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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 146

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at the middle part of a quick mini (as in three parts) look at some cool Flash moments from Mark Waid’s Flash storyline Terminal Velocity.


Today’s moment (from Flash #99, by Mark Waid and Salvador Larocca and Carlos Pacheco) picks off directly where yesterday’s moment left us, as Wally West has just sacrificed himself to save his girlfriend, Linda Park.

Bart Allen, who you’d figure to be Wally’s successor, is none too pleased…

However, things don’t work as he figured…

Talk about a neat twist to set up the big 100th issue of Flash, eh?


Pretty cool cliffhanger, yeah. Kobra was such a royal pain in the butt for the DCU that he seemed to get more exposure than Luthor at one point.

I still wonder how middle-aged Iris went back to being young Iris though? More of Superboy-Prime’s wall punches or just because?

The Mad Maple

May 27, 2009 at 5:28 am

That was definitely one of my favourite comics.

The drugstore around the corner from my house stopped carrying The Flash a couple of years before that story was published (just when “Barry Allen” came back, as a matter of fact), and the only place here that carried it was clear on the other side of town. The only transportation I had at the time was my feet and my thumb, and I live in northern Canada, so for about five months out of the year it may as well have been in Zimbabwe. Still, I managed to catch the last half of Terminal Velocity, and it was definitely the highlight of Waid’s run on the book. (It’s a shame I lost the comic with the rest of my 2000+ collection in a house fire about six years ago. I’m suddenly in the mood for a re-read….)

And I can definitely venture an educated guess at what the NEXT moment’s gonna be… :)

Tom Fitzpatrick

May 27, 2009 at 5:48 am

I think I liked Kobra the best when he was depicted in the pages of Batman and the Outsiders (drawn by Alan Davis) and in the Suicide Squad (Ostrander run).

Tom Fitzpatrick

May 27, 2009 at 5:53 am

@Mad Maple:

I live in central Canada, and I have access to several comic shops.

Bummer about your collection, tho’. It’s always a tragedy when one’s collection is lost. (house included).
Especially when you spend a great deal of time (and money) and effort into it.

Lt. Clutch, you’re not the only one wondering about Iris Allen’s somewhat pliable aging. Not to mention that of Joan Garrick and Molly Mayne-Scott, both of whom are contemporaries of their husbands and neither of whom have the excuses their husbands do for their continued vitality. The Garricks were in college together, graduating in 1939, so they’ve both gotta be over 90. Alan Scott was a civil engineer in 1940, so he had to be at least in his mid-20s when he got the ring, and if Molly was in her 20s when she became the Harlequin, she must be 85ish by now. We hardly ever see Molly, but we see Joan a LOT and depending on the artist she can look anywhere from 45 to 80.
And then there’s Martha Kent, who looks a good ten or fifteen years younger than she did even ten years ago.

Iris Allen really should look about 20 years older than Barry, considering her time in the future–remember, Bart is Barry and Iris’ GRANDSON.

Getting back to “Terminal Velocity,” I remember reading it as the issues came out and being concerned that Wally really WOULD be killed off, and that FLASH #100 would be the last issue, to be followed by IMPULSE #1. I was glad to find out from an insider that Wally’s book would continue alongside IMPULSE.

loved the cliffhanger of the story as korbra moves on with his plan and also love bart stepping up to trying to take the mantel. even though never liked bart

Geez, always weird to see how much OLDER Bart was drawn in those first appearances before Nuack and Ramos got ahold of him and defined him as a lot younger.

(Or did he get de-aged at some point after this story? I’m a bit fuzzy about this period, as I think I only read this story once before picking up Flash more seriously again with the Savitar arc and then the future / past switch storyline)

Yeah, I definitely liked Bart as drawn by Ramos and Co. as opposed to the super-muscled look that FLASH artists seemed to give him. Why can’t teenagers look like teenagers in comics?

Love when Bart says, “The Flash lives on.” Not only is it a great moment for Bart’s character development, but it exactly what Wally said to him in part one of this installment.
Love it when a writer can take a great moment and make it a part of the overall story/theme. A nice little touch i think.

[…] story, Terminal Velocity. They’ve got two items from Flash #99: Wally’s sacrifice and Bart stepping up (which doesn’t go quite as well as he expects) — and one of two moments from Flash […]

I think Batman once called Kobra the second most dangerous man he ever met (well, up till the time he made that comment).

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