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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 145

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we begin a quick mini (as in three parts) look at some cool Flash moments from Mark Waid’s Flash storyline Terminal Velocity.


We begin with Flash #99, with art by Carlos Pacheco and Salvador Larocca. To set the scene up, Kobra has some evil plans involving lasers and giant ray guns and whatever. That’s not really all that important. The important thing is that awhile back, Wally West (the Flash) saw a glimpse of the future, and ever since he saw that glimpse, he’s been working his ass off trying to avoid it somehow. We eventually learn that while we thought he saw his own death, what he REALLY saw was the death of his girlfriend, Linda Park. So he’s done all sorts of manipulative stuff to help avoid her fate (which was to be blasted by some ray gun or whatever) and he thinks that he’s finally managed to do it, however…

So instead, he is given the choice of either SHE die, or, well, you know…

Pretty cool stuff, even if early Larocca was not much to write home about.

Remember, there’s two more parts coming, so don’t spoil the surprise for those who haven’t read this run on Flash (is this storyline even collected in an in-print trade?)!!


Nice entry. Haven’t read this issue in forever. Thanks.

One thing though. I think the pages are as follows: page 1-2 Larocca, 3-4 Pacheco, 5 Larocca, 6 Pacheco. I can usually spot Pacheco fairly easily (even early Pacheco).

I would hope so, that’s how I read this storyline in the first place!

Damn, Wally West is the best.

Superhero writers trying to write romantic often makes me want to die.

liked that moment for it proved how much wally loved Linda that he would be willing to try and mess with fate and death by trying to screw them both for making sure linda did not die.

This and Dead Heat were the highest of the high points in Mark Waid’s run on this book, IMO.

Looking forward to moments #2 and #3. (Or, rather, #146 and #147.)

Waid’s run started to go downhill after this arc, I think, but bits like this were awesome.

Was this the first “Linda is my center” instance? That shit got so overused . . .the Wally/Linda bullshit almost drove me away from comics.

personally, i totally bought into the Wally/Linda thing. Maybe that’s because my wife is a beautiful asian woman too!

actually, i really liked the “Linda device” to move Wally out from Barry’s influence, and into becoming his own man. i thought that Waid used it well, especially in the beginning, to show Wally maturing and growing into a person & hero in his own right.

@Joe Rice:
The Wally/Linda thing almost drove you away from comics? That’s one bold statement. Maybe it just drove you away from reading “The Flash”?

Having never read this story before, for me the moment in these pages is definitely Wally using Johnny Quick’s speed formula. That’s pretty ingenius.

Having Wally retire in order to be with Linda and kids seems the likelier scenario after reading this piece. Barry and Jay will be teaming up again like back in the Silver Age and I just don’t see Wally running around with them very much. It’s not the same as keeping Kyle in the Corps over in Green Lantern.

Which is a shame, because Wally really did step out on his own after 23 years under Barry’s shadow.

“and I just don’t see Wally running around with them very much. It’s not the same as keeping Kyle in the Corps over in Green Lantern.”

Yeah… and he’s just too “big” for the Titans. Then again, Titans might finally be mercy-killed in the aftermath of Battle for the Cowl, since its original raison d’ etre – the NTT team back together – probably just got torpedoed for the forseeable future.

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