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I Don’t Like MMO Video Games…

but I do like this gallery of Flash images from the long in the making DC Universe game, which can be found at Kotaku. I especially like this one. Since I avoid MMOs like I do other addictive drugs I’ll probably never play this. Even if this screen, showing the Flash running with two player created speedsters (one of whom looks little like Speed Demon) does a good job of communicating the idea that you can interact with the DC icons.


This is an acronym that everybody else understands, is it?

(I thought it was a type of insurance.)

Aww, I thought you meant the Amalgam Speed Demon.

Man, Wally looks entirely too damn muscular and top heavy to be a runner. He should be leaner, sleeker streamlined. Ah well.

Kinda strange to see Ale Garza art associated with a DC property these days, but this game has been in the works for a long time now.

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