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Cool Comic Cover Gallery – Matt Haley

Enjoy ten cool comic covers by a cool comic cover artist, Matt Haley!

I’ve always loved the dynamic nature of Matt Haley’s art. It reminds me a lot of Adam Hughes (restrained Adam Hughes, that is – obviously, even Hughes, who is amazing, gets a bit carried away sometimes).

In an amusing bit, Haley actually has at least TWO homages of Kevin Maguire’s awesome Justice League #1 cover (do note, though, that Primal Force #1 had a Maguire homage cover by Ken Hooper, so Haley was doing a callback to both the Hooper cover AND the Maguire cover)!

Pretty funny.

For more Matt Haley-goodness, check out his website, MattHaley.com!


How cool is Matt Haley?

So cool that he was able to make Cronin include a cover full of those stupid OMAC robot things on a list of cool comic covers.

Huh. I would not have guessed all those covers are by the same artist. Not that there’s a huge diversity in style but it just doesn’t look like the same person drew all of those. The Ghost & The Shadow cover and the Firestorm cover are my favorites of this group.

Always liked Haley.
Marvel needs to get him to replace Land on Uncanny.

That WitchBlade cover is brilliant! So different to any other Witchblade cover I can think of!

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