come off like a timecube.com expert.


One thing they did was botch the first trade paperback; it only contained four issues for $16 (plus two old reprints). This is a book with good word of mouth, that could have supported strong TPB sales (like Jonah Hex), but Marvel’s trade program is terrible. Until they figure out how to maximize trade sales, books like this will not stand a chance.

Anyway, I hope they collect the rest of the series.

Well I wondere if this would happen. Today I cancelled the last remaining Marvel books on pull list as Dark Reign just isn’t something I’m enjoying and Marvel just isn’t a fun place anymore. Captain Britain was the last book standing and I was thinking that might not even last the day with the August Marvel books coming out and nowt ever said by anybody of anything post Vampire nation. Real shame its a great book BUT there’s no point berating Marvel for this book being canceled the market for quality is moving away from mainstream Superhero titles and only DC seem to have a sales bar low enough to support such nache books for any lengh of title (come on Secret Six hold in there!)

@Rachel – Whoa! What book is being marketed to pedophiles? That statement is just flat out ridiculous and, frankly, offensive.

And if you don’t like Bendis, fine, don’t buy it… even actively complain about his writing if you like. But just because the majority of fans have different taste than you is no evidence of some grand conspiracy. Marvel is in business to make money. If Bendis’ books didn’t sell, I guarantee you they’d be canceled faster than you could say “Dark Power Pack.” Marvel hypes his stuff because lots of people like his stuff, and are willing to spend their money to read it, not because of some evil plan by Joe Quesada to make Bendis king of the nerds or something.


It’s not true!!!!!

That’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, that’s another $4 back in my pocket.

Thanks for making it a lot easier to cut back on my comic purchases Marvel! Just keep canceling the stuff I like!

I’m on trades with this so feel a little guilty that I didn’t pick up the singles. It’s a pity it couldn’t keep up the momentum it started with.

I was going to get the trade this week as I was quite intrigued by all the reviews; I don’t think I’ll bother now…

Well, dang.

That’s a shame. I hope Cornell gets to play with these characters again eventually.

I’m really upset by this news – can’t Marvel just stick a big X on front, or sell it to Spider-Girl fans?

I hope you can see this, comic book industry, because I’m doing it as hard as I can.

I’m sorry for the fans of the book, as they were enjoying it.

For me, I dropped it a few issues back. I’d been ejoying each issue less and less, after the starting issues were some of the best comics I’d ever read.

wow. Really sucks. I was hearing really good things about this and was going to add it to my pull list when this story arc concluded and get the rest in trade. I know it’s all about sales figures. but still. though for the record, i really love most stuff bendis does. And I LOVE the Thunderbolts (original and Ellis incarnations). So naturally Dark Avengers is one of my favs. But I also love other books that have been cancelled like Blue Beetle, or Manhunter. I like most of what marvel offers, while dc, despite Supes being my fav hero, can’t keep track of anything continuity wise and the company is a jumbled mess thanks to Dan “Countdown is 52 done right” Didio. Thank God for Geoff Johns. Everything he writes is explosive, entertaining, and rooted in continuity. and I’m sure even that will ignite flames against me. lol

And I do have the first trade, which i loved.

@ mufinpeddler

Please tell me you also read Secret Six. One of DC’s best IMHO.

Definitely! I LOVE the Secret Six, maybe more than the Thunderbolts.

Goddamn it!!

This series is so amazing, all the way since the Wisdom mini-series. This was also one the few series that made the most out of its Secret Invasion tie-ins and this Dracula story arc has been pure awesomeness.

Well, Marvel, might as well cancel Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova and Ghost Rider if you guys are so intent on cancelling my favourite books.

And yeah, I hate Bendis’ writing very much but don’t blame him, blame the people that buy his books.

