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The Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – P

We continue our tour through the alphabet, with a different cool comic book item each day, from A to Z!

Today we look some cool comic stuff that ends up on people’s walls.


Comic posters have been around for a long time, but it was not really until the 1980s that they became a real business in and of itself, and since then, there have been a number of great comic works that exist only in the form of posters!!

Click on the images below to enlarge them (some are a lot bigger than others)!

Michael Golden’s Marvel Universe!!!


Keith Giffen’s infamous Legion poster!


The two posters that Promethea #32 folded out into making (these you can’t enlarge – and they only count because you can’t see both of them at once normally, as they’re back-to-back!)!!



George Perez’ 30th Anniversary Avengers poster!

There are two many Alex Ross posters to list them all, so here’s two JLA ones and one famous Spider-Man one (the Spider-Man one doesn’t enlarge)!

Name some more classic comic book images that exist only in poster form!!


I thought it would be the greatest Marvel cosmic hero – Peter Quill, Starlord!

Well, you can always use it on Q. It’s not like there is another interesting Marvel cosmic hero starting with Q…

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Tom Fitzpatrick

May 22, 2009 at 3:06 am

A question: what was so infamous about Giffen’s Legion poster?

I’d like to know.

What was the Legion’s poster claim to infamy?

I could name more, She-Hulk at muscle beach, forgot the artist and the X-Men swimming pool piece by Jim Lee.

Isn’t it the fact that Giffen claims that is almost ruined him mentally and somewhat physically in researching and drawing it?

I think the infamous part about it was that it took Giffen so long to draw it that it completely burned him out and couldn’t draw the LoSH for ages after that.

Either that or some of the characters being coloured wrong

Damn – too slow

Oh yeh and another reason is because Super-Turtle was portrayed in the poster!!! :)

The George Perez New Teen Titans poster. I had it laminated and it’s still hanging in my office.

Tom Fitzpatrick

May 22, 2009 at 4:38 am

I will say this about the Giffen’s Legion poster, I’m rather surprised that Darkseid is barely noticeable (just a bubble head) located slightly behind and below Cosmic Lad.

You’d think such a major villain would be more imposing.

You’d have to admit that’s a rather impressive display of work, considering just how many characters there are.

Wasn’t there a Perez/Ross poster for Crisis on Infinite Earths that included the majority of DCU?

@Tom Fitzgerald

Darksied may be a major villain, but he only had only one (decidedly very good) storyline with the Legion. And arguably their biggest villain, the Time Trapper, is done pretty vanilla as well, and he even seems to be tangled up with Streaky the Supercat (!). I’d say the only people that really stand out are the physically larger ones any way. I remember this poster being reprinted in a trade somewhere, and I was so, so glad it came with a key to who everybody was. I can’t blame Giffen for being burnt out afterward…

Also, on a different note, I really love the different Wasp costumes that frame that Perez Avengers poster. That must have took some time and research :)

The George Perez New Teen Titans poster. I had it laminated and it’s still hanging in my office.

I also have the Perez New Teen Titans poster. It’s wonderful– probably my one of my favourite comic book-based posters

Probably my favourite would be the Marshall Rogers Batman Portfolio– a collection of 4 lithographs of drawings coloured with watercolours he did of Batman (it also included a smaller bonus picture and a gorgeous pen and ink drawing on the envelope that held them. The drawings are gorgeous, particularly the one recreating The Laughing Fish cover of Detective with the Joker, and one called “Batman and the Creeper” The Creeper is actually this tiny silhouetted figure in the distance– what it actually is a beautiful painting of Batman against the panorama of Gotham City at dawn– which shows off Rogers’ brilliance with drawing realistic architecture. It’s probably my favourite picture of Batman, ever. And, hey, it’s still on eBay till next Tuesday:


A big regret I have to this day is that I didn’t by the Frank Miller Ronin poster when it came out. It’s almost impossible to find nowadays.

I always liked Rick Leonardi’s Dark Phoenix poster, but it’s been about 20 years since I’ve seen it so I can’t remember if it was truly awesome or if it’s just nostalgia speaking.

My pride and joy was a Secret Wars II poster with the Beyonder in that silver jet engin costume with the Marvel Heroes flying at him all around. When I was ten that was the coolest image ever and I had it on my wall until I went to college and my mom cleaned out my room.

a bit off topic, but I used to have a Marvel puzzle that I must have done a million times that had almost every hero that Marvel had at the time. Does anyone remember this?

