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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 150

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today would be a very special number if we were a comic book, so we need a very special moment for today…hmmm…how about the first of two great moments from the time the JLA had to fight angels!!


Okay, to set the scene, in JLA #6, by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter, some bad angels have made some sort of arrangement with the demon Neron and they are after an angel who knows of their deal. They chase him to Earth.

To take Superman out of the picture, the demons decide to mess with the moon, which is where the Justice League headquarters is. They figured that would take Superman out of the picture.

It did not, as we saw in JLA #7 by the same creative team…

That’s when you knew Morrison REALLY had something cooking on JLA, when he used Blue Superman’s new energy powers to good effect!

He was handed Blue Superman and he managed to still make it iconic.

That’s so special it deserves the 150th spot.

“The” moment for me, by the way, is probably the full-page splash.


I love this issue! And yeah, definitely the best use of Electric Supes.

Blue Superman rocked under Morrison. Again, a great story arc during one of The League’s best eras. Congrats on reaching # 150!

The interesting thing about Morrison is that his ideas end up being better when editorial mandate is against him. I believe for this scene he’d originally wanted to have Superman pull the moon back into orbit, which is why at the end of the previous issue he’d been shown dragging huge chains with him (thus the chains around the magnetic pole things). Upon being told that Superman no longer had his super-strength he simply wrote this one, which for me works a lot better.

Cool moment but what is up with Superman?

I always loved this, but shouldn’t the moon have a like charge, not an opposite one, to be repelled by the earth?

He gained electricity powers for a year back in the 90’s, and lost his normal superman abilities. Then he got them back.

To expand on that, it was right between the white martians arc and this one, so it was even touched upon in the previous “recruitment drive” issue, where Superman asked if he should be reconsidered for membership due to his now massively different powers. It was one of those annoying publicity stunts that screwed up other writers’ plans, much like how Wolverine has to be kept straight between four different books right now.

…My brain hurts!

Upon being told that Superman no longer had his super-strength he simply wrote this one, which for me works a lot better.

Honestly, I think that is why Morrison keeps getting better as a writer. He is forced to come up with new ideas to deal with the occasional stupidity of other. Blue Superman was a horrible concept that required Morrison to stretch in order to keep the character iconic.

Contrast that with Alan Moore. I love Moore, but he is in a real rut with his plot devices. There are only so many variations on “Rape-Revenge” that you can do. It worked great in “Miracleman” and added subtext to “Watchmen”. However, it has been progressively less effective every time he hauls it out. The latest LOEG was almost boring, which is something that I’ve never felt about previous Moore comics.

However, it has been a long time since Alan Moore had to please or work with anyone who did not defer to his vision. He has allowed himself to go stale.

Electric Superman no longer had super-strength?

I don’t know what the precise “moment” is here, the whole thing was cool. Perhaps it’s: “He smiles and it’s that one smile he has. The one that says he’s not really from here.”

loved the look of surprise and shock on the look of Nerons face when supes blue moved the moon back to where it belongs. for showed grant knew what he was doing on jl

I can’t believe I kept all four Superman titles (and the quarterly) on my pull list thru the whole Electric Blue Superman thing….I kept hoping “this is gonna end soon, it has to” and it went on for a whole year. A WHOLE YEAR! And I have every !@#$% issue of it.

And Grant, stuck with this mess, usually made it work. The scene from JLA#6 was cool (I think I know what’s coming for issue #7) but still, when Supes was back to full Superman powers, Grant really had some cool things with that (see issue #26 where in Supes uses his super senses to figure out what’s up with the UItramarines. Couldn’t do that with Electric Blue Superman. No, sir.)

I still can’t get over that I have…every issue…..of the Superman titles with…that….argh! !@#$%!!!

Michael is correct. As a general rule, Morrison is a dab hand with astrology and UFOs but not particularly good with the real science stuff.

(In fairness, for all we know GM’s script may have had it right and someone at DC thought it was a mistake and “fixed” it. Such things happen. Julie Schwartz would never have allowed such an easily-corrected mistake to slip past.)

Mike Loughlin

May 31, 2009 at 5:02 pm

I could be way off, but I’ll try for a no-prize:

The *poles* have the opposite charges. Maybe Morrison meant that the negative and positive ends were lined up in reversed order (“upside-down,” although I don’t think that’s the correct term), putting the positively charged part of the moon facing the positively charged part of the Earth. Earth’s pole would be – +. The moon’s pole would be its opposite, + -.

Don’t worry Dave. I collected the entire Clone Saga two year run. And quit most Marvel books right after they killed Ben Reilly with no followup. It was just the last straw for crappy publicity stunts. (Zero Tolerance just stopped at a random location too, with Bastion simply stepping down when confronted with SHIELD, and Heroes Reborn was going on, with the five remaining Avengers just up and deciding not to be a team anymore for no reason.)

My moment was the thumbprint left on the moon. And Neron acknowledging Superman had help.

Moon? Big deal. There was a 50s-60s story about a contest for the best photo of Superman. The winner was a picture of him standing on his head … and scientists discovered that at that moment, the Earth had moved a fraction out of its orbit. There was also a Superboy where he pulled a whole solar sytem’s linked planets to a new sun. He also once destroyed an uninhabited planet with a super-sneeze.

nice for always thought it was cool when morrision wound up with a superman with differant powers including the blue and red phase version that he had superman do something like move the moon. even though in the fifties and sixties superman could move planets or the moon. but dc then decided makes supes too powerfull tone it down.

My other favorite moment from that arc is when Superman is going toe-to-toe with a bad angel and Flash says something to the effect of, “He’s fighting an angel and he doesn’t think he deserves his reputation.”

One of my favorite images of insane super-strength was World’s Finest #208, which showed Superman pulling the entire Earth in an awesome Neal Adams cover.

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