I actually want to cry. This (along with Iron Fist) was the most consistently entertaining and well-crafted comic from Marvel (by well-crafted, I mean that it was exciting but not gratuitously violent, funny but not just a parody, serious but not grim, and well-plotted but with great character development, too – add in good art with GOOD STORYTELLING and you’ve got a rarity in modern comics) and I hope this is not the last we’ll see of Cornell. Also, I hope that Marvel hears something from the fans about this cancellation and then they’ll realize that quality material WILL attract an audience if it’s promoted correctly. Perhaps they will choose to promote a good series like this rather than all THREE Deadpool series. Man, with Iron Fist on hiatus, the future is looking pretty miserable…

P.S. People are right that the fault lies with the fans; don’t just tell Marvel, tell your friends! And then tell them to tell Marvel!

Man, this bums me right out.

I hope Marvel does right by Cornell and gives him a shot at whatever series he wants. He’s more than earned it.

well, he’s writing Dark Reign: Young Avengers right now, maybe that’ll reach a wider audience.

Sonuvabitch. It was one of the handful of comics I was going to keep buying the singles for– Marvel’s best book, axed. So it goes.

I was going to get the trade this week as I was quite intrigued by all the reviews; I don’t think I’ll bother now…

Buy it anyway. Getting cancelled doesn’t make the comic any less brilliant.

We can only hope that Marvel recognizes the critical acclaim Captain Britain received and figures out that Cornell can be a great asset on the right project (even if that project isn’t Captain Britain). I would actually love to see Cornell take over one of the X-books, as his run on CB shows that he can handle a team dynamic in an exceptionally entertaining way.

Never read it, so I won’t miss it, but…

Over the years, I have been heartbroken many times by the cancellation of titles I loved, yet not enough people bought. It seems that if a series is good, but doesn’t star Batman or Wolverine, it is doomed to cancellation.

@Neal: Dark Power Pack? DARK POWER PACK?!?!?!? Holy….

Marvel GET ON IT!

i’m really going to miss this book. my Marvel pull list just keeps shrinking and shrinking.

Stop getting mad at Marvel. They are a business, which means they need to make money first. The fact that they let this series go on as long as it needed to complete the story. They are fully aware about how much the CB fans love this book, but when it sells as low as it does, you have to cut the weak parts off. In a world where Loeb’s Hulk sells 100k a month, its a shame, but in the middle of the biggest recession in 70 years, something’s got to give.

I almost dumped this book after the story ar, but stuck through it and am loving Vampire state (with one exception, I hate Spitfire being completly turned to the point she kills)

I don’t dislike the Bendis stuff, although I really do dislike the pacing. When you know a story should be done in two issues and instead it takes six, it’s kinda frustrating. (I mean the New Avengers entire run have had fewer storylines than any normal two years of Avengers)


May 19, 2009 at 5:15 pm

Well this will cut my Marvel books down by a quarter…

Now I only have Amazing Spider-man, Moon Knight and The Incredible Hercules…

And Hercules is the only one I can’t live without (Spider-man feels like it’s treading water – what’s the point of all this change and new characters if we never see them do anything – and Moon Knight… I don’t even know why I keep reading Moon Knight.. It’s just such an odd book that I find it strangely addictive).

Sigh… Maybe if they hadn’t killed John The Skrull….

Much like The Order it’ll be a real shame to see a book this good die.
When the crossover craze dies and Marvel comics almost goes bankrupt again, it’ll be due to the lack of solid good books like this one.
God forbid Superheros ever have a little variety…

Moon Knight’s canceled too, Funky.

Andrew Kennedy

May 19, 2009 at 5:28 pm

Well, damn. I guess this a a few more bucks in my pockets but really Marvel? Honestly? I know it’s the fans faults and all but couldn’t they just let it go on!? Well, damn once more. This was seriously one of my favorite ongoings but now this is canceled ALONG with Young Liars. And Dark Tower is ending in a few months…Is it just me or are all my favorite books being targeted for cancellation!? They’re out to get us guys! Get out your anti-Bendis spray and run for the hills!


