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My Top Ten (Marvel August) Covers

Here are the Marvel solicits for August, and here are my Top Ten covers for the month!

10. Dennis Calero delivers yet another dynamic Trojan War cover, this time with an extra little “oomph” courtesy of Zeus and his lightning bolt.

Great stuff from Calero, who is a marvelous cover artist.

9. Skottie Young can almost do no wrong with his covers!

A fun, cute and actually funny cover for Wolverine: First Class!

8. Francesco Mattina has been doing some really good Thunderbolts covers since he took on the cover assignment for the book.

What’s really notable is how much personality he puts into the two cover figures. Very eye-catching.

7. What an effectively spooky cover from Jae Lee!

He even makes a random electrical cord seem ominous!

6. I am absolutely LOVING this little revival Tim Bradstreet has been having! He first rocked some Scalped covers, and now he is taking his talents where they most obviously fit – noir comics!

What an awesomely effective stylistic shot this Luke Cage: Noir cover is!

HALFWAY THROUGH! You know what that means! I can make fun of some covers!

First off, J. Scott Campbell and Adi Granov team up for some pretty weak Amazing Spider-Man covers.

I happen to think J. Scott Campbell is an extremely talented comic book artist – few current artists have the dynamism and fluidity that comes with his art. The only issue I ever have with him is his choices of material.

This month’s Amazing Spider-Man cover is one such example of an instance where I just don’t get what Campbell is thinking with, material-wise…

At least, as I said, Campbell has some fluidity and dynamism to his art, even if I think he’s wasting it on a fairly creepy shot of Mary Jane “relaxing” at home (cuz, you know, that’s how women roll – they sit around drinking coffee/cocoa while pushing their breasts both together and forward).

Adi Granov, though, I don’t know what the heck he’s thinking with his Amazing Spider-Man cover…

Campbell at least tried to give Mary Jane some personality and, oh, I dunno, draw a BACKGROUND!

Here we just get a stiff bizarre looking approach to Mary Jane. If this were not a Spider-Man comic, I would never ever guess that that was supposed to be Mary Jane. It’s like Granov didn’t even bother trying to give her anything distinctive at all, except weird looking long legs.


Okay, this New Avengers cover by Stuart Immonen is good, which makes sense, since this IS Stuart Immonen we’re talking about.

That doesn’t mean it’s not hilarious when you look at the match-ups.

Spider-Man vs. Venom – natch

Wolverine vs. Daken – natch

Ms. Marvel vs. Moonstone – natch

Iron Patriot vs. Captain America – I’m with you

Ares vs. Mockingbird?!?!?

It’s like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and everyone else is looking at their treats, and Mockingbird, well, you know what she got.

5. A very funny homage cover by Karl Kerschl, who has been ROCKING these Pet Avengers covers!

It even ties into the plot of the comic!!

4. Tim Bradstreet doing a noir comic starring the Punisher.

I don’t think there could possibly be a cover assignment more in Bradstreet’s wheelhouse.

3. DC readers have recently become acquanted with the greatness that is Rafael Albuquerque, and now Marvel readers get the same experience!

Albuquerque comes up with not only a funny cover for Incredible Hercules, but one that is mysterious enough to make you curious about what is inside.

On top of all THAT, it’s also a very striking image!

2. Perhaps a bit straightforward, but really, what more do you want from an anniversary issue than what Marko Djurdjevic delivers with this Daredevil gatefold cover?

1. Boy, do I love Skottie Young’s covers.

He rocks negative space like the great ones – add in a dynamic odd cover design and you have a great, great cover.

That’s my top ten! What’s yours?


Tom Fitzpatrick

May 22, 2009 at 4:42 am

Shouldn’t that be “MARVEL solicits for August” and not “DC solicits”? ;-)

I know, I know, nobody’s perfekt, but that’s why we have gremlins to blame it on.

I like the girl on your number one. The Thunderbolts would be my one with both noir issues right after.

Hmmm… normally I mostly agree with these lists, but not this time.

I love Skottie Young… but the cover you have as #1 is just not very good. It is more messy than anything. If you had put the OTHER Young cover I wouldn’t have batted and I.


I think that Campbell cover is GREAT. I normally hate his art (that Marvel Divas cover from last month was just horrible), but this is an over-the-top stylistic work. Of COURSE women don’t sit around like that, but not for a second do I look at this as a LITERAL depiction. It is just classic ‘good-girl-art’.

I can ALMOST say that about the Granov cover with it… but it just isn’t done as well. Her legs just look weird.

I agree with c adams, the Thunderbolts cover absolutely rocks. (I like the incredible hercules cover also for the exact reason you mentioned, it makes you want to pick up the title) I think you are being a tad harsh on amazing #601, I thought Mary Jane looked very cute in the cover and it was another one of those “Peter being spidey instead of hooking up with MJ” storylines. Agreed about #602, what the heck?

The J. Scott Campbell cover actually reminds me a lot of Kyle Baker.
Aside from the non-ironic squozen boobs.

I’m not reading Pet Avengers, but I do love the cover to the fourth issue. I’m glad other people recognize it as a homage to Infinity Gauntlet #4. I’m not sure IG #4 has ever been parodied before, nor have I ever thought it had “iconic” status–but hey, I guess parody is one of the steps towards making something iconic. Let’s see more!

How come an editor approves a cover like Granov´s?

Because it has tits and gams, Si.

Even allowing for perspective, MJ’s legs are so freakily out of proportion in the Granov cover.

I too like the Campbell cover, but then I also have the complete run of Danger Girl…

That Granov cover looks like it was just photoshopped from a magazine ad.

I like what Granov does with the design of the cover, not so much the drawing of MJ.

But also, when Adi Granov does it, he’s not drawing a background, but when Skottie Young does it, its negative space?

But also, when Adi Granov does it, he’s not drawing a background, but when Skottie Young does it, its negative space?

You know, I’m not just making these terms up for shits and giggles. Negative space is an actual thing – it is what Skottie Young, Dave Johnson, Jock and others do with most of their covers, and it is categorically not “just having a white background” like the Amazing Spider-Man #602 cover.

The problem I have with Granov’s picture is that Mary Jane just isn’t pretty.

Mambrose: when the entire page has stuff in it except for small slivers..that’s negative space.
When it’s a single image floating in white, that’s no background.

Quck question. Brian said that the Lockjaw cover was a homage. Is it Infinity Gauntlet? Or am I missing something even more obvious?

I love Lockjaw’s Infinity Collar.

Mary Jane, starting center for the Knicks, and her little tiny scooter.

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