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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 148

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Here’s the last part of our look at Mark Waid’s Flash storyline, Terminal Velocity!


Okay, when last we saw the gang in Flash #100 (written by Mark Waid and drawn by Salvador Larocca, Carlos Pacheco and Oscar Jimenez), Linda Park was trying to get revenge on Kobra for the seeming death of Wally West.

As we saw in the beginning of the issue, she was not in the best of moods…

However, Kobra is pissed at her, too, and as they tussle, Wally West returns!!

But he’s just a glowing guy looking sort of made up of energy. He knocks out Kobra and then heads to Kobra’s fancy-shmancy earthquake device (this big machine had some use that I think would somehow give Kobra lots of power, I think)…

Has Wally returned only to die once again?!!? (Click on the first page to enlarge)

“The” moment for me would be the end, where Linda calls back to the beginning of the story.

A very satisfying conclusion from Waid.


I always liked Wally since I first encountered him in the classic Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans series. Next to Cyborg, Kid Flash was my second favorite Titan. I loved how he took up the Flash mantle in the final issue of Crisis and then followed him over to his own series. He was portrayed as a womanizing jerk in books like Justice League Europe, but I quickly watched him mature into the character Waid portrays here. Probably one of the greatest character developments in recent mainstream comics history.

And now Barry is back. I hope Geoff Johns takes all of the above into account when Wally’s future is revealed at the end of Reborn.

It’s nice to see these incredibly effective pages posted.

In the years that followed, I got *very* tired of The Greatest Love In Comics History That Will Always Bring Wally Home. For that matter, I got very tired of Wally’s-gone-then-home-again arcs. Flash went from being one of my favorite super-hero comics of the 90s to something I could barely read, through repetition of these tropes.

But damn, it was good stuff the first time around.

Tom Fitzpatrick

May 29, 2009 at 6:08 am

The very first page sort of reminds me of Bill Willingham’s art from the pages of the Elementals when he was drawing back in the day.

The moment, for me, is when Max Mercury gives the “Or maybe… just maybe…” speech, ending in “…one last time.” I loved that part as a kid, and it still gives me chills.

“True. But YOU weren’t there.” Excellent stuff.

Damn, I gotta find the collected on this!

@Lt. Clutch: Wally was seen as a womanizer back then because a superhero dating like a normal 20 year old man was a novelty at the time. Downright shocking for some. Everyone was used to Lois Lane’s and Mary Jane’s; long term girlfriends who remained major parts of the hero’s life even when they weren’t “together.” Wally would date a woman for a few issues, find they didn’t have much in common and move on…just like real people. But when Flash did it everyone decided he was a player and unworthy of the mantle.

Nevermind that he was more respectful to every last one of those women than Barry ever was to Iris or Fiona.

that moment proves that linda is wally achnor that their bond is so strong that even a dance with death can not keep Wally away for linda makes wally as the flash more down to earth and grounded too bad waid is too busy to return to flash and do more stuff like that

[…] two moments from Flash #100: Wally’s…return? One more coming up tomorrow. Update: the conclusion is […]


Loved that run.

(Pun kinda intentional.)

I miss Max Mercury. He was awesome.

He really was great.

His removal from the comics was one of the odder decisions DC made.

Who really had a problem with THAT set-up?

Please tell me it was not done so as to set Bart up to join the New Teen Titans as Kid Flash. Please?

Thanks for these moments. Flash is one of my top favorite characters, and this run by Waid is something i can go back to and still feel the great emotions. There are lots of great moments, and i do love the framing of Linda’s narration, as Waid so often used Wally’s narration.
Great stuff.

Oh, i really miss Max too, although i’m sure that today he would return just to be killed off for shock value, then brought back as a black lantern…..or something like that.

I always liked the part where Wally says, “Yeah, well…Max doesn’t know everything.” I seem to remember Waid setting up the notion that Max Mercury was the guru of speed, and it was great to see that even he didn’t understand everything about speedsters. Like Yoda not knowing everything about the Force.

Wally would date a woman for a few issues, find they didn’t have much in common and move on…just like real people. But when Flash did it everyone decided he was a player and unworthy of the mantle.

I loved, loved, loved that period of the Flash. I was in college at the time and trying to figure dating as an adult right along with Wally. It always struck me as strange that people called him a womanizing jerk, since his behavior was not that bad. He always seemed to be at least trying to make it work with Franny, or Connie or Tina McGee. It also made Linda Park a lot more interesting than Iris West, because there was actual suspense about whether they’d get and stay together.

Part of me wonders how long it was before Wally told Max and Co. that he wasn’t really dead. “Well, I wanted to spend some time with Linda, and we went for a pizza, and then I took a nap. Sorry ’bout that.”

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