May 19, 2009 at 7:19 pm

Moon Knight’s canceled too, Funky.

For shizzle, dizzle?


And around the same time as Young Liars.

They should start paying me not to read books!

Backlogged to infinity so I never got around to grabbing this book. I’ll be one of the post-cancellum picker-uppers though, but y’know, not really a whole lot of good that’s going to do for the title and Cornell now. Since pretty much EVERYONE who reads this book is singing its praises, I hope Marvel takes that to heart and gives Cornell a higher profile title that readers won’t dismiss simply because “Well, who the hell cares about Captain Britain?” Still, fans should not be saddling Marvel with responsibility for this. They put it out and nobody picked it up. If the world was good and Bendis comics sold 15,000 copies per month and Captain Britain was the 6 figure mover, then those BMB titles would be getting cancelled instead. So don’t blame Marvel, blame, I don’t know, philistinism.

Cancelled books, cancelled shows, good movies that don’t last a week in the theatres, season after season of Survivor and the Apprentice: not a conspiracy by the providers of such stuff, just proof that you are constantly surrounded by people with shitty taste.

They cancelled The Order when it was the best book they were publishing. They’re cancelling Captain Britain, and it’s the best book they’re publishing. I know it’s the way of the business, but they never pushed either of these series like they did Runaways or Nextwave, and they’re every bit as good.

That said, I’ll let it go. Whatever Cornell does next’ll probably be even better. Anyone checking out his Young Avengers? Shaping up to be an interesting experiment.

"O" the Humanatee!

May 19, 2009 at 9:53 pm

The comments here raise a bigger question: How do companies assess sales and popularity when some people wait for the trades? It seems unlikely that the same proportion do so for different titles; I suspect more people feel they have to get monthlies when not doing so means they’ll be behind on the latest developments in some “event” series. If so, that only further amplifies the leg-up those series have both from promotion and from the tie-in/crossover factor. Can anyone here give an informed answer to this question?


May 19, 2009 at 11:22 pm

I’d say launching a series as a tie-in to a crossover may boost sales on a monthly, but may very well hurt it in trade – especially when the series is only tangentially related to the crossover, and it really could have been any threat they were dealing with.

Not very many people bought it. It was pretty good. I’ll live fine without it.

Rachel Wagner

May 20, 2009 at 10:48 am

@Neal K – Yeah well a lot of Americans voted Osama into office, that doesn’t mean they know what’s best for them.

Oh, boy, a new wacko.


May 20, 2009 at 4:40 pm

I’ll live fine without it.

When you end up on the street – shaggy haired, copping mouthfuls from businessmen to raise money for crack – again, know that it was the lack of this book that drove you there.

@Cass: “So don’t blame Marvel, blame, I don’t know, philistinism.”
Thank you for the most insightful forum comment I have ever read.

@Jack Norris: “… not a conspiracy by the providers of such stuff, just proof that you are constantly surrounded by people with shitty taste.”
And them is us.

I’ve loved CBMI13 from iss #1. It’s going to take me a while to get over its cancellation.

i dont know very much about comics, but as im knocking on abit and going through my second childhood i decided to start reading comics again. the last time was probably 30 years ago. i stubbled across cbmi 13 and became hooked. my point is i dont know a single person who had even heard about capt britain. the only place i could find to buy it was on the internet as the nearest comic store 15 miles away didnt have any in stock.( why cant you buy comics in newsagents ). so if nobodys heared of it and theres no where to buy it, is it any wonder sales are low

Having read the entire series I do have to a bouquet to the writer and artists, and a brick to Marvel for cancelling it.

However it did end on a high note, Megan back with Brian, the vampires flamed, Dark Angel back (remember her, a Marvel UK creation) Blade and Spitfire together…

If a series has to end at least this one went out on the right note.

Now Spider-Girl fans are shafted. Series cancelled, continuation in Amazing Spider-Man Family cancelled, main character killed (apparently) available through online digital comics apparently.

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