C. Adams – was it this one?


I had that puzzle and I must have done it a million times as well.

Other Ross posters: His version of the LSH and the Justice League poster on some steps in Washington DC (or some similar looking building)

Ill have to look when i get home, thank you.

My first poster was John Byrne’s Alpha Flight with the team sitting around on a giant Puck. I loved that one.

Then I got Byrne’s Fantastic Four poster with every character Lee and Kirby introduced, and I loved that one even more.

Then I started getting a bunch: highlights include the Mike Zeck Punisher (originally meant to be the cover for number 1 of the mini) and the aforementioned Secret Wars II.

If I had the cash I’d love to get Alex Ross’s Marvel 70’s and his Alan Moore tribute with all of Alan’s pet characters on it.

Also never owned them, but I always admired Byrne’s Marvel/DC poster (featuring a split picture with a whack of heroes and villains from each company fighting) and a Spider-Man split screen featuring his red and black costumes and corresponding villains from each era (I suspect it was Ron Frenz art, it pre-dated Venom anyway).

This may not be the board’s most popular sentiment, btu tthere are a whole lot of fantastic Joe Quesada images from DC and Marvel that made for damn fine posters. The guy just knows how to compose dramatic images.

Uh, that is, Joe Kuesada. Yes, Kuesada with a K. Like Quaddafi being spelled Kaddafi sometimes.

Dammit, I could accept Clay Quartermain or Quisling or the Question. Hell, I’ll even take Questprobe. But Quesada?

I keep hoping that someday the Wizard poster for their 100th(or 150) issue is finished. (as of issue 212 it still wasn’t)

I loved that Marvel jigsaw puzzle, so great, I wish I still had it. It has everyone in that puzzle, even Howard the Duck.

Heh, I had that puzzle – I varnished it with glue and had it hanging in my room for years.

I think the She-Hulk muscle beach one was Joe Jusko

Judge Dredd had a Poster mag for a while, featuring some Bisley Heavy Metal Dredd.

Which reminds me. 2000AD reprinted ther early stories in the US through Quality Comics, didn’t they?

Citizen Scribbler

May 22, 2009 at 8:36 am

I had the Marvel puzzle too. It was awesome!

But the superhero poster I had in my room growing up was the Kevin Maguire Justice League poster with the line-up from when they first went international- Manhunter Rocket Red included. My mom chucked that, along with my much missed Encyclopedia Of Super-Villains. But that poster was really cool, especially ’cause they made it look like a school photo, with Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Mister Miracle kneeling in the front row and Oberon seated in front of them with a little plaque that I believe even read “Class Of 1989″ or something of the sort.

-Citizen Scribbler

Wasn’t there a Perez/Ross poster for Crisis on Infinite Earths that included the majority of DCU?

That’s the wrap-around cover they did for the book. I imagine there was a poster of it too. It has every single character that appears in the book.

The poster I always wanted was the one for DC’s Invasion event in the 80s/90s. That had a great b-movie/Mars Attacks vibe to it. Unfortunately I can’t find it on Google images

Awesome posters featuring the Question (whose name, I’ll remind you, starts with a Q):

My favorite:

Charlton heroes:

History of the DC Universe group shot:

Sienkiewicz Batman, Green Arrow & Question:

Batman, Question & The Spirit for Granada ComicCon by Tommy Lee Edwards:

I am glad I am not the only one who loved that puzzle.

As for posters, I had a lifesize Superman poster on a yellow background hanging on my door forever.

“Which reminds me. 2000AD reprinted ther early stories in the US through Quality Comics, didn’t they?”

Fleetway/Quality, yes.

There was also a great Golden Age comics publisher named Quality Comics, that had the very best artists of the time, Will Eisner, Lou Fine, Reed Crandall and so on. It does deserve a mention!

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Tom Fitzpatrick

May 22, 2009 at 10:20 am



I always wanted that giant Marvel poster (Byrne, maybe?) when I was a kid.

I ended up getting the one from around the Crossing Era with the crazy Thor costume and bug Jan and the actually pretty good open haired Hawkeye costume. Not nearly as many characters though.

I’ve got a Guardians of the Galaxy poster story to tell someday.

Was Perez’ cover to JLA/Avengers #3 ever made into a poster? ‘Cause it should be.

I loved the Arthur Adams/Linda Medley X-Men poster when I was a young teen

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